Saturday, March 20, 2010

miroslava and march madness

girl crush
(gûrl krsh):
n. A female's object of affection that is of the same sex. Most commonly girl crushes arise from one female's admiration for another female's looks, style, personality etc. Also the desire for a best friendship is common among girl crushes.

Enter Miroslava Duma, my biggest girl crush as of now. Miroslava (called Mira by her friends) is an editor for Russian Harper Bazaar. She's been on Jak & Jil and The Sartorialist, which is pretty much as much of an honor as a Vogue cover these days. Not only is she gorgeous, has the perfect figure and can pull of bangs, but her wardrobe is to die for. Seriously. Who else can make leather shorts look good?? My favorite part about Mira is how feminine she always looks. A lot of today's It girls have been photographed in leather jackets, studs and motorcycle boots, which, don't get me wrong, look great, but are just not me. Mira can pull off the badass biker chick look and sexy librarian all in the same day, flawlessly, without skipping a beat. Her closet is #1 on my to-raid list.

In other news, the month of March is going faster than I thought it would. It's still going slow, but we're already 11 days before the end of the month! I went to yoga and ran this morning, which always feels good. After attending my 6th music concert of the semester (how cultured!) I watched BYU lose to Kansas State and the rest of my bracket go up in flames. I'm not a huge sports fan, but after soccer, basketball is my favorite sport to watch. Usually I pick schools based on their names, academic credibility or uniform color. This year I thought it would be cool if I actually looked at the rankings when I made my decisions. Sadly, my sporadic decisions system of last year has proved to be more successful than the logical ESPN decisions system I adopted this March. Oh well. It was kind of fun watching the first round BYU game in math class. Better luck next year!


  1. Love you blog! really faaash :D

    look at my 2 :)

    kisses & hugs

  2. she does indeed have fab style x