Friday, June 29, 2012

quote a million words they're all made with lead

Last week was glorious! Preston and I left for California on Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the wedding of the lovely Maddy to Colton. Their wedding was on Saturday, so we spent Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and some of Saturday playing in southern California. What a beautiful area. Honestly. Like I've mentioned 2340578x, I love the east coast. DIE 4 EC. I have never considered living anywhere else, but sunshine and ocean make me the happiest girl. Maybe maybe maybe I could live on the west coast. Maybe?
Besides getting SO TAN, I got to eat great food and spend time with future missionary Carley :) One day we visited Balboa Island and finally got to try a frozen banana. I had such high hopes for them, but was ready to be disappointed because let's be honest, how good could a frozen banana really be? To my delight, they were great and Preston and I have already made our own version. Above is Preston and me playing in Laguna. So cute right?

On our last day, we went to Rique's beautiful house in Newport and ate breakfast with friends. Rique is such a fantastic cook and a wonderful homemaker in general, so it really was a treat. We went to church and drove back that afternoon. 

As you know, I am a Tumblr fiend. Curse whoever decided to make that site an endless scroll. Anyway. The majority of the Tumblrs I follow are fashion/street style. Sometimes Preston will wear an outfit, that I mentally say "I'd reblog that." Above is an example. Liiike? Luv dem tailored suits and skinny ties.
This Wednesday I went to Avicii at the Great Saltair. My only experience with EDM shows were the couple I went to at Coachella, but most of them were during the day and it felt like a beach party. I skipped Avicii for Florence (no regrets) and was even more pleased with my decision when I found out they were coming to Salt Lake. So EDM shows attract a weird azz crowd. Like I would have fit in if I was wearing lingerie and woolly mammoth boots. Can someone explain that trend to me? Their only redeeming quality is they make your legs look skinnier. But really? Aren't they SO HOT (temperature wise)?!? So we got to Avicii pretty early and were front row but the sound system was WACK and I thought I was going to die if I stayed up front the whole time. We moved towards the middle and then very back where it was easier to dance. I had fun, but was EXHAUSTED. I am now certain that I would not bode well at an EDM festival. Overall, it was a good time, an excellent work out and something I will do sparingly :]

Avicii photo cred to Preston

Saturday, June 16, 2012

ask me what's my best side i stand back and point at you

 Hi. I'm done with spring classes. This post is about music.

Ok so Chris Brown's new album drops July 3. I am obsessed with singles I've been hearing. Everyone get Don't Wake Me Up (Panic City Remix). Die 4 CB. Will go to Fortune tour regardless of location/price. CB is still top 5 concerts of my LIFE. I have nothing profound to say about this album except for I'm very much anticipating its release and all future leaks/singles to be released.
INDIE IS NOT DEAD. Don't get me wrong, I am all about the EDM scene. Whatever. I'm seeing Avicii on the 27 ok? I'm hip. I'm cool. But like. WAIT. My heart belongs to indie. Alyanna told me about this album a few months ago and I kept forgetting to check them out. I was in the middle of slitting my wrists whilst studying for finals when I decided to give their album a try via Spotify. I have not thoroughly enjoyed an entire album since M83's Hurry Up We're Dreaming, and we all know how I feel about said album. OMAM is this group of 6 from Iceland. WHEN HAS ICELAND EVER FAILED US?? (Sigur Ros? Bjork?) Never. They won Musiktilraunir, Iceland's nation-wide battle of the bands competition. For the longest time I couldn't place who the female vocalist reminded me of, but it's Australian singer Missy Higgins. Listen to Dirty Paws, Slow and Steady, Little Talks and Mountain Song. They remind me of a cheerier Mumford & Sons + Arcade Fire.
I've been hatin on J.Biebz for a while. What can I say- any JB that doesn't stand for Jonas Brothers is nothing in my book. But I remember seeing a video of him rap with Busta Rhymes and more assorted rapping vids then that Christmas album that was weirdly sexy and slowly, but surely I came to beliebe. This new album though is bomb azzz. I already love Beauty and a Beat and As Long As You Love Me. He sounds great! Like he went through puberty and stuff! He's coming to Salt Lake in January and I will most certainly be in attendance.

Also, Our Love- The Weeknd is delightfully sweet. It's my most-played song of the week and is up there with CB's Forever and Next 2 U as my favorite I-love-you-let's-get-married songs.
Today Preston and I went to Utah Valley Parade of Homes. When I was younger, my parents would trick us into going to these homes. We would be driving home from church and then they said they wanted to make a "quick stop" and we would end up touring 4 model homes. Kylie went and after seeing a picture, I remembered how much I loved/hated Parade of Homes. As a kid, my criteria for a good house was whether or not it provided treats and how cute the girls' bedrooms were. Today we toured 7 different homes ranging in size and style. I loved it. The interiors of all of them were fantastic, and my favorite had to be this beach house style one in Lindon. Everything was bright, open and airy. The way I'm describing these homes is super boring and doesn't do them justice, but they really were spectacular. I wish we had been able to tour more. Such a fun activity if you go with someone who's into houses/design stuff.

