Monday, September 15, 2014

marc jacobs and burberry prorsum ss15

Finished up NYFW with none other than Marc Jacobs. I liked this show a lot and predicted it would be my favorite from New York. The theme was military uniforms and the show started with pretty drab, but chic jackets and pants with the cargo pockets and buttons. As the show progressed the pieces got more and more elaborate- bigger pockets, buttons and shapes. First look demonstrates the pretty simple take on the uniform. Second look was my favorite of the show because he used the most common color associated with military garb and created an evening gown. Third look was a fun and over-the-top use of buttons. It reminds me of Twiggy.
All the models wore black wigs and paraded around a pink house. Guests wore Beats by Dre headphones and listened to a vocal narrative of the show done by Steve Mackey (husband of Marc's stylist, Katie Grand). Pretty cool experience I think. I chose the last 2 looks because I thought they exemplified the different garments Marc militarized that day- coats, dresses, gowns, baby doll dress coats, etc. I thought Marc was great and because he handed MbMJ over to Luella and Katie, he had more time to create a spectacular spring/summer collection.

London Fashion Week started this weekend and I thought I'd kick off my London picks with my favorite house, Burberry Prorsum. I hate to say it, but this is one of my least favorite collections I've ever seen. Christopher Bailey re-did the denim jacket in a tailored silhouette and also cropped- bleh. So 90s and Clueless in a bad way. I did enjoy the ruffles and ombre shades. One thing I have always admired about Burberry is their distinction between Fall and Spring collections. I don't think you could ever mistake one for the other because Christopher's spring collections are so blatantly spring with the pretty pastels and softer hues. The first look I chose because it reminds me of a Georgia O'Keefe painting but not so vagina-y and just feminine and pretty.
The second look was probably my favorite from the show, a pretty basic dress you could wear to brunch or church. I'm a sucker for ruffles paired with a t-shirt silhouette. I chose the third look because it incorporated the heinous denim jacket I told you about. I hate it, but loved the blush ruffles. Finally another basic dress that I think would look great at Cannes. Cute and flirty and ruffles.

Friday, September 12, 2014

monthly playlist: september

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

alexander wang, the row, prabal gurung, marc by marc jacobs, oscar de la renta, rodarte ss2015

I am impressed with myself for being able to pare down these collections to top 3 looks. First we have Alexander Wang, another Asian man close to my heart. Just kidding, but I am always excited to see what this guy has up his sleeve. This season had a very athletic vibe and I read a review citing the Nike Flyknits as inspiration. First look I chose because of the pants. Sadly I can't pull of the high waisted look, but if you can do it like this. Second look I can totally see the Flyknit inspiration. It's like they made a sneaker into a dress. Finally I chose the last look because of the pairings of the geometric, masculine leather-y armor top to the feminine pleats of the bottom.
Mary-Kate and Ashley continue to bewilder and fascinate me and I will always have a special place for those weirdos in my heart. I remember I was in 8th grade when I bought my first copy of W because MK was on the cover and deciding to save the rest of my allowance for a mint green Balenciaga bag. LOL. I still feel a tenderness in my heart when I see those motorcycle bags today. Ok. Back to the collection. When asked about it the twins replied, "Raw silks." Got it. I got a samurai vibe with all the wrapping, but also a very pure, ethereal feel with the long hemlines and minimal blouses. I liked their little ode to themselves with the Birkenstock-esque sandals and I will forever blame Preston for not letting me jump on that summer trend.
I feel a certain loyalty to Prabal Gurung because of the one time in 2010(?) when he tweeted at me. Besides our online relationship, Prabal is a fantastic designer, always evolving and a popular choice with Hollywood's elite. This collection was very wild and colorful, much like collections past. The first look I chose because of the space age pants. Second because ruffles. Third because it looks like a Rothko on a dress.
I was not able to narrow down Prabal to 3 looks, and this fourth one was actually the opener of the show. It kind of reminds me of something Cher would have worn in Clueless. Next was the Marc by Marc Jacobs show, which honestly was kind of a letdown for me. Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier have taken over the label and turned the girls into punky little ninjas, which is fine, but honestly the whole thing was like a less cool version of Marc's Fall/winter 2011 collection down to the use of House of Harlot for kinky latex accessories. I did like the two looks I chose, the first because I can't figure out if it's 2 separate pieces or one dress and the second because it's a cropped polo shirt.
Oscar was sooo beautiful this season I was in love with the flower-y backdrop and impossibly feminine looks for spring. The first look was my favorite of the show and I really, really want to see someone in this for the Golden Globes or Oscars. I think it's the prettiest color combination and so tastefully chic. Second I picked a more playful look, but still demure with the long sleeves. I think a great pick for Hailee Steinfeld or Elle Fanning. Finally I picked this last look because it was one of the more Bohemian looks of the collection but still has that classic Oscar feel. Karlie Kloss made the comment that no one makes a woman feel more beautiful than Oscar and I have to agree. One of my very favorite designers in the world, he presented a gorgeous, ladylike collection that I can't wait to see next spring.
Rodarte was really cool. The girls and clothes looked like mermaids in an iceberg space vortex. I was waiting for a unicorn to come trotting in with Kate and Laura. My absolute favorite pieces were the coats in looks 1 and 2, particularly 2. Everything from the military structure to the giant pockets with leather closures screams COOL GIRL to me. I love love love this jacket. And finally I chose a very mermaid dress to illustrate the overall vibe of the show. 

