Friday, December 30, 2011

looking at the mutated skyline

There's something about my end of the year blog entries that gets me more traffic than normal. So remember last entry I quoted Jack Cazir about books and girls? Check it out, he tweeted at me the other day! Isn't that cool? Jack writes for Thought Catalog, a digital magazine that I WORSHIP. Thought Catalog is a brilliant conglomeration of articles about culture, dating, life etc. I think what makes it great is it verbalizes all of the things we've been thinking or wanting to say but don't know how to or are too embarrassed to. Anyway. Thanks for the tweet Jack. You can read all of his article here.
 Today I saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I was a little apprehensive when I heard that they were making an American version, because I thought the Swedish versions were already so good. I've read and loved all of the books, especially the first one. This film is excellent. I think one of the best ones of 2011, but I really haven't seen that many. The casting was perfect, especially Rooney Mara. She was incredible and deserves a Best Actress nomination or something. This movie was extremely cool. All the clothes were very cool, the scenery was beautiful, the homes and interiors were cool- it was just a very cool movie. Wish I had a more eloquent way to describe it. It was extremely violent and graphic though, so don't see it if that sort of thing makes you queasy or uncomfortable. This $@#% cray.

This is probably my last entry of 2k11. I had such a lovely year and consider myself so lucky and blessed. Thanks for reading and commenting. It seriously brightens my day when people tell me how much they like/read my blog in person. I'm so flattered! Thanks again. Have a safe and happy new year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

paperback girl back before it was cool

 "She was pretty, definitely, but more important was the book she kept in her bag. A girl with a book is innately attractive; men understand that if she can tolerate the act of reading for the sake of pleasure, she'll likely put up with all manner of nonsense for the sake of a relationship. I was smitten-" Jack Cazir

I like to believe/hope this is true.
I keep a Moleskine in my purse that I write little notes in, but the main reason I have it is to write down book titles. I am forever reading about a book I want to read, or get a recommendation from someone and I always add it to my mental list of 'Books to Read' but there is something so satisfying about keeping a physical list of all of these titles and crossing them off when I complete them. Break is a perfect time to cross off items from this list. If I were to define my Christmas break in two words they would be: eat, read, because essentially, those are the majority of the events that encompass my days.

Here is my Christmas 2k11 reading list:
1) Superfreakonomics- Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner
2) The Tipping Point- Malcolm Gladwell
3) True Prep- Leslie Birnbach
4) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time- Mark Haddon
5) Blink- Malcolm Gladwell
6) Ham on Rye- Charles Bukowski

I read and loved Freakonomics this past summer, so Superfreakonomics has been on my list for awhile. It exceeded my expectations and was a great start for break. The Tipping Point has been my favorite Malcolm Gladwell book so far; I highly recommend it. True Prep is the updated version of  The Official Preppy Handbook. Not as good, but still entertaining. Also I was more familiar with the brands, stores, schools, etc. mentioned.

There's a quote out there that says something like, 'don't think you have a future with someone if your record/book collection wouldn't even speak to each other at a party' or something along those lines. There is a lot of truth to this I think. Good books, indie music and quick wit are the keys to my heart.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

decorate the tree, hang mistletoe and stand by me

 Guys. It's Christmas Eve. The second happiest day of the year. Also longest night of the year. I'm so excited. And so thankful for the season. I had the opportunity to attend this year's First Presidency Christmas Devotional. This was my favorite part from President Uchtdorf:

