Tuesday, February 11, 2014

j.crew fw14

A collection so dear to my heart. Not only am I employed by this company, but I am crushing hard on its creative director and queen, Jenna Lyons. This Sunday she made a guest appearance on HBO's Girls and I may or may not have re-watched her scenes until I had her lines memorized...is that weird. Um yeah so she killed it on Girls, so glamorous and impossibly chic and has the most soothing, crisp voice. Sorry. Ok, here are my favorite from J.Crew this morning.
To start, what a darling a-line skirt. I love the Bill Cosby sweater and chunky scarf paired with such a ladylike piece. Next, speaking of ladylike is this a dress or a coat? Do I care? This looks like something Jackie O. would wear and I don't know if I can rock it before I'm 55, but it doesn't stop me from being a fan.
J.Crew knows how to do menswear for women perfectly. Here's a perfect example. My favorite part of this look are the pants and the bowtie is a close second. Next is this fabulous bomber jacket in olive- such a staple color for fall. The sweater looks like Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album and the pants look like a sick tat. 
Ok scarf yiiiikes. Sorry J. But dress! Baby likey. I think when that silk is used for pants they look like glamorous pajamas, but I'm all about the ombre sweater in the opposite look.
Another sick jacket/crazy pant combo. I love these pants and their slouchy fit. One of my fashion goals is to pull of pants that fit/look like a sweatpant or pajama with a pair of stilettos. Will keep you posted on how it goes. Finally, glitter pants! I do think these would look better with a more tapered cut, but if you're 5'10, 110 lbs. a lot of stupid things look chic.

Your homework assignments: read this article about Jenna and her Girls cameo and then watch said episode and then text me so we can squeal over Jenna. Here's a trailer for season 3 to get you excited. My girl is at 1:16

Sunday, February 9, 2014

alexander wang, prabal gurung and derek lam fw 14

Azns are killing it in New York this week. Here are my thoughts on Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung and Derek Lam.
You know you've made it when you're being name-dropped in Kanye and Jay-Z songs. Alexander Wang has come so far in the last couple years and this is another great collection from him. The first look is of course a fantastic neon coat. Actually looks like a bulkier version of one from J.Crew SS14. Next I'm obsessed with the magenta dress (?) layered under the puffy sherpa looking coat. I loooove this retro ski sweater and the neon collar in the next look. I am obsessed with the boots in this collection and you can see them best with the grey pocketed dress. This white collared dress has a great raw edge which contrasts nicely with the structured collar and shoulders. Finally I loved his closing looks using that scuba looking material. Very strong collection and always one of my favorites in New York.

Prabal! I love you. Most beautiful color palette in this collection, particularly his use of reds. I chose the first look because it was one of the simpler pieces of the collection but for me, one of the most wearable. Next is a great coat in that lovely teal. The third look was one of the most impressive to me because I could only think about how hard it was t construct. It looks like a suit jacket turned halter dress. Prabal is a master with the geometric silhouettes. Next I thought this gown was a fun take on the typical eveningwear with the fluffy feathers. The next look I chose because it's another great example of Prabal's geometric handiwork. I looove this orange evening gown with the printed top. Really beautiful. Finally his third and second to last looks were identical gowns in different shades of red. Very dramatic and I love the cutout in the belly. Someone wear this to the Oscars pleeeease.
Derek Lam is another favorite Asian designer, but I was a little bit disappointed with this collection. I thought the foldover fur bags were fun and I loved the t-shirt sweater in the second look. I liked the silhouette of this tan dress and the color and cutout of this deep purple gown. Overall it was a little boring and faded into the background amidst the other talents so far this week.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

sochi best dressed

Last night was the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, one of my favorite television events. It warms my heart to see the nations of the world coming together through sport. Maybe I get a little teary eyed when I see the lone athlete carrying their country's flag because THEY MADE IT and I'm just so proud of them. Also the host country always puts on a spectacular show illustrating their culture and history that I always find entertaining and educational. This year I was absolutely mesmerized by the ballet dancing re-enacting Tolstoy's War and Peace. Another favorite part is seeing each country's outfits. I have ranked my favorites on a scale a little different than my NYFW favorites. These are not necessarily the most chic outfits, but to me they were my favorites because they were unique and/or good representations of each country and/or chic.
7. Tonga
Half hideous/half cool, I thought these were sweet ski jackets that certainly represented Tonga's tropical climate. Plus these would actually be cool to wear skiing.

