Monday, February 28, 2011

oscar 2011 favorites

My favorite part about award shows is the gowns. I love looking at all the spring and fall runways and picking out my favorite eveningwear, and what I would have worn to the Golden Globes/Oscars/Emmys. This year, I wasn't able to watch the Oscars which I'm a little bit sad about since my boyfriend (James Franco) was hosting. However, I did still pick out my favorite looks.
What up Best Actress!? One of my ultimate girl crushes, Natalie Portman took home the one of the most coveted awards and looked beautiful doing it. I loved her purple Rodarte choice because it looks incredibly flattering on her. When stars are pregnant, they can either choose to accentuate the bump with a form fitting gown, or go voluminous and kind of hide it. I prefer the second method, and so does Natalie. She looked radiant. And she's the best actress of 2011 :)

I'm in love with the cloud-like chiffon at the bottom of Halle Berry's Marchesa gown. Marchesa gowns are always so magical to me and they really exemplify Hollywood glamour. She looked flawless.
This chick is 15! And she looks it, which is why I picked her as another favorite. When young stars walk the red carpet, I think they always look prettiest when they look their age. This Marchesa is the perfect fit and is elegant, while remaining playful. And look at her cute headband. Go Hailee!

I guess when you're the supermodel girlfriend of Matthew Mcconaughey, you have to look this sexy. Camila Alves owned this Dolce & Gabbana dress.
Loved Hilary Swank in feathers by Gucci. This was initially my favorite look, and I think it still is, although I agree with the comment on a previous website that feathers and sequins is overdone at award shows. But I still think it's so much fun and one of the best feather-and-sequins ensembles I've seen.

I love Mila Kunis and can't wait to see Black Swan once it comes to the dollar theater here. I'm not a fan of lavender, but I thought this Elie Saab was such an interesting silhouette. My mom made the comment that it makes me look like she has a muffintop, which I semi-agree with, but I still think she looked lovely.
Maybe it's her role as Margot Tenenbaum that will be permanently engrained in my mind, but I love Gwyneth Paltrow. And I love sparkle and Calvin Klein. So I love this. So simple, but really pretty. And she can rock the center part, a skill that if a girl can do, automatically makes me so jealous.

This was one of my mom's favorite looks, and I really love it as well. I'm never a huge fan of velvet, but I think Maria Menounos looks so elegant in this simple sheath by Johanna Johnson. (Never heard of her!) I love the wrist detail on the sleeve.
And how about an Oscar for most costume changes of the night? Rachel Zoe probably peed her pants styling Anne Hathaway this year. I thought she looked really fabulous in everything, even the Lanvin suit. (Which she paired with great heels!) The gold Oscar de la Renta fringe gown and burgundy Atelier Versace were my absolute favorites though. Both were just standout out glamour to me. I'm so glad she chose Oscar for at least one of her outfit changes. I feel like he always deserves a nod at any awards show. And I know I say that every time I mention Oscar. And the Versace sequin design is so unique to me, and incredibly sexy. I really love her hairstyle with the Versace as well. I don't normally think Anne is that pretty, but she looked gorgeous that night!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the best of nyfw 2011

