Monday, September 29, 2014


I have always wanted a bike basket because they are practical and adorable so a few weeks ago I finally bought one on eBay and my life has never been the same.
This photo was taken 2 Sundays ago in the Swiss Avenue Historic District of Dallas. It's a really lovely neighborhood not too far from downtown with gorgeous old houses. Pretty neighborhoods are my favorite places to bike through so I was excited when Preston shared this one with me. 
Yesterday we biked along the Trinity Skyline Trail and I found SUNFLOWERS free for the picking! Ever since I got my bike basket I tell Preston I need some flowers and/or a puppy to put inside (the puppy would only be for temporary bike ride use and not to keep, those of you questioning my animal dislike) to complete the look and for all my dreams to come true. I hopped off my bike and gathered as many sunflowers as I could because they are beautiful and free. I put them in my basket and smiled all the way home.

If you think you need a new bike, you probably just need a bike basket cuz it will honestly feel like a new ride and costs a fraction of the price.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

bottega veneta, jil sander, marni, prada and dries van noten ss15

Hello Milan! I want to start with Bottega Veneta because it might be my favorite SS15 show. Inspired by ballet barre warm-ups, this collection was beautiful, soft, feminine and reminiscent of my bunhead days. The first look has the leggings that were sprinkled throughout the show. Second is Alessandra Ambrosio looking perf in that moto jacket and leggings. Third is a favorite because look at that neck! I think I see sweatshirt strings so this could be the most beautiful sweatshirt in the world.
This fourth look is total sexy ballerina and great thinspo. Next look was a unitard which I loved with the pale yellow trench. Sixth look was different from the rest because of the exaggerated silhouettes and reminded me of the warm-ups I used to wear at the beginning of class and had to take off after barre.
Hi Kendall Jenner, your dress is chic. Next dress also looked out of place, but in a cute, 50s housewife kind of way. The final look was a blend of all of the pretty pastels used in this collection in a relaxed, easy maxi. I adored this whole collection because of its simple femininity.
In contrast, Jil Sander was very androgynous and played with shapes and pieces from both sexes. the first look I chose because I loved the pattern as it reminds me of that old videogame Pong. Second look I liked because of the wrapping element and the contrast of the scarlet with the cream. Third look I chose because I'm determined to make the turtleneck happen this fall and I think it looks very chic right here.
My final pic from Jil kind of reminded me of an equestrian look with the brown knee highs posing as riding boots and the green and blue belt looking like an old prep school tie. Next was Marni. Marni reminded me of The Row- very minimalistic, lots of wrapping and belts. I got a very oriental vibe with this one, especially with the judo belts in the first two looks.
Next I chose this dress because I thought the pattern was fabulous and it's a pretty silhouette. I can see some starlet wearing this to a charity function or tea party. Next look I chose because of the sick jacket. Love that bomber. I need to do a post in which I do my top 10 bomber jackets from SS15. The next look I chose because I love the pop of coral beneath the black wrapping. This look is very Asian to me.
Finally from Marni I chose this pretty dress. I like the mix of the fabrics and the delicate bralette shape of the top. Next was Prada and the first look is all right, but GEMMA WARD IS BACK. Gemma was my favorite model when I was in middle school and then she disappeared. But she's back and starting off Prada so I think she's ok. The next look I chose because I love the leather skirt and the yellow ribbon on it.
In the September issue, Anna Wintour gave her top 10 things she was excited for for fall and she said nothing is more fall than a new Prada coat. Here's one. Finally I chose this look because I couldn't get enough of the first leather skirt. Dries van Noten happened today and Kanye went, so there is that. Also there is another sick bomber jacket in look 1.
The inspiration for this show was Ophelia and a A Midsummer's Night Dream. To me, I got more of a Woodstock vibe but that echoed the "Summer of Love" feel Van Noten was going for with the mossy floor, uncombed hair and flower child sunglasses. The next look was very 60s to me with the psychedelic print top and John Lennon glasses. The third look I chose because it's another cool jacket and I will never stray away from them. Finally I picked the fourth look because it epitomized summer music festival to me.
Here's a picture of all of the models at the end of the Dries van Noten show. Make clothes, not war.