We like the wisemen of old, should seek the Christ and lay before Him the most precious of gifts: a broken heart and a contrite spirit. We should offer Him our love. We should give Him our willingness to take upon ourselves His name and walk in the path of discipleship. We should promise to remember Him always, to emulate His example and to go about doing good... He doesn't expect us to move mountains, but He does require that we bring as gifts our best efforts to move ourselves, one foot in front of the other.
Nic and me before Church last Sunday. Blinkin. (PS the dress I'm wearing is my new favorite. I feel like a figure skater/ballerina in it. You can't tell in the pic, but there is an exposed zipper on the back. So fun and so twirly)
 Probably the only WIWT pic ever on this blog. This was taken pre-Christmas party, while I was instructing my sister on what I wanted her to capture in the pic, hence my odd/joyous expression. Everything is from H&M except the shoes. They are borrowed from my mother/Calvin Klein. One of the frivolous things I miss about home is my mom's shoe collection. She has the best selection of dress shoes that are sorely missed when I'm at school.
 Glam. Isn't Alyanna's dress awesome? I picked it out.
Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I had a great time just bonding with her all day. I miss her so much when I'm at school and realize just how much she does for me when I'm away from her. I love being home and hanging out with her and going to Costco/running errands. My mom is my ultimate role model in everything she does. She is a wonderful homemaker, great at her career, magnifies her calling and is a kind and loving mother. I am amazed by her all the time. I love you, happy birthday Mommy!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas with the people they love. Also, make sure to fully exhaust the playing of Christmas music, especially Justin Bieber's Under the Mistletoe, because come Monday, no more xmas tunes til next December.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

best of 2011: top 10 tracks + albums

I told you to expect a lot of entries. But I promise this one has substance. Yesterday I was asked to compile a list of my top 20 songs from 2011. I am obsessed with best of the year lists, especially music and fashion lists, so this was a lot of fun to do and surprisingly, I was able to do it much faster than I anticipated. Last year I did my top 10 fashion moments. This year I have decided to compile my top 10 tracks and album from 2011. So here they are according to me:

Top 10 Tracks
1. East Harlem- Beirut
2. Midnight City- M83
3. Holocene- Bon Iver
4. Strawberry Swing- Frank Ocean
5. Take Care- Drake + Rihanna
6. Jejune Stars- Bright Eyes
7. Look at Me Now- Chris Brown
8. Niggas in Paris- Kanye + Jay-Z
9. We Found Love- Rihanna
10. Birds Pt. 1- The Weeknd
Top 10 Albums
1. Bon Iver- Bon Iver
2. Hurry Up, We're Dreaming- M83
3. Thursday- The Weeknd
4. The Rip Tide- Beirut
5. 21- Adele
6. F.A.M.E.- Chris Brown
7. Nostalgia/Ultra- Frank Ocean
8. Take Care- Drake
9. Born This Way- Lady Gaga
10. The Year of Hibernation- Youth Lagoon

Synopsis: Bon Iver KILLED it this year. They're up for Grammys and stuff aren't they? But honestly, Bon Iver is nothing short of perfection. It's beautiful and I can listen to it nonstop. Also one of the best concerts I've ever attended. Justin Vernon is an angel performer. M83 is coming to SLC in April!!! Um, The Weeknd rules. I think both of their albums are still available for free download on their website. Do it now. Some of the sexiest stuff I've heard in a long time.

It was difficult narrowing down my list of top 20 tracks to 10, so here are some honorable mentions:
Real Hero- College + Electric Youth
Turning Tables- Adele
Somebody That I Used to Know- Gotye
All of the Lights- Ellie Goulding vs. Kanye West
District Sleeps Alone Tonight (Death Cab cover)- Birdy- This one very nearly made the list. I listen to it at least twice every day. It's hauntingly pretty and I like it better than the original, which is never the case with covers. Even very well-done covers. However, I felt that my top 10 needed to be original songs and not remixes/covers. Seriously get this song.

This was fun. I hope you enjoyed reading/listening as much as I enjoyed compiling/listening.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

feel the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling


I finished my finals yesterday and that in itself was a Christmas miracle. Finals week was hellish. The last 3 days I slept a total of 10 hours. Not ok. And now I'm sick. BUT I'M HOME. And it's great. Every time I come home it feels like I never left. I love my family and I love Christmas time.

