Wednesday, February 9, 2011

oscar pre-fall 2011

In lieu of New York Fashion Week, I've been indulging in the pre-fall 2011 collections in anticipation of the magic that begins tomorrow. Usually I'm really good with editing collections down to 10 or less looks, but Mr. de la Renta's genius makes it impossible. This is one of my favorite collections, ever and earned himself a place as my favorite designer, tied with Christopher Bailey. Yes. I said it. Christopher Bailey=Oscar de la Renta. If his pre-fall is this major, I can't even imagine what FW11 has in store!

I adore Oscar de la Renta. His designs are timeless, beautiful and perfectly feminine. Like I've said before, I want him to do my wedding dress. I may or may not put the tracklist on my iPod so I can listen to it while walking to school...
I love pink and I love that dress. Mr. de la Renta ties the best bows on 7th avenue. The turquoise is gorgeous and I've never wanted a pair of gloves so badly.
I love how simple this collared dress is. The shirtdress is such a classic silhouette that I've always adored and Oscar's tweed and chiffon version makes it so much prettier. I'm in love with everything in the next look. I tend to shy away from wide-leg pants because I'm afraid they would swallow me whole, but with the right pair of wedges I think it could be perfect. Love the scarf and the bright pops of yellow and turquoise. Oscar's color palette for this collection is flawless.
I love this. I mean, I love everything in this collection, but I LOVE this leather skirt. I have yet to find the perfect tulip-shape bow skirt that isn't couture, but I want it to look exactly like this one. Feathered sleeves are so necessary too. I should have included a back view of the second look. It's this incredibly simple, but sexy deep-V. My favorite part is the yellow bow.
So unexpected, but manages to fit in perfectly. I don't know if I'll ever have the courage to rock the leather skinnies, but maybe if I had that chinchilla vest to go with them, I would consider it. I love fur and Oscar knows exactly how to use it without it being overbearing or fussy. I think both of these looks are unbelievably sexy and practical for these bitter winter months.
For the majority of the holiday season, my little sister and I were on the neverending quest to find the perfect sequin party dress. Our search evolved into a newfound obsession with all things sparkly and resulted in several new sparkly tank tops, dresses and the impossible to find sequin sweatshirt for our wardrobes. I have officially rekindled that obsession and will not rest until I get my hands on a floor length metallic skirt or metallic wide-leg trousers. So, so chic and festive! (I don't care that it's February).
I am reminded of my ballerina days when I see this dress. I'm not crazy about the waistline but the femininity of the pink and the feathers balance out the boxiness. Black and lace just go together, and this dress is the perfect combination. Obsessed with the scalloped edges, boatneck neckline and long sleeves.
If I could have any piece of this collection, it would be this dress. Not only is that the most obnoxiously delightful shade of pink/fuchsia, but it's off the shoulder sleeves and slim silhouette make it my ideal dress. Where I would wear it, I have to figure out, but I'm convinced Oscar had me in mind when creating this one. I always get so excited when he brings out his eveningwear. Visions of Hollywood starlets and Barbies dance in my head. Love the ruffles and the sequins against the sheer of the black dress. And that pink bow. Obviously.
Should've included a back shot this one. It's 2 giant bows down the back. Impossibly pretty. I can totally see Scarlett Johansson rocking this. I am reminded of Marilyn Monroe and feel like this is the ultimate bombshell dress. This ice blue is my second favorite gown of the collection. All I can see is Cinderella at the ball. I love the feathered shawl and the fullness of the skirt. This dress is everything I imagine a princess would wear.
I feel like this is the ultimate Barbie dress. Like if Oscar de la Renta were to create a Barbie doll, wouldn't you just expect it to wear this? The print is so random, but pretty and the mandarin collar bolero gives it that royal family edge.


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