Wednesday, March 30, 2011

one year older and wiser too

I just realized a few days ago that my blog is a year old. I distinctly remember this time last year in the dorms I was bored, miserable and terribly homesick, so I created little ynna. I'm really glad I did, especially since I'm awful at journal writing. Thanks for following, reading and commenting. Nothing is more flattering than hearing from people about how they read my blog. You're the best!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Alas, the Cougars' marvelous season has come to an end. Tonight's game was sad, but looking back, it was a fantastic run. I'm proud of how far this team has gone, despite the loss of a crucial player, and how driven they remained amidst the Honor Code controversy and criticism. I think Jimmer Fredette had an amazingly classy attitude the entire season and deserves the Naismith Player of the Year. I'm glad I got to be apart of history and I'll definitely look back on this year with fondness. Thanks for an unforgettable season Jimmer, I still think you're great.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my chick in that new phoebe philo

I've been neglecting this blog ever since I got a Tumblr. It's just so much easier to post a few pretty pictures than create a blog entry. I can do it during bio, whereas I get a bit self-conscious blogging, and prefer to do it in the comfort of my room. But check out my little Tumblie. It's the cutest.

Earlier this month, my roommate Amber and I decided to take a semi-spontaneous trip to Vegas for the Mountain West Conference. We left Thursday afternoon and planned to be back Saturday morning, but after winning against New Mexico, we decided to stay to watch the championship game. Such a great decision, even though the SDSU game was depressing. Not to mention, SDSU students are super classy. It was my first time in Vegas and I got to experience all the tourist-y things you do there. Favorite part besides watching the games? Shopping, obviously. I went to the best outlets I've ever been to in Vegas. And got myself these boots from Aldo:
I've been wanting combat boots forever, and ever since I saw the Chanel FW11 RTW collection, I was convinced I needed a pair. These ones are great, but I've found that they're most comfortable when I wear tights. I'm on the hunt for super thin, almost stocking-like trouser socks. If you have any good websites, let me know. The shopping was incredible, but surprisingly this was my only purchase. However, I will be venturing to NYC April 16-24 and these are two items that I refuse to leave the city without:

I bought a pair of cheap gladiators from H&M last summer, but they are a little scuffed and will probably fall apart mid-July, but I tried these brown ones on at Aldo and loved them. So comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I love my Rainbows, but sometimes I like to dress up skirts and dresses with cute sandals. And as for the blouse, I need it. I've been obsessed with silky pocket blouses ever since I got the J. Crew catalog featuring the Blythe blouse. I love the masculine feel of the pockets and loose fit, but love how they make it feminine with the silk material. This is the Bromley blouse from Madewell, and I die for the color. It's the same price as the Blythe and since there isn't a Madewell in Utah, I plan on taking advantage of the best shopping in the United States when I go to New York.

And what would March be without March Madness? College basketball is my favorite thing to watch (sportswise) on television after the World Cup. I grew up in a household that is crazy about basketball. My dad jokes that the Philippines has two religions- Catholicism and basketball, which I find hilarious since most Filipinos are short. My bracket is not that great, but way better than last year. I even called some of those upsets. And can I just say the Southeast and West parts of my bracket are flawless? I'm so excited for tomorrow's game against Florida. Go Cougars!
Elizabeth Taylor passed away today. Honestly one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. RIP Liz.

Friday, March 18, 2011


In between March Madness games last night, I decided to create a Tumblr. I know what you're thinking. Ynna, you need to relax. You are connected to every social media network and there is no need for another connection. But wait, I can defend myself. Since I'm a perfectionist, it takes me at least half an hour to create a blog entry, and usually not even that short. I always have so much to say and so many pictures to post and so many shows to review. Tumblr is an easy way to post my little bouts of inspiration, what I'm currently listening to and craving at the moment, and it takes less than a minute. Plus, it's kind of like a virtual mood board, and who doesn't love a good mood board? So here's my Tumblr (I feel sooo hipster too): littleynna!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

spring inspiration

I die for:
1) Olivia Palermo
2) Rachel Bilson
3) Kate Spade
4) Mustard yellow pencil skirt
5) Volume
6) Valentino FW11 RTW

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


All of the images of the aftermath of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan are heartbreaking, but I found myself in tears after seeing this video. My thoughts and prayers are turned to our brothers and sisters in Japan. I know I have been personally humbled by this tragedy and realize that what I find are the biggest problems in my life are miniscule and unimportant compared to the devastation around the world. If you pray, pray for Japan.