I know you have been anxiously awaiting my thoughts on this year's New York Fashion Week. (ha!) Unfortunately, I've been sick with the flu. Normally that would be a great excuse to catch up on blogging/review all the shows, but my head hurt so bad, I couldn't stand to look at any kind of screen for more than 20 minutes. I'm feeling much better and want to procrastinate homework as much as possible, so here are my favorite moments of this year's New York Fashion Week:
1. Jill Stuart. Interesting choice huh? Metallics were such a huge trend this season, and I thought Jill Stuart did it perfectly. She used a really interesting color palette of gold, silver, peachy nudes and then random pops of orange. There was a lot of geometric shapes and cutouts. I got a little bit of a Biba vibe with this collection and 60's babydoll. I don't even know what that means. Um yeah, but I loved it. I will probably dedicate a post to this one. The dress on the left is one of my favorites from the whole week.
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs. Someone made a comment on the livestream that this was a continuation of his SS11 collection, and I couldn't agree more. Marc went with 70's and glamour. Lots of metallics, of course, middle part blowouts and big shades. This was one of the most wearable collections, which makes sense, since it's MbM, and is designed to be more affordable. I loved the rich color palette and the shoes were fabulous as well. I think this was the only NYFW show I was able to catch the livestream of, and it was great. I'm so impressed at how well the industry does keeping customers connected all over the world during Fashion Week.
3. Marc Jacobs. The man can do no wrong. I will admit, this collection took 5 or 6 views before I really got it, but when I did, WOW. Polka dots dominated the show and I can't wait to get my hands on a pair of those tights. Marc Jacobs is the only designer who can incorporate rubber button downs in a show and make it somewhat normal. This collection was almost kinky (?) to me. I don't know what other words to use. Playful with an edge? Isn't that kinky? Whatever.
4. Rodarte. Little House on the Prairie was the obvious inspiration for this collection. Lots of pinafores and Laura Ingalls Wilder-esque dresses and aprons. The wheat print of the second look showed up multiple times in lavender, blue and green. Strangely pretty to me. I found this was one of the most innovative and interesting of all NYFW and I really liked the whimsical feel of it. Plus I love saying 'Rodarte.'
5. Michael Kors. This show marked Mr. Kors' 30th year in the business, and it was a beautiful commemoration. To me, Michael Kors defines American fashion. The only word I can think of to describe Michael Kors is luxe. These clothes are what you imagine celebrities wear on vacation. And they do. Everything is sleek, clean, sexy and so luxurious. I loved all of the fur in this show, and the coat in the second look was my favorite. I am a huge fan of Michael Kors and own a couple pieces from his Michael line. Happy 30 years Mr. Kors, here's to 30 more!
6. Prabal Gurung. Maybe I'll get another tweet mention for this :) Prabal's FW collection was very interesting to me, because it opened with the red number, and transitioned into much softer, romantic pieces like the 2nd look. I thought the red and his other jewel toned party dresses were romantic, in a more severe way. I have a feeling Mr. Gurung is a designer we will only continue hearing more great things from. He dressed Michelle Obama again and Golden Globe nominee Hailee Steinfeld, and I wouldn't be surprised if he gets some nods at the Academy Awards.
7. Carolina Herrera. Such a pretty collection. I was obsessed with the bright blue and burgundy she used. Carolina is such a beautiful woman, and her clothes reflect that. Everything is always so feminine and ladylike. I think Carolina is another great place (after Oscar) to go to for red carpet gowns. The colors in the second look are mesmerizing.
8. Jason Wu. Here we go with the Asian designers. They really are dominating the industry. I loved Jason's use of lace and details in this line. He paired a lot of the black with jewel tones, like the pretty chartreuse skirt in the first look. This line reminded me of the masked ball in Gossip Girl. Everything had a Blair Waldorf feel to it.
9. Peter Som. The first look is very similar to a J. Crew dress I was obsessed with. And look at those shoes! I just noticed them. You see the metallic trend again in this collection. This was a very girly collection, and I didn't include it, but Peter had some gorgeous outerwear in addition to his evening. I love the metallic blue gown.
10. Alexander Wang. Shirring was everywhere in this collection. All of the skirts and leggings and some form of shirring, giving a very streamer-y look to the whole show. Alexander Wang is one of those cult designers that create statement pieces like the studded bottom bag or the perfect sweatshirt, that every name in fashion owns in multiple colors. This season, the statement piece has got to be all things hooded, especially that crazy fur in the first look.

Yay for NYFW! Someday, I will be present, I promise. Stay tuned for highlights from London, Milan and Paris :)

And if you've been living under a rock, listen to The King of Limbs NOW and prepare to be put under Thom Yorke's spell. Check out the "Lotus Flower" video too. Oddly adorable?

Friday, February 11, 2011


My heart is so full for the Egyptian people. They have proved to the world that peaceful protest can bring about a revolution and the shedding of blood isn't necessary for change. I am so proud and thrilled for Egypt. Watch and witness history. I can't help but smile watching the live feed of the craziness in Tahrir Square and especially hearing local Egyptians being interviewed. I'm so happy to be alive to witness this special day! Pray for the future of Egypt and the lives of these brave people.

"Brothers and sisters of Egypt, you have given the world the most precious gift- the belief that ultimately right will prevail."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

oscar pre-fall 2011

In lieu of New York Fashion Week, I've been indulging in the pre-fall 2011 collections in anticipation of the magic that begins tomorrow. Usually I'm really good with editing collections down to 10 or less looks, but Mr. de la Renta's genius makes it impossible. This is one of my favorite collections, ever and earned himself a place as my favorite designer, tied with Christopher Bailey. Yes. I said it. Christopher Bailey=Oscar de la Renta. If his pre-fall is this major, I can't even imagine what FW11 has in store!

