Thursday, May 27, 2010

ynna's summer 2010 must-haves


1. Rainbow flip-flops. Seriously the last pair you'll ever buy. I wear these all the time and they're so comfortable and mold perfectly to your feet. They're the only shoes I wear when it starts getting warm out.
2. American Apparel v-necks. You can never have enough, especially in white. I have so many different v-necks from so many different stores, but my absolute favorite is from American Apparel. They're a little pricy for a t-shirt, but the v is perfect, not too low, not too high which is usually the problem I encounter with v-necks. I think you can even get them in packs on the website.
3. Cute sundresses. Because summer is really the only time you can get away with light, airy, little sundresses in obscene colors. My perfect sundress has to have ruffles of some kind, so I love this Urban Outfitters one. Floral is very big this season- almost granny print florals actually.
4. White skinny jeans. Another thing you can only get away with in the summer. They make any top look 10x cooler. I plan to pair them with neon v-necks, rolled-up button downs and peasant tops.
5. Wooden wedges. I thought I found the perfect pair at J. Crew, but then I came across these even more perfect Madewell beauties. I'm really short, so the bigger the better. Envisioning these with the white skinnies. I die.
6. Ruffled swimsuits. I hate one-pieces, but I think this ruffled one from Old Navy is way cute. And apparently one-pieces are making a comeback? Mormon girls around the world are rejoicing :)
7. Fedora. I've seen these everywhere and I'm debating when to get mine from J. Crew. They're just cool, you know?
8. Leather crossbody bag. Because purses are fussy, even though they are pretty. These are perfect to take everywhere and sometimes you forget you have a purse. This Marc Jacobs beauty is my dream bag. I like simple silhouettes and good quality leather. Pretty colors are a nice bonus, but you can't go wrong with basic brown or black.
9. Boyfriend fit denim shorts. Denim shorts have always been my nemesis come summer time. I can never find a pair that are flattering on me, whether they are short shorts or bermudas. But I'm in love with the slouchy fit of these J. Crew ones, and they're not too short. Also go with everything.
10. Sunscreen. Seriously people. SPF 30 or higher!
11. Sweet playlist.

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