Donate (here).
Read the miraculous rescue of a 4 month old baby girl and 70 year old woman. This story is a glimmer of hope and demonstration of the Lord's tender mercies.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

louis vuitton fw11

The fall shows concluded today with Louis Vuitton in Paris, and I couldn't think of a better way to end. Marc Jacobs did not disappoint with his fall/winter collection for LV. The stage was set up as a hotel, complete with elevator operators and monogrammed LV bellhop hats. This collection bore striking resemblances to Marc Jacobs' collection at NYFW. I know I said Céline was favorite show for fall, but LV might be a close second, or even tie.
This collection was so kinky. Maybe it was the hotel atmosphere, definitely the handcuffs connected to the bags and probably the rubber dominatrix boots. I loved the button details in these two looks, and that color red. And who doesn't love a good thigh high?
Love, love, love this pencil skirt. LOVE. And check out Naomi. So major.
Possibly my favorite look of this collection. I love pale pink and the volumes in this show were fantastic. Some were so extravagant, they were unflattering, but this was a great balance. I'm not sure what the print is, but probably something kinky. The accessories were bomb, as always with LV. I want everything, especially a handcuff purse and monogrammed bellhop hat.
There were a couple scale-y ensembles, and this was my favorite of all of them. I love the neckline of the top. I really liked the simplicity of the white blouse, but it was still incredibly daring to me. Probably because of the huge shoulders.
And my favorite part? Kate Moss closing the show smoking a cig in latex briefs and lace-up dominatrix boots. MAJOR. Ahh the genius behind it all. I have a crush on Marc Jacobs. Not as much as Christopher Bailey, but it's definitely there. He's so cute.

Marc Jacobs vs. Louis Vuitton
So check it out. Obviously there would be some similarities between the two houses since it's the same creative director, but they were especially blatant this season.
1) Hats. At MJ they were polka dots and worn on the side and at LV, they were monogrammed or varying colors in bellhop style.
2) Dots. MJ they were everywhere, tights and dresses and at LV they came in the form of buttons. They're not as obvious in this look, but some looks were ALL buttons.
3) Sheer. Whether it was just the sleeves, or the entire blouse, both collections incorporated sheerness into their looks. Part of that kinky feel I guess.
4) Rubber. Boots at LV, blouses at MJ. Kink baby.
5) Collars. Peter Pan collars in white and various colors popped up at both shows and were usually found with sheer sleeves.
6) Volume. Huge sleeves, huge waists. Volume was everywhere.

Both shows were extremely similar and both extremely awesome. I love Marc Jacobs and his work for his house and Vuitton. Such a skilled designer, beautiful craftsmanship and the most interesting concepts. He is one of my top 10 people in fashion that I would love to be friends with/go out to lunch with.

Another great season. Stay tuned for my top 10 shows from New York, London, Milan and Paris!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

