Monday, February 25, 2013

85th annual academy awards

I love the Oscars because everyone looks their best. I feel like they let lots of weird ugly things go at the Grammys, but at the Oscars it's a much stricter dress code- couture gowns and fly tuxedos only. No meat dresses allowed. Here are my favorite looks from last night's awards ceremony in no order.

First and foremost, everyone bow down to Jennifer Lawrence, best actress of the year. She was a vision in Dior Haute Couture and only made people fall more in love with her after tripping upstage. Her gown was one of those that was begging to be taken off the runway and worn on the red carpet. Kerry Washington looked darling in Miu Miu. My favorite part about this dress was the dainty little bow. So sweet and feminine.
Amanda Seyfried's Alexander McQueen. I'm not obsessed with the dress, but she has such a unique beauty and wore it so perfectly. Halle Berry's Versace is kind of space cadet, but I thought it was a great choice to celebrate the 70 (or something) years of James Bond.
I worship Samantha Barks and that Valentino isn't even cute but she is beautiful. "On My Own" is my favorite song in Les Miserables and her performance was heart wrenching. Sam YOU ARE PERFECT and my biggest Les Mis crush. Remember last post I included that hot pink Marchesa and said someone should wear it on the red carpet? I included this look cuz Fan Bingbing did.
I love pink. Maria Menounos looks like ethnic Barbie and I'm into it. Dress by Romona Keveza. J.Law does it again in metallic Calvin Klein at the Vanity Fair after party. So sexycool. Love her.
I'm just gonna say it but if Adele were skinny, she would rule the world. Because Adele is BEAUTIFUL and looked so fabulous during her Skyfall performance. And she's wearing Burberry sooo. Jennifer Garner is my parents' celebrity crush, and I have always had a soft spot for her. She looked so stunning last night and it warmed my heart to see her tear up after Argo won Best Picture. Her dress was Gucci and lovely.

My favorite part of the evening was not surprisingly the Les Mis tribute. Sorry that I sobbed continuously for the last 20 minutes of that movie and get emotional listening to the soundtrack. When Samantha Barks made her entrance for this performance she was the most perfect human in the Dolby Theatre. This was my favorite dress/person/body/creature from the 2013 Oscars. Dress is Jenny Packham. She is my dream girl.
Our friends hosted an Oscars party so we got to play dress up. I call this my "glam baptism" dress. It was actually my high school graduation dress and made by my mom's best friend's mother. Preston would make the cutest date to the Oscars!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

nyfw favorites

I decided to share my favorites from New York Fashion Week 2013. From left to right:
These first two are 3.1 Phillip Lim, one of my favorite womenswear designers right now. I think his clothes are functional and kind of remind me of architecture. Or maybe it's the "3.1" in his name that remind me of a model of a building or car. I really liked the simplicity of the camel coat and there is no such thing as too many black dresses. 

The next three are from Oscar de la Renta. I'm sad to conclude that I was disappointed with this show. Apparently John Galliano helped design this season and was in the building during the show. This collection was kind of boring and lacked the usual fairy tale glamour I so look forward to in Oscar shows. I did enjoy this toile print and both the toile dress and skirt reminded me of pieces Audrey Hepburn would have worn in Roman Holiday. I love a sheer neckline and lace. If I didn't have to wear a modest wedding gown, I think I would model it after this black dress. 

The next three are Marchesa. Marchesa is slowly creeping its way as my favorite eveningwear house. Season after season they deliver gorgeous gowns that I would die to wear. I love myself a collar and the billowy sleeves and full skirt made for an unexpected twist. I really want to see the next two gowns on the red carpet- maybe grey for Keira Knightley and pink for...? But someone has to work that pink. 

Next five are Marc Jacobs, probably my favorite show from NYFW that I've looked at so far. Marc's show was very old school glam- fur, sparkle and silk. What was interesting was his use of a pajama separates in silk. There were tons of pajama shirt and pant separates, none of which I really liked so I didn't include. The sparkly coat is exactly what I want to see when the weather is miserable. I liked the simple cableknit but especially the fact that the fox shawl has eyes. Creepy, funny and luxe. There are a handful of pieces I don't want to die without owning and one of them is a glam fur coat. I would be happy with this white one. I like the pale pink and there's nothing better than head-to-toe sequins. 

Finally, Prabal Gurung is another favorite that grows on me every season. This year he demonstrated his master tailoring skills with impeccable military coats and perfect draping. I loved the olive silk material in the first and third look. I thought the white was such an interesting silhouette and the final olive gown was my favorite of the show. Reminded me of this look from one of my favorite Lanvin shows (SS2011).