The above picture was taken at this year's Christmas devotional. Such a perfect start to the holiday season. And look how pretty my friends are. We are baby friends (Kate + Kaile, Maren + Ynna) and are certain that if we had all known each other when we were babies, we would have all been friends.

I spent Thanksgiving with Kylie's family. We ate, shopped and shot things.

This has been my favorite semester so far. Above is Preston. Below is Kev.
Expect a lot of blog entries because I will be doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the next two weeks and it's going to be perfect.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

all up in my mental gotta get up in my physical

I'm bored and sleepy and all caught up on my television shows. I've been mentally done with school since last week, and after tomorrow's 9 am lab, I will actually be done with school for Thanksgiving break. Finally. I have nothing significant to say, except for I am so ready for this break. Unlike every other university in the nation, BYU doesn't have a nice little fall break in October so this upcoming break is well-deserved and highly anticipated. I plan on doing nothing except eating, sleeping, reading, watching movies/television and shopping. Here is my Thanksgiving reading list:

1) Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs- Chuck Klosterman
2) What the Dog Saw- Malcolm Gladwell
3) The Tipping Point- Malcolm Gladwell

Sometimes (all the time) I want babies just so I can dress them up in Crewcuts. But like, I don't want kids right now, obviously. I just want a baby to play with and then I want to be able to give it back at the end of the day. Like a library book.

Lately I've been listening to the new Drake and Rihanna album. Separate albums. Not like. Drake + Rihanna album. I think I've listened to "Take Care" at least once every day since it was leaked. OMGZ I ALMOST FORGOT. Guess who I'm seeing in March?!? RADIOHEAD. In Arizona. It will be the crowning jewel of my concert experience.
I changed my mind about the toggle coat. Well actually my mom did when she pointed out that most of the toggle coats I've found lack any shape, and normally I don't really care about wearing boxy things (I'm all about the shift dress, as long as it's short) but I think with heavier pieces, like coats, more tailored items look better on my little frame. So now I want this piece of art. In camel.

I am so content with my life right now, it's kind of making me nervous. You know how there's always something to worry about or something to be sad about or something you want and you just can't be really content? Yeah, I really can't think of anything so the lack of anxiety in my life is giving me anxiety. Except I'm excited for Christmas and being done with the semester. But whatever. Who isn't. I'm so happy and genuinely excited about each day.

Uh, sorry this was so pointless. I really have nothing to say.

"Consider each day a miracle- which indeed it is, when you consider the number of unexpected things that could happen in each second of our fragile existences"
-Paolo Coelho

Sunday, November 6, 2011

kill another serotonin

Guys, it's November! It's cold outside. School is really hard this semester and I'm disappointed in my recent performance. I miss my family, but not to the point where I'm sad about it. Halloween happened. I saw the So You Think You Can Dance tour with Kate and Camille. I miss dancing. I get nervous thinking about my future academic endeavors. Work is fun, I don't mind it. President Monson addressed BYU this past week and it was very uplifting. I've met a lot of cool people recently. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving break. I'm happy with the way things are.
I would really like a hooded wool toggle coat in camel or forest green.

Monday, October 24, 2011

my heart big but it beat quiet

This past weekend was one of the most fun I've EVER had. Maybe because it started on Wednesday and ended Sunday afternoon... Or maybe it was because I was rewarded for slaving away in the library for days with a very satisfying grade on my phonetics midterm... Or maybe it was because I saw Chris Brown in LA at the Staples Center with the best roommates anyone could ever ask for.
iPhone camera blows and I attempted to hide this with Instagram effects. Kind of worked. This was taken during the finale "Beautiful People" in which Chris Brown FLEW THROUGH THE AIR in a white tuxedo.

K, so like I really like Chris Brown. He's great. F.A.M.E. rules. But I wasn't planning on going to the tour at all. Can I just say it was worth every penny and more? My friend put it perfectly when he said he could have been blind or deaf and would have thoroughly enjoyed the concert. So. True. I know most of the songs, but can only sing along to the most popular ones, but I was in awe the entire time. Not only is his singing perfect (you could say I was almost in tears during "No Air") but his dancing made me want to be a better person/kill myself. It was flawless, seamless, effortless, perfection.
Kylie and me pre-Chris.

