Thursday, May 27, 2010

ynna's summer 2010 must-haves


1. Rainbow flip-flops. Seriously the last pair you'll ever buy. I wear these all the time and they're so comfortable and mold perfectly to your feet. They're the only shoes I wear when it starts getting warm out.
2. American Apparel v-necks. You can never have enough, especially in white. I have so many different v-necks from so many different stores, but my absolute favorite is from American Apparel. They're a little pricy for a t-shirt, but the v is perfect, not too low, not too high which is usually the problem I encounter with v-necks. I think you can even get them in packs on the website.
3. Cute sundresses. Because summer is really the only time you can get away with light, airy, little sundresses in obscene colors. My perfect sundress has to have ruffles of some kind, so I love this Urban Outfitters one. Floral is very big this season- almost granny print florals actually.
4. White skinny jeans. Another thing you can only get away with in the summer. They make any top look 10x cooler. I plan to pair them with neon v-necks, rolled-up button downs and peasant tops.
5. Wooden wedges. I thought I found the perfect pair at J. Crew, but then I came across these even more perfect Madewell beauties. I'm really short, so the bigger the better. Envisioning these with the white skinnies. I die.
6. Ruffled swimsuits. I hate one-pieces, but I think this ruffled one from Old Navy is way cute. And apparently one-pieces are making a comeback? Mormon girls around the world are rejoicing :)
7. Fedora. I've seen these everywhere and I'm debating when to get mine from J. Crew. They're just cool, you know?
8. Leather crossbody bag. Because purses are fussy, even though they are pretty. These are perfect to take everywhere and sometimes you forget you have a purse. This Marc Jacobs beauty is my dream bag. I like simple silhouettes and good quality leather. Pretty colors are a nice bonus, but you can't go wrong with basic brown or black.
9. Boyfriend fit denim shorts. Denim shorts have always been my nemesis come summer time. I can never find a pair that are flattering on me, whether they are short shorts or bermudas. But I'm in love with the slouchy fit of these J. Crew ones, and they're not too short. Also go with everything.
10. Sunscreen. Seriously people. SPF 30 or higher!
11. Sweet playlist.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

fast, thorough and sharp as a tack

1) I'm not crazy about this outfit actually, I just like the shorts, but I thought this girl was so pretty and it was one of the few summer street style pics I had.
2) I love this outfit, minus the shoes. I'm not digging the clogs, no matter what Chanel SS10 is telling me!

Stay tuned for my list of Summer 2010 Must-Haves :)
It's almost 2 AM and I'm blogging? I honestly have no idea how I'm still awake. I worked TWO jobs today. That's right people. Ynna Unemployed-for-the-past-two-years Padilla has two jobs. I've been at J. Crew for 2 weeks now, and honestly, I like it. It does get boring, especially when it's slow, but what retail job isn't like that? I think it's because the clothes are so pretty, I have fun looking at them. My favorite is when people ask me to help them come up with outfits or match things- so fun! And I made the exciting discovery that I can fit into size 10 Crewcut cardigans!! For so long I have painfully avoided Crewcuts, because it hurt me that I couldn't wear the clothes, but alas! I can! And the best part is, retail has recently added up to size 14! Wahoo!! Also, we got the 2nd half of the summer line. So gorgeous. I have been so good though, I haven't used my discount once! J. Crew makes me so happy.

However, Abercrombie & Fitch does not. Perhaps it was one certain individual that made my first shift particularly miserable, or maybe it was a combination of one annoying employee, top 40 techno blaring and enough Fierce cologne to aromatize a small village, but my first day reminded me why I stopped shopping there 2 years ago. I mean, I guess some of the clothes are OK, but the majority is overpriced and unappealing. I do need the money though and I only have to work there once or twice a week and the hours are pretty flexible. Not to mention, it's the easiest job of all time. I could say a lot more, but I don't want to offend any A&F fans or sound like a whiny teenager. But I do have to include this gem: While organizing clearance (IN-SANE) I came across some lovely pieces from Abercrombie's fall/winter collection. Some of my personal favorites: 1) Giant cream colored mu-mu complete with giant navy moose in case others want to purchase their own mu-mu and are unsure where to find such a unique piece. 2) Navy velvet bellytop racerback tank. I mean, does it get any classier? 3) Navy lace leotard. My personal favorite. I thought leotards were limited to the pages of Discount Dance and American Apparel's pornographic ads but oh-ho was I mistaken. Don't worry ballerinas and hipsters of America. Indulge your inner middle-schooler and go for the A&F leo, now $19.90 or something...!