I adore Oscar de la Renta. His designs are timeless, beautiful and perfectly feminine. Like I've said before, I want him to do my wedding dress. I may or may not put the tracklist on my iPod so I can listen to it while walking to school...
I love pink and I love that dress. Mr. de la Renta ties the best bows on 7th avenue. The turquoise is gorgeous and I've never wanted a pair of gloves so badly.
I love how simple this collared dress is. The shirtdress is such a classic silhouette that I've always adored and Oscar's tweed and chiffon version makes it so much prettier. I'm in love with everything in the next look. I tend to shy away from wide-leg pants because I'm afraid they would swallow me whole, but with the right pair of wedges I think it could be perfect. Love the scarf and the bright pops of yellow and turquoise. Oscar's color palette for this collection is flawless.
I love this. I mean, I love everything in this collection, but I LOVE this leather skirt. I have yet to find the perfect tulip-shape bow skirt that isn't couture, but I want it to look exactly like this one. Feathered sleeves are so necessary too. I should have included a back view of the second look. It's this incredibly simple, but sexy deep-V. My favorite part is the yellow bow.
So unexpected, but manages to fit in perfectly. I don't know if I'll ever have the courage to rock the leather skinnies, but maybe if I had that chinchilla vest to go with them, I would consider it. I love fur and Oscar knows exactly how to use it without it being overbearing or fussy. I think both of these looks are unbelievably sexy and practical for these bitter winter months.
For the majority of the holiday season, my little sister and I were on the neverending quest to find the perfect sequin party dress. Our search evolved into a newfound obsession with all things sparkly and resulted in several new sparkly tank tops, dresses and the impossible to find sequin sweatshirt for our wardrobes. I have officially rekindled that obsession and will not rest until I get my hands on a floor length metallic skirt or metallic wide-leg trousers. So, so chic and festive! (I don't care that it's February).
I am reminded of my ballerina days when I see this dress. I'm not crazy about the waistline but the femininity of the pink and the feathers balance out the boxiness. Black and lace just go together, and this dress is the perfect combination. Obsessed with the scalloped edges, boatneck neckline and long sleeves.
If I could have any piece of this collection, it would be this dress. Not only is that the most obnoxiously delightful shade of pink/fuchsia, but it's off the shoulder sleeves and slim silhouette make it my ideal dress. Where I would wear it, I have to figure out, but I'm convinced Oscar had me in mind when creating this one. I always get so excited when he brings out his eveningwear. Visions of Hollywood starlets and Barbies dance in my head. Love the ruffles and the sequins against the sheer of the black dress. And that pink bow. Obviously.
Should've included a back shot this one. It's 2 giant bows down the back. Impossibly pretty. I can totally see Scarlett Johansson rocking this. I am reminded of Marilyn Monroe and feel like this is the ultimate bombshell dress. This ice blue is my second favorite gown of the collection. All I can see is Cinderella at the ball. I love the feathered shawl and the fullness of the skirt. This dress is everything I imagine a princess would wear.
I feel like this is the ultimate Barbie dress. Like if Oscar de la Renta were to create a Barbie doll, wouldn't you just expect it to wear this? The print is so random, but pretty and the mandarin collar bolero gives it that royal family edge.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

i saw sinners making music and i dreamt of that sound

As promised, J. Crew and Prada SS11 Menswear! If you've read this blog at all, you would know that I adore preppy, so it's not surprising that my favorite looks from J. Crew were, almost all of them, and Prada, every the collared shirt, tie and sweater combo.

I love J. Crew. But I have not always loved J. Crew. My mother has always loved J. Crew. She tells me this every time we reminisce about my middle school and early high school style. I think it's safe to say I began to appreciate J. Crew at the end of my sophomore year of high school and have had a steady love affair with the brand ever since. I anticipate holding a part-time job there in addition to my future career, just so I can keep my discount. I promise that I am getting to the menswear part. But first I have to list what I love about J. Crew. I think my absolute favorite part about the brand is the customer's ability to buy a couture wedding gown and a $25 v-neck in the same store. How many retailers can do that? And J. Crew is preppy, but not overbearingly so. Jenna Lyons does a great job incorporating current trends (oxford booties) with timeless classics (cashmere crewcut sweaters) to create modern masterpieces. I love a guy that can sport J. Crew head-to-toe. It's not easy, but when done correctly, it's incredibly attractive to me. I love the splashes of color and especially those white pants. Brightly colored chinos are such a preppy staple, and I love them in the spring. And I know it's not just J. Crew doing this, but I think the almost-too-short pants are adorable with Sperrys or MacAlisters. This collection makes me miss the East Coast and want to re-read The Official Preppy Handbook.

My favorite look of Prada's is the orange blazer and shorts. Like previously mentioned, I'm a sucker for bright colors on guys in the spring. I think it exudes confidence when a guy is brave enough to wear an obnoxious color. However, there is a fine line between Nantucket reds and pastel/neon screen tees. So for spring, I love the khaki suit. I've already decided that the men in my wedding will be wearing tan suits. I really love the light grey of the second suit and the sweater and shirt underneath. Also practical if it's still a little chilly. The majority of this collection was ugly though. You know how collections have an overall theme and a repeated look that the designer sends down over and over in different colors and textures? So for Prada men it was scrubs. I wish I was joking. But literally, v-neck scrub tops in denim (puke, puke, puke) and emergency room green. And denim kilts. And scrub kilts. So gross. The looks I picked really don't encompass what this collection was about. Oops.
WHAT UP SAM BEAM? New Iron & Wine was released on January 25. Iron & Wine is my favorite and my #1 show to see before I die. Its release and the reactions to it remind me of Sufjan's The Age of Adz release. So many people were upset at how different Age of Adz was compared to all of Sufjan's other work. A lot of people said 'it wasn't Sufjan anymore' and all that. Well obviously it is Sufjan. People change. Artists change. Music changes. I hate when loyal fans get upset when their favorite artist decides to branch out. I say, if you're a real fan, you'll go along with the ride. You may not love it, but don't rule it out completely. Kiss Each Other Clean (isn't that the best album title you've heard in a while?) is different than any other Iron & Wine album, but I really like it. Favorite song by far is "Walking Far From Home." He sings the words "little babies" and that pretty much sold it for me. Haha but seriously. I think it's a great album. Not on the same level as Creek Drank the Cradle, but still iTunes library-worthy.