Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter

Happy Easter! I woke up this morning to snowy trees and it made me miss Lancaster even more. Apparently it's 75 degrees. Easter Sunday always meant mother-daughter ensembles to church, and I think I kind of miss them. Last Easter I was actually in Utah for a college visit. I wish I was home wearing matching outfits with my mom and sister, and eating Filipino food. 19 more days!

In addition to the holiday, this weekend was General Conference. I remember kind of dreading conference when I was younger because it meant 2 hours in the dark and no Primary. But I've come to love conference. I remember one year, I missed all the talks because of a dance competition and my dad taped the sessions. I stayed up until 1 or 2 in the morning (on a school night!) watching all four. This April's conference seemed to have the theme of strengthening homes and families. I felt like every other talk was emphasizing the importance of raising children in the gospel. My favorite talks/moments were Elder Holland's, Elder Foster's and when Elder Nelson winked at the congregation. Despite Holland's serious topic, he still managed to include humor and lovingly praise his wife, which is probably my favorite thing that the general authorities do in conference. I think my favorite quote from him was on temptation: "Don't welcome it with an open door and invite it in for tea and crumpets! You shouldn't be serving tea anyway."

My mom sent an Easter package this past Friday filled with treats and my latest obsession- dark chocolate covered pomegranates. How do you cover a pomegranate with chocolate?? And does anyone else feel like they're eating plastic when they eat Peeps? I mean, I do, but I enjoy it.

I have no desire no go to school for 2 more weeks and even less motivation to study for final exams. Like, ok, test us on what we've learned, but it shouldn't be worth as much as it is. Personally, I feel that a student's performance over an entire semester is a better indicator of how much they've learned and should be more important than their score on a single test.
Another reason to be excited for spring? Stella McCartney for Gapkids collection. I was obsessed with her Fall 2010 show, but I don't think I'll be able to wear anything from the fall runways for a while so I was thrilled to see her collaboration with Gap. My hopes of fitting into the size 10 in Crewcuts are long gone, but I think I can pull off an XXL in Gapkids. Maybe?

I feel like every designer should do a collaboration once in their career, because let's be honest, not all of their fans can dish out $1300 for a trench coat. So, um, Christopher Bailey... how about a collaboration with Gap? I mean, Stella McCartney did it, so you don't want to be outdone by a fellow Brit, am I right? Totes thinking $50 versions of the pastel knotted hemline dresses from SS10? K, lemme know. Love, Ynna.

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