céline fw 2011

Phoebe Philo killed it this fall at Céline. This is easily my favorite fall/winter collection for 2011. Big statement, I know, but it really was perfect. So functional, clean, gorgeous lines, beautiful textures. I wanted it all, except maybe the tree bark looks. But everything else was lovely.
Who doesn't love a simple, neutral and tailored dress? So classic and such a necessary item in every woman's wardrobe. I love the bright orange in this jacket. Bright orange seems to be a big trend for fall. I saw it all over New York, London, Milan and now Paris.
I need this coat. But seriously. Look at it. Look. At. That. Collar. So luxe. I love how Phoebe brought back the turtleneck this show. My mom loves turtlenecks and was always so willing to buy them for me growing up. In high school, I was always hesitant to rock any color besides black, but I've been more inclined to wear other colors paired with corduroy minis now that I'm in college. But I love the use of the white turtleneck paired with everything in this show. It's so simple, but so chic and daring in its own way. I love the geometric patterns in this sweater. Totally reminds me of tangrams and Bill Cosby. And what's more perfect than a white turtleneck and black leather skinnies?
I love the color blocking of these two dresses and her use of different leathers. And no one can make mock necks look sexy except for Phoebe.
Ahh best coat of the show! Statement coats were such a big part of this show and I'm obsessed with this fur one. I love the streak of random red and the illusion of the 3/4 sleeves. What I love about this ivory coat and fur color blocking is the use of fur, without being too intense. I know that seems odd, especially after gushing over the chestnut all-over fur, but I don't know if I'm confident enough to rock a knee-length fur look, so the subtle detailing is a great compromise for me.
Why yes, I do need an all-fur dress, how nice of you to create one for me, Phoebe! Initially I thought the bag in the next look was a helmet, which kind of makes sense since the inspiration for this show was luxury automobiles. I think of the Ford model-T and for some reason associate helmets with them. Did they ever wear helmets driving them? Goggles right, but helmets? Anyway. Love the futuristic/geometric feel of this ivory shift and the black pointed toe loafers were such a nice contrast.
Grey fur might be my favorite thing ever. I'm obsessed with this zipper tunic and all of the layering she used in this show. It looks so warm and perfect for the endless winters here in Provo. Look at this ALL-PINK suit. I get such an equestrian/jockey feel from this one, because jockeys' uniforms are always fun colors. This was such a standout look in the entire collection amongst the neutral greys and random jewel tones. And I've always wanted an excuse to wear pale pink skinnies.
The reigning queen of minimalism and chic staples. Look how cute she is in her own little turtleneck and skinnies! To me, Céline is all about basics- coats, pants, trousers, blouses, etc. Items that belong in every stylish woman's closet that can be layered with more elaborate pieces or worn alone. Either way, Phoebe Philo has done it again with another gorgeously functional collection. I can't wait to see the different ways women incorporate this collection into their wardrobes and look forward to the inevitable number of street style shots of these pieces.

Friday, March 4, 2011

i'm such a tease and you're such a flirt

Isn't Olivia Palermo perfect? I'm so into her shoes and coat.
Check out her tights. Marc Jacobs FW11? I want a pair.

It's been warm here this week and I want summer more than ever. I've been so homesick lately. I miss my family and Lancaster. School sucks and I can't wait to get out of my sad excuse of an apartment. Bleh. On the bright side, I get to go to NYC in April and maybe my family will be able to meet me in the city for Easter.

In lieu of recent events here at BYU... wait what? Too much?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

burberry prorsum fw11

Ahh the most anticipated show of of the season for me!! Burberry Prorsum FW11 was fantastic. Seriously, all 16 minutes and 37 seconds of it are pure magic. I love Christopher Bailey even more than I already did before and I'm obsessed with Jourdan Dunn. If you skip to 8:49, Chris uses Adele's "Someone Like You" from her new album 21. Absolutely perfect. And Adele's new album is fantastic. Such a beautiful voice.
Jourdan Dunn opened the show, and I don't think I could have picked a more beautiful girl/perfect look. The orange coat reminds me of an orange toggle coat I had in middle school, that my mom loved more than me at the time, but now I would kill to have it again. Chris did such a gorgeous job with the tailoring of this show. Not only were the colors my ideal outerwear choices, but the different volumes of the sleeves and hemlines were adorable. I think winter can be so gloomy, but I wouldn't mind it so much if I could wear any of these coats.
Obsessed with the chartreuse and the sleeves and the matching bag. Probably my favorite coat of the show. Should've included a back shot of this dress- there's a giant bow at the nape of the neck.
Second favorite coat of the whole show. When do you see this color in the fall or winter? Never, that's when. Until I get this coat and wear it every day next winter. Love the use of that toggle buckle thing as buttons and a belt. The color palette makes me think of Andy Warhol and pop art and Twiggy.
Of course I couldn't resist the pops of fur. Love the orange piping and yellow belt of this coat. And I need a fur tunic and burnt orange skinnies. And all of the shoes.
More fur. More perfection. This last coat is probably the most functional of all of the ones I picked out. I loved it paired with the purple. I can never resist the classic silhouettes of Burberry. This was another perfect show and fits my personality and style almost as well as the SS10 show did. Don't get me wrong, I will wear anything Christopher Bailey puts down the runway, but there was something special about this show. The colors were playful, silhouettes were classic and feminine and just very Ynna.