Finally, I still really want a shirt or dress with cut out shoulders but all of the ones I find are weirdly expensive. Why? THERE IS FABRIC MISSING. I just think they're trendy/trashy enough to be cute.

Friday, June 8, 2012

you be the clock, i'll be the timing

I started this entry while I was on the train from Lancaster to Philadelphia, but wi-fi was poor, so now I'm finishing at work. Last Friday morning I left to go home for 6 days for Alyanna's graduation. It was the quickest trip to Lancaster, but so needed and appreciated. Above is Alyanna and me at her graduation. It was a lovely ceremony. The weather looked questionable the whole day, but it ended up being a gorgeous night. Also, the ceremony was one of the shortest in L-S history, which was GREAT. Props to parents in general for attending graduations. That shiz is boring. I'm so proud of my little sister and so excited to have her join me this fall. I don't have the picture on my phone, but my parents got a shot most of the graduating class as they were getting up to leave (or about to sit down) and Alyanna is the only girl with red lips. It's AWESOME and so chic :)

Lancaster was great, as always. The longer I'm at school, the more cherished my time at home becomes. I am increasingly thankful for my parents and everything they do for me. By the middle of this week, I was starting to miss Provo a lot and looking forward to going back, but of course teared up a little when my mom dropped me off at the train station. She has cried every time she's dropped me off since I've started school. It's the best/worst. 

I rode the train all the way from Lancaster to the airport! I've never done that before. No one was home to take me to the airport, so I made the journey via public trans. I actually really love the 30th Street Station in Philly. It reminds me of Harry Potter and all I wanted was to walk through a wall to platform 9 and 3/4. I got into Philly a few hours before my flight and caught up with my friend Michael, who goes to Drexel. I got a little tour of the campus and had lunch from a great little food truck. From 30th Street, I took another train into the airport. By this point I had already felt like my traveling should be done, but it barely started. I flew out of Philly and into Denver, had a 2 hour layover and flew into Salt Lake at 11 PM. This morning was the absolute WORST getting up. I had 8 AM class and did not get out of bed until 7:38. Oops. I'm still so tired. Spring classes BLOW.

While I was home I went through my baby/childhood albums. LOOK AT THESE GEMS. I call it, Face In Hands: A Series. I find it hilarious that I've been doing the same pose since I was 1. I want to eat little me.
Speaking of eating babies, look at my lil cutie Mace! He's getting so old and I hate it. It's a requirement that I see him and his brother at least once whenever I'm home and take at least 3 pics when we are together. I have a picture of Preston as a baby and I showed it to Mace and in Japanese he said, "That's Mace!" It was hilarious. Luv dem azn bbz.
Finally, the title of this post is lyrics from "That's What's Up" off Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros' new album Here. I like this new album. I'm not obsessed with it, but I don't dislike it at all. It's just a very easy album. I don't know. I can't think of the word. It's relaxed and sweet and the lyrics are cute. I just like it, but nothing more or less than like. I do love the album cover though.

Friday, June 1, 2012

when i think of you my fingers are quicksand

 I'm sitting at gate A5 in the Salt Lake City International Airport as I type this. Breaking blog rules left and right.

2 weekends ago I went to San Clemente with Blythe, Emilee and Summer to attend a wedding. It was the quickest trip to California. We left Friday afternoon and came home Sunday night. On Saturday, in between the sealing and the reception, we went to Newport to play on the beach. I got to see Rique and fall in love with her perfect beach house. Newport is so lovely. I have always said I will live on the east coast, but I GUESS I could live in Newport Beach. The wedding was darling and just cute enough to make me want to be married and hate myself. WEDDING SEASON IS UPON US. I have literally lost count of everyone I know that is engaged or married. Look at this elopement video that is too perfect for words:

Eee! Sigur Ros! Her little lace dress! His shimmy in the alley! Kill me.

Last night was the last night that Kylie and I were roommates, so naturally we went to In-N-Out to celebrate a year of roommatehood. I will miss this sassy girl. Kylie got a job at an ad agency in Salt Lake and will be moving to her new home this weekend. I had so many fun times living with her, including but not limited to CHRIS BROWN, Thanksgiving, slitting our wrists to Taking Back Sunday,  Coachella and most recently, crying about engagement vids/pics/blogs. Kylie is hilarious, witty and smart, shares my love for Marc Jacobs and was my girl crush for the majority of last winter semester when she was my MUN TA. What a treat it was to share an apt. with her. Long live Chateau de Bel #203.
Wait, can this be me? I mean, it might as well be, right? I love everything going on in this picture. As much as I rave about how much I love summer and summer clothes, my style has significantly declined as it's gotten warmer. I just get so lazy, especially when I have to go to school, that I end up wearing a t-shirt and jeans every other day. I want to wear a dress or skirt because it's so hot, but riding a bike to school makes it difficult. What's the verdict on that anyway? I see girls wearing skirts all over Tumblr, but Tumblr is an imaginary land where you can wear bubble wrap and it's considered chic. Idk, what do you think? Skirts and bikes, yay or nay? Slutty or normal?

K, I'm gonna watch Grey's Anatomy or something. I shall be in sweet Philadelphia at 8:45 this evening eastern time. Weeee!