Thursday, April 22, 2010

audaces fortuna iuvat
fortune favors the brave
Yesterday I took my last final of my first year of college. As much as I've complained about being here and counted down meticulously to these last few days, it really has gone much faster than I expected. My first semester was really difficult for me, and coming back for winter semester I just wanted it to be over. I really made no effort first semester to be social or make new friends because I was so tied down to my life in Lancaster and only counting down the days until Christmas. Although I was still counting down the days at the beginning of this semester, I tried a little harder to make new friends, and I can honestly say it made all the difference. I have tried to live the saying "fortune favors the brave" and hope to continue trying to live it. Because sometimes you have to do scary things for good things to happen, and for me this year, that scary thing was opening up and trying to meet new people.

I really adored my ward this semester and met some wonderful, genuine people that I will miss. Last Sunday was our final ward prayer and all of the guys wore their white shirts and ties and sang "We'll Bring the World His Truth." At EFY, every time we sang this and the boys joined in, I always lost it, and this time was no different. It was just weird because these guys really were leaving to bring the world His truth. At EFY it seemed like a distant event, but it hit me that all of the boys I met this year are really leaving to spread the gospel. It really was lovely.

I forced myself not to watch any of the new Glee episodes until after finals, so I was rewarded with two episodes last night. Wahoo! The show itself is delightfully cheesy and it's kind of silly but I love it. But one of my favorite parts? Emma Pillsbury's entire wardrobe. Literally the cutest clothes on network television. She always incorporates bows, ruffles or cardigans into every outfit and wears crazy colors but it all works. I love it. It's like cute sexy librarian (or guidance counselor).

My flight leaves tomorrow at 5. I love airports. Wahoo. THE END.

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