Tuesday, October 16, 2012

seeing stars watch me fall apart

This weekend was fun and then it sucked and then it was fun. But I will just talk about how fun it was.

Friday was fun because Kev threw a party and the theme was W.A.S.P. so that wasn't hard to dress up for. Rique came into town this weekend for a wedding, so it was a real treat to see her. Saturday I went on a homecoming date with Preston. By homecoming I mean the homecoming game was on Saturday and we listened to it in the car while driving to see the fall leaves. Guys. Utah is pritt-ay. Look at that picture! We had a little picnic and stared at the colors and took some Myspace pics.
After enjoying nature we bought clothes in Park City. Great news- not only can I wear Crewcuts shoes, but the boys' size 12 oxford cloth button downs are the perfect fit. Sometimes I hate having a 12 year old body, but most of the time I don't mind at all. Crewcuts til I die.
Speaking of clothes and dying, the above shirt has been the bane of my existence since J.Crew debuted it for their fall line. It sold out the first week everywhere. I am literally on the waiting list at City Creek and Fashion Place. I call about it. I check the website at least 5x a day. I bought it in navy. (Wearing it below with Kylie). It taunts me on Tumblr and Instagram. I hate it.
Above is at Kev's W.A.S.P party and Kylie's fall party. I love my pretty friends :)

October is halfway over. November means Thanksgiving and 21. December means kill myself then happiest days of the year. It'll be fine. Have a nice Tuesday and listen to the new Ellie Goulding.

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