Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sunny st. patty's

Today it was 60 degrees outside, which doesn't sound very warm, but after months of bipolar Utah snow/rain/sun, it felt appropriate to celebrate the sun by lying outside. It's funny to see everyone outside basking/doing homework. I like this picture because Jadyn looks like she's having an epiphany.
i need the smell of summer
i need its noises in my ear

For the majority of the month of February and into March, study breaks consisted of me visiting and reading the Fashion Week reviews and watching live feeds of the shows. Now that Fashion Week is over, I miss the daily updates on style. One of my absolute favorite parts of Paris Fashion Week was the shoes at Louis Vuitton. Look at these beauties! And I'm not even a shoe person. Marc's collection was really pretty and lady-like and I actually think I would have worn a lot of what went down. A lot of the shows were kind of outrageous, and more entertaining than wearable, but I think Marc Jacobs does a good job creating things that are appealing to the average consumer. Sadly, the average consumer can blow $900 on a pair of shoes... alas! I will live my retail desires through blog posts.
Speaking of Fashion Week, what happened to Gemma Ward?? She was like, my favorite model in 9th grade (immafreak) and I feel like she disappeared off the face of the earth. I mean, nbd, but I was just wondering.

When I went back to my room today, I found a little brownie wrapped up and stuck to my door with a note from a girl on my floor that says why she's lucky to know me. Everyone on our floor had one. Isn't that sweet? I like St. Patrick's Day.

Another award-winning discovery: Ladysmith Black Mambazo is real. I mean, who knew?


  1. I was wondering about Gemma Ward too! Like, I follow her on twitter (yeah, obsessed creeper, nbd) so I know she's alive. I miss her!

  2. I really like your blog header. Great sketch!

  3. ahhh thats so weird i was just talking about Gemma Ward to my sister..
    yeah i wonder why we havent seen her recently