 6. Bermuda
Because they actually wear those exact outfits to work in Bermuda. Way to represent your country guys!
5. Germany
Willy Bogner for Adidas created these rainbow creations. Perhaps a political statement, but mostly one of the most memorable outfits of the night. These would also look cool on the slopes, pants included. 
4. Russia
Duh I would like the fur. They look a little bit Christmas-y, but very Russian and very warm designs by BOSCO. I enjoyed these luxe fur trimmed numbers and props to the host nation for a great opening ceremony.

3. Canada
Cute toggle coats and even cuter beanies and mittens by Hudson's Bay. Preston admitted to wanting a beanie. We are a house divided for these games.

2. France
Ok soooo chic. These are Lacoste and both the men's and women's coats are flyyy. A very very close second

1. USA
Say what you want about Team USA hosting an ugly sweater party but I am DOWN with these crazy knit wonders. Everything from the beanie to the turtleneck to that wild sweater to the white pants looks super American and in my opinion, super fly. I legitimately want one of the sweaters. Ralph, you've done it again.

Hope y'all enjoy the winter games this year. Go USA!

Friday, February 7, 2014

marissa webb, jason wu and peter som fw 14

Happy New York Fashion Week! Here are some of my favorites from the past 3 days.
First we have Marissa Webb, former head of women's design at J.Crew aka my dream job. Marissa is fabulous because you have to be to head any design department at J.Crew and I was a huge fan of her fall/winter line. I could pick out something that I would love to have in my closet from every look. First from the left is this fabulous grey coat. I liked how casual the hair and makeup was for this show. All the girls looked like chic Manhattanite women after a long day- a little disheveled, but still glamorous. Next was a grey fur-trimmed cowl neck sweatshirt. Everything I love in one piece. Also I think those are white leather pants and hello? CHIC. Finally I loved this black moto coat and the fabulous black leather leggings. I'm such a sucker for a great coat because I lived in Utah for 4 years and learned that it didn't matter how great your outfit was because most of the people you saw during the day would only see your outerwear. I decided to post a cute lil pic of Marissa herself. Gimme your old job!
Next was Jason Wu because I have a special place in my heart for all da azn bbs at fashion week. Jason Wu's collection was very dark and I got some Victorian vibes. The first piece is another fabulous coat in that gorgeous wine color. Second is an elegant I-don't-even-know-what-to-call-that-color-purple dress. If you can make a turtleneck look good you are talented. Next another great coat and probably my favorite from the collection. Gimme fur. Finally a really gorgeous dress that reminded me the one Samantha Barks wore at during the Les Mis tribute at last year's Oscars, but sexier. I would love to see Cate Blanchett or Jessica Chastain rock this. 
Lastly Peter Som. First look I am not obsessed with but was so Cher Horowitz to me I found it comical so I had to include it and I like my picture arrangements to be symmetrical. Next I loved this leather tunic because I love leather always and I don't have that color yet. The next dress was one of Som's signature patterns and it kind of looks like a mistake or stains, but I think it looks great and very mod. Finally I loved the juxtaposition of a floor length skirt paired with a boxy t-shirt and such a fan of leather paneling. Not one of Som's strongest collections, but still noteworthy.
So that's the beginning of my thoughts on this year's New York Fashion Week shows. Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

secrets sleep in winter clothes

Is this the most boring blog post I've ever written? Perhaps. 

Little known fact- I am obsessed with those "What's in her purse?" articles/snippets usually found within the pages of USWeekly and Seventeen magazine. I know it's 1000x more interesting to know what is in Elizabeth Olsen's purse, but since I recently got this bag, I thought I'd enlighten you with what I always carry with me.

1. I keep my things in a J.Crew Sophie crossbody bag. I love the crossbody cuz it's functional, nonfussy and hands-free, but still very chic. 

2. One of my most favorite presents I've ever received is my Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Slim Zip Wallet. It is my first grown-up wallet and I define grown-up wallet by one that keeps your bills flat and has multiple credit card holders. Everyone should invest in a quality wallet because you will die with that thing. 

3. I'm addicted to chapstick especially when it's in the form of a little egg i.e. the EOS chapstick egg in sweet mint. 

4. I always have my keys with me because duh. 

5. I take the train to work a couple times a week so I always keep a book in my bag and right now it's the fascinating but frustrating Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. I have been reading a lot of mediocre fiction lately, so I switched to my nonfiction to-read list and it has been significantly better. But I am still desperate for another book hangover so please throw me your suggestions! 

6. Finally my hands are always dry so I hydrate with Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream.

As a reward for reading this snoozer, here's a song I stumbled upon today. It's a cover of Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea," one of my favorite songs of all time. It takes me back to high school and leaving early to hang out with my boyfriend. RIP dude. But really this cover is precious.

Also you should know it has been snowing on and off all day in Dallas :-O