Ok, enough dissing A&F. Maybe I was just really tired from working earlier in the morning.
So on the days I haven't been working retail, I've been sleeping in until 11, opening and re-opening the fridge and pantry hoping for miraculous additions to our sparse food supply (there is seriously no food in our house), fixing iTunes and catching up on TV shows I've missed including your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite- Gossip Girl. I got into GG when I read the books which are basically USWeekly in novel form and so of course I had to watch the show. It's deliciously trashy and the cast is beautiful and of course, of course, of course, BLAIR WALDORF? Um, can we talk about Blair Waldorf?
Where do I begin? Perhaps her impeccable taste in fashion? Her ability to make ladylike and polished look sexy rather than boring? Making overachievers and perfectionists look cool and reinstating the headband as a girl's best friend, Blair Waldorf is the ultimate style icon. Once you get past her ice queen mentality and blunt rudeness and ego, she really is a gem. Ok, so maybe she's the biggest beeyotch on the Upper East Side, but whatever! She's not real! And I will always be Team Blair.

WARNING: NEXT PARAGRAPH MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. So if you haven't watched season 3 finale, STOP READING NOW.

Anyways. Enough girl-crushing. Let's talk about that season 3 finale. WTF WAS THAT? Liiike I don't think I've ever been more annoyed with a TV character than Jenny Humphrey. She's Cindy Lou Who people. She's not capable of destroying lives. But she kind of is. And therefore I hate her. And we all knew the return of Georgina was a trainwreck in itself. I'm thinking the baby's a) not real or b) not Dan's. As for Chuck, he's definitely still alive. Like, they wouldn't kill one of the most loved characters on the show. You can't kill one of the fab 4.

K, I'm done analyzing GG. I apologize for the super-long entry. This is what happens when I don't update for a while. I think of all these things and just type sporadic thoughts. Ok, from now on, I plan to update at least once a week. Not that anyone cares haha. Ok, good night my friends!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

enter, summer 2010

My summer officially began on April 23. Because of our lack of spring break and ridiculously short Christmas break, the last day of finals was April 21. The 2 extra days in Provo nearly killed me, but I managed to pack up my entire life in too many boxes and two small suitcases. Things I learned during the packing process:
1) You have way more stuff than you think you do.
2) As if charging $20 a bag isn't enough, Delta on-flight snacks suck and they don't have Dr. Pepper.
3) Different scales say different things. For example, after Jadyn and I dragged our suitcases to the RB to weigh them (cue laughter), we were both celebrating when we discovered our luggage weighed under 50 lbs. (49.8 for me, 45 for Jadyn). To our dismay, we were both over by 2 lbs. when we weighed them at the Delta check-in.

After 3 hours or something, we arrived in the Philadelphia airport and now I am home, in beautiful Lancaster- home of consistent weather patterns and the lovable Amish.
I was so excited to come home, but I guess I forgot to factor in the fact that a) no one else is home b) I don't have a car or license to drive myself anywhere. So my days have been very routine and bland. Dolly is pushing me to apply to every business in Lancaster County. So far I applied and got the job at J. Crew (!!!) have an interview for the Cork Factory Hotel tomorrow, and am waiting to hear from Abercrombie & Fitch (more laughter). Ok, so the whole A&F deal. I'm walking out of my interview at J. Crew and some guy comes up to me and asks if I would like to model for Abercrombie. After some laughter from both my mother and me, I filled out his little card thing and applied online when I got home. K so like, I haven't bought anything at Abercrombie in 2 years, so I was kinda winging it during my interview when they asked "What I liked about the brand" and "What made it unique." Basically if I get the job though, I get to stand in the front of the store in overpriced clothing and say "Hey, what's up" to incoming customers. Thrilling, I know. Ummm I start J. Crew on Saturday and based on the current summer line at the outlets, I need another job because I will be spending 85% of my earnings in that store. The end.