Oh, please ask me what my dress says and how much I paid for it.
And unrelated, but I am obsessed with Youth Lagoon's The Year of Hibernation. They're from Idaho. Who would've thought anything notable could ever come from there?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

all i want is a horizon line

I am wildly dramatic on this blog. I'm kind of embarrassed about it. Like, I blog really intensely personal feelings that I'm having but mask them in a semi-cryptic way, but not cryptic enough that you can't tell exactly what happened in my life and then I forget that I blogged about said feelings and then someone in real life that you haven't spoken to in a while says something like, "Oh didn't this just happen in your life? Yeah I read it on your blog." Right. Of course you did. I've contemplated deleting my dramatic entries, but then I think about it like a journal. Would I tear out a page of my journal that looking back on, makes me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable? No, because then I would probably have a page left.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

man is nothing

Conference weekend could not have come at a more perfect time. This past week was terrible. I've been sick with a cold, had 3 exams and was feeling sorry for myself again, but although I still have the sniffles, I feel re-energized, calm and renewed.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to attend the afternoon session with all of my best friends :) I really love this picture, even though we are all looking different directions. Don't I have the most beautiful friends? I love them with all my heart.

Saturday was also Kaile's 21st birthday. My very first memory of Kaile was at EFY in Buena Vista, VA. I remember seeing her and thinking she was one of the prettiest girls I've ever encountered. I still think this. I adore Kaile Knell. It sounds cheesy, but I feel like I've watched Kaile grow since I met her in high school to now, into this beautiful and kind woman that genuinely cares about everyone around her. Kaile is an amazing listener and does her best to offer advice and a positive perspective. Kaile is also hilarious and I laugh a lot when I'm with her. We are both tiny humans, revel in the fact that moms and the elderly are our biggest fans and share an affinity for Asian babies and babies in general. I can't wait until Kaile and I are both moms and can obsess over each other's children. Happy birthday Kaile! I love you.

Today, Jenny and I tried to watch the morning session, but didn't get tickets so we ended up watching it in the tabernacle. Somehow, we both managed to get tickets for the afternoon session. What a fiasco. But so worth it. I got to sit closer than I ever have and just bask in the wonder that is General Conference. By the way, the picture below was taken yesterday. And I look SUPER azn. I think I was giggling at something.
My favorite talk this General Conference was by Elder Uchtdorf and what I entitled this post. Elder Uchtdorf is an amazing storyteller and has a fantastic sense of humor. I always look forward to his remarks and I've grown to love him even more after his "Forget Me Not" talk at the Relief Society broadcast. I am paraphrasing from my notes, so some of these quotes might be a little off, but these were my favorite parts:

Compared to God man is nothing, yet to God we are everything: Wow. We are nothing. Man is nothing without God and we owe everything to him. And yet, despite our shortcomings, we mean the world to God. And not just a select group of us. Each and every single soul that is living, gone and yet to be born. I think about how much my parents love me and I don't think I even grasp that concept fully. The thought of God having that much love for every human being in the world is incomprehensible. I can't fathom any one being having the capacity to love that much, but He does.

The Lord doesn't care if you're working in marble halls or stable stalls: Great rhyming and beautiful concept. Our Lord is no respecter of persons.

The Lord uses a very different scale than the world to measure the worth of a soul: This might be my favorite quote after the first one I shared. It is so hard to be a young adult in the world we live in today. I don't think a day goes by where I don't compare myself to someone else. That's a very sad thing, but it's the truth and I don't think I'm the only one that does it. Can you imagine if the Lord measured our worth the way the world did? But he doesn't, because he is perfect and loves each and every one of us with a perfect love and measures our worth by the things that truly matter in this life.

