Sunday, December 13, 2015

be of good cheer

Before I bombard your feeds with my end-of-the-year lists, I wanted to do a quick little update on my second favorite month of the year. I'm still missing these trips and people like crazy, so I'm happy to reminisce and share their goodness with you here.

On November 13 we flew to what's become one of our favorite places in the world- beautiful Utah, for the wedding of Callan Graham and Holly Brinkerhoff. Callan and Holly were married on November 14 at the lovely Payson Utah Temple. Payson Temple is so gorgeous!! And it's always such a joy to witness two friends come together for eternity. We partied in Provo that evening with a Slab buffet, so you could say it was the best wedding reception I've ever attended. Congrats Callan and Holly, you guys are perf.
On Sunday we brunched at Sundance because during my entire 4 years in Provo, I never made the trip. Then Molly and I bravely agreed to hike Lake Blanche with Grady and Preston. It was slippery and cold, but just the prettiest sight to see. Utah truly is one of the most beautiful places I've ever lived. I'll say it again, but all you Utah residents are BLESSED.
It's always fun going back to Provo and hitting up our favorite places and discovering new gems. Like I know it's old news to you, but Sodalicious is the bomb and I would've appreciated those 32 oz of goodness during finals week let me tell you.

For Thanksgiving we went to Pennsylvania to spend the holidays with my parents and Drew and Alyanna. Oh my goodness I loved this week!!! I love going home, I'm obsessed with my parents and my mom's cooking, I loved seeing Alyanna and Drew and I loved that we were in PA for Thanksgiving AND my bday. Oh yeah, I turned 24. And Maren and Kaile came to celebrate with me! There are no pics of my besties, but I promise many snuggles and giggles happened. 
On the 28th I decided to extend my bday and Preston took me to New York for the day because is there a more magical place than NYC during the holidays? We went to the Guggenheim and marveled at the architecture and got yelled at multiple times for sneaking pics. 
We walked through Central Park. 
We got cereal milk from Momofuku and Preston has since recreated it for us here in Dallas. It's actually pretty good. 
We stocked up on weird, adorable Japanese goods at Muji. We went to Washington Square Park and at first I was mad cuz it was dark, but the park looked so pretty at night I decided it was ok. We took notes of all the books we need to get at Strand. 
We had dinner at The Smith. And then we went home.

We left early Monday morning and now we're back in Dallas getting ready to leave this Sunday for California to be with Preston's family! Oh what a wonderful time of year it is. I hope you are having the best time with your families and friends and celebrating the real reason for Christmas, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Today we had a such a lovely sacrament meeting and I got to sneak out of nursery for an equally lovely Relief Society lesson. I'm always so amazed and touched by the musical talent in our ward and the time and effort everyone puts into lessons. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!