Almost forgot to acknowledge the Gilmore Girls pic of Rory and Jess. (The best GG couple of all time). Since I've been home, I've been alternating working out with my mom at the Y. She introduced me to kickboxing class (my fave), boot camp (the worst) and today, spin class. I really like it, especially the kickboxing. But on days when I can't go with her to class, I run on the elliptical while watching an episode of GG. So satisfying.
This spread just seems summery to me and I'm still not over the SS10 knotted dresses at Burberry.

I'm quite bored, but I'm glad to be home and would NOT rather be in Utah. Hopefully all my jobs will work out and I'll be able to keep myself busy. This summer doesn't seem too eventful, except for our annual family beach week and the 23079093 concerts I want to go to. Ok not really, but here's the dream lineup:
1) Jonas Brothers- Go ahead, mock all you want, but I love me some musical brothers<3
2) John Mayer- I think this goes without explanation
3) Lady Gaga- This would just be insanity. But of all the ones, this has a .003% of happening which makes me sad. (Also, as a result of my extreme boredom I learned the Bad Romance choreography from a Youtube video. Yikes)
4) Tay Swift- Also low percentage of happening, but I heard she's bad live, but still I want to experience her.
5) Greg Laswell- Kinda random, but I recently got into him this past year. He does amazing covers and I am now realizing that he was the guy that accompanied Ingrid Michaelson on her tour. I had the privilege of seeing her in SLC in October and loveddd it. And these are probably the cheapest tickets of my lineup. Greg also sings one of my top 10 favorite songs- The One I Love. (They played it on the airplane before we boarded and I started freaking out internally because usually airplane songs, if not already overplayed radio music, are on the list of "to-be-played-incessantly-on-local-radio-stations" songs. Which makes me sad. Like when they started playing Matt Nathanson on the radio.)

I really wanted to go to Lollapalooza this summer, but the lineup isn't worth $200, so I'm waiting until a better year, but Gaga and The XX will be playing which hurts my heart. A lot of the bands I've been wanting to see are either not touring, came to PA while I was in UT or will come to PA when I leave. So, so sad.

Bee-tee-dubz: I'm sure you (my huuuge audience) are thinking, "Wow, this girl has really crappy taste in music," based on my summer lineup list, but I promise I don't! Check my sidebox! Haha, but seriously. I love bubblegum pop, but I would say the majority of my favorite bands/singers would be classified as indie/alternative. Yep, I used the I word. Better than the H word. (So sick of this scene btw. If you don't know the H word, it's probz better that way).

Wow, totes almost forgot to mention one of the biggest time consumers of my summer. The iPod. My iPod stopped responding to my laptop a month into school so I was forced to add new songs to my phone, which is annoying. I'm a little bit obsessed with my iPod, in the fact that everything, down to the album art, must be meticulously perfect. No repeat artists, no misspellings, same album artwork for all songs, and song+artist+album is preferable. I had a lovely collection of 3000+ songs, perfectly organized and at my listening disposal. I brought the iPod into Apple along with my laptop and I've come to the conclusion that Apple's solution for all problems is delete everything. So I lost all my songs. And I have a nice collection in my iTunes, but since my laptop is less than a year old, I had way more songs on my iPod. So that was a 10 minute explanation for this statement: I lost all my songs and I've been spending many hours adding and organizing my blank iPod. The process is slow, and I keep randomly remembering songs (Someone to Call My Lover- Janet Jackson) I need to add, but now that my iTunes is working and everything, I think this should be the last time I lose everything.

Sidenote: The new William Fitzsimmons album is tres magnifique, go get it now.

K wow, this entry is huge. Sorry.
Ok, so amidst the thousands of dollars I want to spend on J. Crew's summer line, I would like to set aside a small amount for these beauties. Pierre Hardy for Gap, yo. I've been looking for the perfect wedge sandal for this summer, and with my height, the bigger the better. Most of the affordable ones I've been finding have a cork heel, which I'm not particularly fond of. Ideally, I would want a brown/beige sandal with a large wooden wedge like this. I think I might like these wedges even more though. I love the color and simplicity of the style, but I'm kinda most obsessed with that bow. Grey and floral and pretty!

Gap collaborations are always genius, and this is no exception. Still waiting for Marc Jacobs and Christopher Bailey to create a sundress less than $100 for me!

K, I'm done.