I felt so good about myself after hearing this talk. I felt loved and important. I feel and know that I matter in this world and despite my inadequacy and all the times I've felt small or insignificant, the master of the universe and mankind knows me and loves me and wants what's best for me. And He feels the exact same way about you, and every living soul.

Sorry this was so long. I still have so many favorite moments/quotes/talks to share so I'm going to try and include one in every post or try and focus on a talk each time I post.

I love this gospel. It is perfect. It is true. I am thankful for the inspired leaders of the church and the wisdom of our prophet and his counselors. Prayers were answered this weekend. I am so happy and so blessed.

Listen/watch this October's conference HERE

Monday, September 26, 2011

you know you love me

Today I decided to attend a Gossip Girl premiere party instead of studying for exams. I would say it was one of my better decisions of the day. In case you missed the season premiere, here's a recap: Blair is still perfect. Serena is still annoying. Nate is still sexy. Chuck Bass is still Chuck Bass. Dan is still lonely. Rufus is still the hot dad.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

it's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

Last night I saw The Flaming Lips and they were glorious. I'm so glad I went and didn't participate or view any college football. I really hate football because I think it's incredibly boring. Anyway. The concert was fabulous. Wayne Coyne is out of control. Even if you don't like The Flaming Lips, the theatrics were enough to keep you entertained. Good thing I think they rule. Giant balloons, confetti and lasers everywhere, all the time. Surreal.

I feel better every day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

marc jacobs + marc by marc jacobs ss12

I always have to view Marc Jacobs multiple times before I form any kind of opinion. This collection was no different. I must say, that viewing the live stream of a show is very different from simply clicking through the images. I find myself obsessed with certain pieces that I hardly noticed when I simply clicked on images and vice versa. Marc Jacobs collection has barely been on the Internet since it closed New York Fashion Week this evening. What better way to end NYFW than with the king of American fashion?

This collection was extremely sporty to me. I think it was the swim cap/headband things. I love the structure of this pantsuit and the alternating greys in the pockets and buttons. I am super girly when it comes to dressing myself and when I have to abide by Western business dress, I always opt for a pencil skirt, but there is something extremely sexy about this pantsuit. No. I don't think sexy is the right word. Strong? This is a completely unoriginal phrase, but it's a masculine shape with a feminine twist. (Gag). Ok and this dress? Didn't even care about it when I clicked through the looks, but it MOVES.
I have never wanted a sweatshirt any more than this seafoam one. Actually this might be my favorite look of the entire collection. Weird choice? Idk. I seriously want this sweatshirt so so bad. It's seafoam green and shiny. I can't explain my attraction to it. Gimme gimme. Next look is just as lust-worthy. I think if this look, with the collar in the seafoam green would be perrrfect. I am surprised at how much I love both of these looks; neither one I would ever choose if I saw them in a store. Maybe the sweatshirt, but then I'd put it back and be like, it's just a sweatshirt, I'd rather have a dress.
I liked this when I clicked through the images, but I loved it when I saw it move. I love love love that red and I would be content with having a pocketed button down in every color imaginable. I think the button down is so versatile and the perfect amount of androgyny. Ok so this last coat? Perfect. My favorite piece of the whole collection. Even more than the sweatshirt. It's just so pretty. And so me. I love pretty, sparkle, shine, glitter, feminine and 3/4 sleeve coats, regardless of how impractical they are.