If you hate these posts, I'm not sorry. I love clothes. I am very much looking forward to the big dogs' shows in Paris!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

called to serve

Oh what a happy weekend it has been. On Saturday morning I flew to Philadelphia so I could be home for Nic's farewell talk on Sunday. My trip was way too short (Saturday morning-Monday morning), but still so very happy. Nic has chosen to serve a 2 year service mission for our church and he will be in Melbourne, Australia speaking Mandarin!!!! He reports to the Missionary Training Center on October 1 and this past Sunday he spoke in church about how we can be missionaries in every aspect of our life. My favorite part about Nic's talk was when he said that despite the fact that he has a formal call and assignment to do missionary work, he is not any more important than the rest of us when it comes to missionary effort. We all have the same responsibility whether or not we have a nametag to bring souls unto Christ. I am really proud of my little brother because even though I still think he's a goof, he has grown up into such a bright and shining disciple of Christ and I know he will make a wonderful missionary.
Besides getting to see my family, Blythe, Kaile, Jadyn, Sean and Drew all made it to Lancaster this weekend as well. I met Blythe and Kaile in 2007 when we attended EFY in Buena Vista, Virginia. I was roommates with Maren and we became fast friends with Blythe and Kaile. They lived in North Potomac, Maryland so throughout high school we visited each other back and forth on the weekends. Eventually Blythe went to BYU a year before us and then we followed. We have all lived together at some point (except for Maren and me oops) and Maren, Blythe, Kaile and Jadyn were bridesmaids in my wedding. I love these girls with all my heart and was so happy to snuggle with them this weekend.
Here is a group picture of all of us after church on Sunday. Nic gave a great talk and we enjoyed each other's company. I was excited to meet Drew and to see my best friends for a few days. It's always hard to leave home, but this time was especially sad when I said goodbye to Nic at the airport. I know he will be great and I'm so impressed with his decision to serve the Lord for 2 years. My heart goes out to all the full-time missionaries and their families. Your sacrifices are such an integral part of our church and we love you for all you do.

Monday, September 15, 2014

marc jacobs and burberry prorsum ss15

Finished up NYFW with none other than Marc Jacobs. I liked this show a lot and predicted it would be my favorite from New York. The theme was military uniforms and the show started with pretty drab, but chic jackets and pants with the cargo pockets and buttons. As the show progressed the pieces got more and more elaborate- bigger pockets, buttons and shapes. First look demonstrates the pretty simple take on the uniform. Second look was my favorite of the show because he used the most common color associated with military garb and created an evening gown. Third look was a fun and over-the-top use of buttons. It reminds me of Twiggy.
All the models wore black wigs and paraded around a pink house. Guests wore Beats by Dre headphones and listened to a vocal narrative of the show done by Steve Mackey (husband of Marc's stylist, Katie Grand). Pretty cool experience I think. I chose the last 2 looks because I thought they exemplified the different garments Marc militarized that day- coats, dresses, gowns, baby doll dress coats, etc. I thought Marc was great and because he handed MbMJ over to Luella and Katie, he had more time to create a spectacular spring/summer collection.

London Fashion Week started this weekend and I thought I'd kick off my London picks with my favorite house, Burberry Prorsum. I hate to say it, but this is one of my least favorite collections I've ever seen. Christopher Bailey re-did the denim jacket in a tailored silhouette and also cropped- bleh. So 90s and Clueless in a bad way. I did enjoy the ruffles and ombre shades. One thing I have always admired about Burberry is their distinction between Fall and Spring collections. I don't think you could ever mistake one for the other because Christopher's spring collections are so blatantly spring with the pretty pastels and softer hues. The first look I chose because it reminds me of a Georgia O'Keefe painting but not so vagina-y and just feminine and pretty.
The second look was probably my favorite from the show, a pretty basic dress you could wear to brunch or church. I'm a sucker for ruffles paired with a t-shirt silhouette. I chose the third look because it incorporated the heinous denim jacket I told you about. I hate it, but loved the blush ruffles. Finally another basic dress that I think would look great at Cannes. Cute and flirty and ruffles.

Friday, September 12, 2014

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