Monday, February 23, 2015

nyfw 2015 highlights

Bet you thought I forgot about New York Fashion week or was somehow over it. Nope. Turns out uploading and formatting these pics has taken 5000x longer than I anticipated but alas I have solved the HTML puzzle and here is my beautiful NYFW post.

Basically I looked through my old favorites and the most buzzworthy shows and picked my very favorite looks from my favorite houses (or in Kanye's case most talked about). Alphabetically starting with Alexander Wang. This show was TUFF GRRL for sure. Hair in da face, combat boots, leather. Got a lot of 90's grunge vibes especially with the plaid in my first pick. Second pick was my favorite from the entire show. Nothing warms my heart (or body) more than a giant turtleneck. And I'm all about those almost cheap looking washed jeans. Final look epitomized the whole show for me, very tough, a little bit scary but kind of sexy.
Carolina Herrera was so beautiful. The first look I picked is so dazzling I really hope someone takes advantage of it for an awards show. Second look can I get married again and wear this? Third look super classic and ladylike I can see Kate Middleton rocking this.
Last pick from Herrera was my bb girl KK. She ended the show and damn that girl is a walking finale.

Next is the show nearest and dearest to my heart J effin Crew. This show got lots of hype and for numerous reasons. I loved every look and probably could have done an entire post dedicated to this presentation. I'm obsessed with this big bird coat in look one. Second look is that Pepto Bismol pink I live for in the scuba sweatshirt material. And that fringe skirt? Helllllp.
Ugh the gold in this is phenomenal and that coat has winter 2015 written all over it. Next look is probably my favorite. Those are palazzo pants y'all and and they were taking over. Except I think it's a look that will never work for me, but if you're over 5'10 I say GO 4 IT. Finally I couldn't not include the sequin blazer of my dreams.
Would this even be relevant if I didn't talk about Kanye? This show pretty much opened NYFW or at least was the first one I remember hearing hype about. There were a lot of nakey looks and I can't say I was very into the bodysuit look. I just don't see it working for anyone? The camo looks were my absolute fave and probably the most basic b picks, but like I said, i couldn't get down with the bodysuits. Finally I included those beige pants because I'm a sucker for a drop crotch sweatpant.
Marc Jacobs was inspired by a painting of Diana Vreeland for this show and that statement meant very little to me except this show was super rich, loud and #dark. These three almost identical gowns were my favorites and I love the different interpretations of the print.
This show was a big deal not only cuz KK and T Swift were taking selfies in the front row, but this was Peter Copping's big debut after the sad loss of Mr. de la Renta. I thought he did an amazing job carrying the legacy Oscar created and stayed true to the brand's ladylike, fit for a queen image. The first look I loved because of that beautiful gold peeking out from that incredible fur. Second look I picked because Oscar did a brilliant job combining sexy and playful with refined and this is the perfect example of it. Third look I mean that color what. It's stunning.
Another playful and sexy piece and I am all about the thick streamer like fringies. Final look I thought was too cute and darling not to share. Would love to see a younger starlet play this up this year.

There you have it, my whirlwind NYFW in review. Hope you enjoyed reading and looking and stay tuned for my top picks from London and Milan :-O

Thursday, February 19, 2015

vday/prez day weekend 2015

This past weekend was a Valentine's Day/Presidents' Day extravaganza. On Saturday after working a short shift, I came home to roses, Reeses eggs and a pretty bracelet. We had dinner at Bolsa and I had a delicious but much too small portion of sweet potato gnocchi with WILD BOAR meat. For dessert we had pie at Emporium Pies for the second V-day in a row.

Sunday morning we woke up early and left for a mysterious location. Preston only realized he had Prez Day off last Tuesday and decided we would take advantage of the long weekend and take a trip. He knows I like surprises and didn't tell me where we were going. Because I am also geographically clueless, we were three hours in before I guessed our destination- exotic San Antonio!
We made a few stops and the first was at Dinosaur Valley State Park. This place was a total LOLfest because I am convinced the "dinosaur tracks" were created by humans but Preston believes they're real. Either way we had a laugh looking for tracks and posing with life size fake dinos.
On the way to the park, there was a creation evidence museum and sadly it was closed (probably for the sabbath). Our second stop was my second favorite part of the trip- Enchanted Rock State Park. It's Texas's best try at mountains, and it's pretty neat. It got its name because Native Americans believed the creaks and moans caused by the rock expanding and contracting were enchanted spirits. Enchanted Rock was really beautiful and a fun active pit stop. It also made for some fantastic pics and vids.

Our final stop was in Fredericksburg, Texas which felt like what I imagine Stars Hollow is like. There were a ton of German restaurants and we had a late lunch of schnitzel and a meat and cheese platter.
We made it into San Antonio early Sunday evening and checked into the cutest/coolest hotel. It was called Hotel Havana and was located walking distance from the River Walk. It's great Cuban inspired decor, snacks and food made for a fun stay. 
We walked the River Walk and had Mexican food by the river and retired for the evening to watch SNL 40 and the NBA All Star game. Monday morning we ordered room service for breakfast and did one last walk before having another German meal.

After eating we visited two of the 3 famous San Antonio missions. We saw the Alamo inNovember on the way home from Corpus Christi. This time we toured Mission San Juan and Concepcion. The missions were impressively preserved and really gorgeous after all this time, so I can only imagine the sight they were in their prime. After seeing the missions, we made the longish drive back to Dallas stopping at the San Marcos outlets and Austin for the only falafel in Texas.

It was sad to come home as I had fallen in love with Hotel Havana. San Antonio is ok and you really don't need more than two or three days there, but I had fun eating out and exploring a new city. Thanks to my Valentine for a lovely surprise weekend.

Also big huge congrats to my little sister Alyanna who got engaged to her Valentine, Drew in New York City in Sunday. I am so excited for these two and can't wait to party in August!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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