I didn't include any of these looks, but there a whole bunch of scale-y dresses and skirts, which reminded me a lot of Prada fall 2011. Also, the socks and pointy toe stilettos reminded me of Prada fall 2010. I know the socks + heels has been done a countless number times in every city, but Prada FW10 will always come to mind.
Marc by Marc Jacobs was fun. It was bright, preppy, wearable and American. This first dress reminds me of origami. I'm very into the jacket in the second look, but I think half of my attraction to this outfit is the fact that Karlie Kloss is working it. Girl can WALK. Bow down.
I like this less now that I see it here haha. But I still think it's playful and my spring/summer wardrobe is not complete without some form of obnoxious ruffle detail. I LOVE THIS SWIMSUIT. I love it. Seriously. I'm going to buy it. But really. First I'm going to lose 15 lbs and grow 5 in. Loljk. Not about the 15 lbs though. Because no one looks that good in a one-piece unless you're 5'9+ and 100 lbs. But back to my swimsuit lusting. Seriously though. I love this retro feel and the little pocket flap things are too cute to pass up. MbMJ orange one-piece, you will be mine come summer 2k12.

Simple. Cool. Marc. Love. Ruffle. How many one word phrases can I use before it gets annoying? Too late. I like this skirt a lot.

Marc rules. I worship him. Everything he does is nothing short of perfect, Marc my words :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

oscar de la renta + alexandre herchcovitch ss12

I am weirdly caught up on my school work, so I don't even feel that bad about going drooling over Fashion Week. Except even though I don't have work to do, I feel like I should be studying or something. Whatever. I'm not.

Ummm OSCAR DE LA RENTA. Let's talk about it. So like, Oscar is my favorite designer. I want him to do my wedding dress. I've said it before, but Oscar knows how to dress a woman and make her look perfect. This collection was superb. Su-perb. I think the very first look might be my favorite. That mustard color is insane. The black toile works without looking like a bumblee- no easy feat. I can't get over how much I love the croptop top + voluminous skirt. It's my favorite part about this collection. Love the red and ivory combo as well.

Such a cute little frock this is. Had to include it, because I love yellow. For a long time I wanted yellow in my wedding, but I've changed my mind. After the mustard and black croptop/skirt combo, this beige one is my second favorite. Oh, I haven't even talked about how much I love the hair in this show; it's so nonchalant and went so well with the t-shirt paired with a ball gown look.

Eeee chartreuse! So outrageous enough to work. I would wear this. I would wear this in an instant. I'm glad I'm tan all year round and can get away with wearing pretty much any color. #humblebrag. Mormon girl syndrome to like any dress with sleeves, but really, this is so pretty. I think of all the looks, the hair looks best with this one.

This was the second-to-last look and I thought it was perfectly placed in the show. (The finale gown was stunning, but I didn't include it). This dress reminds me of Rapunzel and every princess story I've ever heard. Sleeves are so medieval/renaissance. Love love love it.

And now we transition into Alexandre Herchcovitch. This collection legitimately made me smile and almost giggle. I'm not sure why. I think it was the round sunglasses (which are popping up everywhere!) and the perfect Stepford wife feel of this entire collection. The fabrics were really pretty, and reminded me of the Orient.
We all know how I feel about bows, so naturally I included this look. So ladylike. Another reason why I adored this collection. I think this next look is the one that almost made me giggle. I love matchy-matchy. I love twinsets and matching your headband with your belt with your watch strap. I think it's cute and put-together and delightfully preppy. This makes me think of the 50's and stay at home moms and movie stars. All at the same time. Oh and airplanes and stewardesses.

I think if Audrey Hepburn was still alive, she would wear this collection. Especially this pale yellow-green with the cap sleeves. Every time I see the boat neckline + the almost sleeve, I instantly think of Audrey. Love both of the bows and the fresh looks of both of these dresses.

This might almost be too many bows, but not quite. I would still wear it. I think it should be said that anything I decide to post in these runway reviews, I would wear. Seriously. Ok how cute is that hat? I hate hats and I'm not sure I would wear these, but they just look like they go with this blouse + skirt combo. I really, really love this look.

But not as much as this look. This is my favorite of the Alexandre Herchcovitch collection. The fabric is so different, and the tailoring of this dress is my absolute favorite kind of dress. It's classic, ladylike, modest and pretty. Everything I try for when I dress. Usually. Haha.

I love clothes. I love Fashion Week. I love talking about the clothes at Fashion Week. Stay tuned for more!