Got a few more shows to look at and I will be all wrapped up with New York Fashion Week! See you in London/Paris/Milan ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

j.crew ss15

Yesterday J.Crew debuted its Spring/Summer 2015 line and Jenna took over the company Twitter. She did not tweet at me, but I still prolonged my morning workout in order to read her live tweets of the show.

First look is so classic J.Crew it hurts. Boy shirt, cropped trousers, bright bag. They did the shirt in several different chambrays(?) and the bright blue might be my favorite. Second is the endless shirt in short sleeve. Currently you can purchase long sleeve endless shirts and they have been flying off the shelves. They are overwhelming for my small frame, but look great on a lot of our customers and probably you. The third look is probably tied with the first for favorite chambray fabric. I like the monochromatic railroad stripes of this look.
Here's the chambray color blocked and the shorts Jenna wore that day. Because of their width and length, I think you have to be 5'9 and taller to pull off these shorts, but please prove me wrong. My favorite look of the day is the sparkly shift dress but you could have all guessed that. So fun and reminiscent of vintage Lilly but with sequins. Look 6 is 100% cool girl from the double breasted blazer to the safari pants and those perfect silver sandals.
I'm not a huge fan of the shirt and dress combo as it's a little b-a-s-i-c for my taste but I chose this look for the cute little bomber jacket. Someday I will live a life where I can leave my jacket on my shoulders and it will look completely natural and chic. I like the little tennis polo in the next look and I always regret not buying piped collars whenever J.Crew does it. I call look 9 "Safari." Very into the pleated skirt and the jacket is cool but I would probably have to cinch the waist.

Nothing says J.Crew like the polo shirt re-worked. This time they did mesh sleeves? Really cute and dainty. The next look is Safari gone...Iceberg? I love the color of the jacket. Now for da boyz! I think this jacket is really cool. I'm still hitting myself for not getting a bomber/varsity jacket, but perhaps it's not too late.
Earlier this summer Preston told me he wanted to get a bucket hat and I laughed in his face. He was the one laughing yesterday when J.Crew had every other male model in bucket hats. Despite their popularity at J.Crew, I'm still only partially convinced they are chic. I chose the second men's look because of the sweatshirt. It looks like those Mexican drug rugs the stoners in my high school would wear, but kind of cute. Next I picked another sick jacket. Can we do a women's version? Of course I had to choose one suit from the collection because what's J.Crew men's without a handsomely tailored suit? This was my pick.
I end my men's favorites with another bucket hat look, but it was not the focal point of this choice. I like the color block chambray sweater? Shirt? The shawl collar is deceiving me. Finally I wanted to include a pic of my queen with King Bill Cunningham *a million heart eyes* and then a full body shot of Jenna's outfit. Sadly this pic is excluding her space age sneaks shown below:
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the rest of my favorites from NYFW :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

cutting for stone

Oh me oh my. I am still recovering from this book. I finished it last night and Preston found me in the living room tear stained face and hysterical. I'm calling it early, but this has been my favorite book of 2014. If you are in any sort of medical field, have a fascination with the human body and/or like beautiful, heart-wrenching stories, this is for you. 

I came across this book as a recommendation from one of my favorite bloggers. She also suggested Marching Powder by Rusty Young, which I read this summer and thoroughly enjoyed. Cutting for Stone is the story of two identical twins, Shiva and Marion Stone who live in Africa and grow up under the care of their adoptive parents after their mother, an Indian nun, dies in childbirth and their father, a brilliant British surgeon abandons them. Their parents are both surgeons at the Missing Hospital in Ethiopia. It tells of their lives from in the womb until they are adults, and how they both study and practice medicine and the different places it takes them and despite separation and betrayal, their lives remain intertwined and forever connected. 

My favorite part about this book is also what makes me hesitant to recommend it to everyone. Abraham Verghese is a doctor and goes into explicit detail about the many different surgeries and maladies that go on in the hospital. He describes the different steps and uses anatomical terms in his surgery descriptions. I loved these passages, but I could see a few of them making people squeamish. It made the book that much more authentic to me, but if you're not into that kind of thing, you might find yourself skimming through some pages. However, Cutting for Stone is so much more than an anatomy textbook. The story itself is incredible and you become very attached to the characters. It deals with topics of faith and destiny and includes historical aspects like the Italian occupation of Ethiopia and the Italian-Ethiopian conflict. And of course there is love. So much love. I'm a very emotional person, but even the coldest of hearts will thaw a little after reading this story. I was in tears at the end over the beauty of Shiva and Marion's story, the wonders of modern medicine and how precious life is. I was even bold enough to proclaim it my new favorite book, which is a title I give very carefully and rarely. I'm honestly having trouble starting a new book because I can't get over this one. 

"The world turns on our every action, and our every omission, whether we know it or not."

If any of this sounds appealing, please read this book so I can talk to you about it. I am bursting with emotion and my husband can only handle so much of my hysteria. And much love to my peeps saving lives whether you're a doctor, nurse, med student, therapist whatever. You make the world turn.