Sunday, November 20, 2011

all up in my mental gotta get up in my physical

I'm bored and sleepy and all caught up on my television shows. I've been mentally done with school since last week, and after tomorrow's 9 am lab, I will actually be done with school for Thanksgiving break. Finally. I have nothing significant to say, except for I am so ready for this break. Unlike every other university in the nation, BYU doesn't have a nice little fall break in October so this upcoming break is well-deserved and highly anticipated. I plan on doing nothing except eating, sleeping, reading, watching movies/television and shopping. Here is my Thanksgiving reading list:

1) Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs- Chuck Klosterman
2) What the Dog Saw- Malcolm Gladwell
3) The Tipping Point- Malcolm Gladwell

Sometimes (all the time) I want babies just so I can dress them up in Crewcuts. But like, I don't want kids right now, obviously. I just want a baby to play with and then I want to be able to give it back at the end of the day. Like a library book.

Lately I've been listening to the new Drake and Rihanna album. Separate albums. Not like. Drake + Rihanna album. I think I've listened to "Take Care" at least once every day since it was leaked. OMGZ I ALMOST FORGOT. Guess who I'm seeing in March?!? RADIOHEAD. In Arizona. It will be the crowning jewel of my concert experience.
I changed my mind about the toggle coat. Well actually my mom did when she pointed out that most of the toggle coats I've found lack any shape, and normally I don't really care about wearing boxy things (I'm all about the shift dress, as long as it's short) but I think with heavier pieces, like coats, more tailored items look better on my little frame. So now I want this piece of art. In camel.

I am so content with my life right now, it's kind of making me nervous. You know how there's always something to worry about or something to be sad about or something you want and you just can't be really content? Yeah, I really can't think of anything so the lack of anxiety in my life is giving me anxiety. Except I'm excited for Christmas and being done with the semester. But whatever. Who isn't. I'm so happy and genuinely excited about each day.

Uh, sorry this was so pointless. I really have nothing to say.

"Consider each day a miracle- which indeed it is, when you consider the number of unexpected things that could happen in each second of our fragile existences"
-Paolo Coelho

Sunday, November 6, 2011

kill another serotonin

Guys, it's November! It's cold outside. School is really hard this semester and I'm disappointed in my recent performance. I miss my family, but not to the point where I'm sad about it. Halloween happened. I saw the So You Think You Can Dance tour with Kate and Camille. I miss dancing. I get nervous thinking about my future academic endeavors. Work is fun, I don't mind it. President Monson addressed BYU this past week and it was very uplifting. I've met a lot of cool people recently. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving break. I'm happy with the way things are.
I would really like a hooded wool toggle coat in camel or forest green.