Stay tuned for more NYFW faves and London!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

trench kisses

In lieu of Valentine's Day and the end of New York Fashion Week and beginning of London, I have decided to share my thoughts on Burberry Prorsum's Fall/Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear collection.

Christopher Bailey called collection "Trench Kisses." How cute?! I really liked how playful most of the looks were, especially the heart print. There's nothing I love more or have spent more money on this season than printed shirts. From left to right: Cara D. and those heart panties. Hehe. So cute. Karlie's blouse! J.Crew made a similar one that I've been eyeing for months. The rubbery material reminds me of the kinkiness at Louis Vuitton FW 2011. Remember that one? It was the runway that looked like a hotel and the models that looked like bellhops and Kate Moss. Anyway. Marc Jacobs said his FW11 collection was inspired my fetishes and I kind of got that kinky vibe from Chris Bailey this season with the rubbery skirts and especially trenches. Then we have the heart printed shirt on a boy. Even more than I love printed shirts on me, I love 'em on a boy. However, there is such thing as too much, and I think in real life, I would giggle if I saw a boy sporting this shirt. I think the key for printed boy shirts is very small prints. I like the camel sweater in the next look. They had one in red that was equally as cool. My favorite look and dream coat. What's cuter than a Burberry trench coat? A BURBERRY TRENCH WITH LITTLE HEARTS ALL OVER IT. Next is the grommet trench. Just a cool spin on a classic. Chris is soo good at that. Finally the stripes remind me of jockeys, Polo and rugby shirts. Love the silk shirt. The dress looks like a silk version of my sister's rugby dress. I loved this collection. I haven't been keeping up with Fashion Week this year, but I always, always look at the Burberry show because it's always great. This year was no exception.
Above is me in my first Burb. Thank you children's section, forever saving me thousands. 
I had a sweet Valentine's Day. It's fun to think I will have a valentine for the rest of my life :) On another love note, (Hehe) one of my best friends, Kylie Cox got engaged 2 weeks ago to Danny Orme. Preston and I had the chance to spend this past President's Day weekend with them in sunny Las Vegas. I love Kylie and have been so excited for her engagement. Danny is perfect and I am so excited for their special day. The end of May/beginning of June is going to rule because two of my best friends are getting married and I get to be a part of both days. AND THEN I AM GETTING MARRIED AT THE END OF JUNE. I love love.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

v-day b-day

Happy Birthday to my favorite Valentine and best friend in the world, Alyanna! Above is Alyanna and me with some of our other besties.

My mom tells the story that when she was in labor with Alyanna the nurse told her that if she had her baby on Valentine's Day she would get chocolate and roses, and she did. 
Above is Alyanna and me in our element aka bronze and beaching. When I describe Alyanna to people who have never met her, I say that she is the taller, smarter, cuter and quieter version of me. All of it is true. When we were younger, my mom sometimes told people we were twins if they asked. She would dress us the same and if we had the same outfit but different colors, Alyanna would always get the cuter color. She was my first best friend. She always agreed to play the weird pretend games I would think up and let me be the cooler character. I can get absolutely infuriated with Alyanna, not speak to her and call her rude names and 5 minutes later I am calling her to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls with me. After my mom, Alyanna was the second person I missed the most when I went away to school. 
 Alyanna and I have the same taste in everything, which made it so fun growing up. We shared clothes, books, music and luckily, we weren't in the same grade or age so we never had to share boys, but that doesn't mean we didn't fight over Nick Jonas. (Good news is Alyanna can totally have Nick now. You heard it right.) Speaking of Nick Jonas, Alyanna is the biggest Jonas Brothers fan I know, and together, we were psychos and drove our parents crazy funding our obsession and taking us to way too many Jonas concerts. Another thing I loved about growing up with Alyanna was dancing with her. We both started dance at the same time and danced together for my whole dance career. Alyanna and I would do duos almost every year and always won ridiculous awards like "Living Dolls" and "Great Chemistry." They were always awards that had nothing to do with our dance skills and everything to do about our hair and makeup. Oops. One of the things I missed the most while being at school was watching Alyanna dance and cheer. She surpassed my dance skills and was such a delight to watch. Also she looks so striking and gorgeous onstage. Another thing she has surpassed me in is smarts. Alyanna is sooo smart. Honestly, our whole family puts our faith in Alyanna to become a surgeon or something incredible because she really is the most brilliant of us all. She always got/gets the best grades and just understands things I never did and still to this day do not. I have always been envious of her brains, but mostly so proud.
Now Alyanna is here at school with me and I couldn't be happier about it. Happy 19th birthday to my little lovebug (get it??) and baby sister who I love so much!