Tuesday, October 23, 2012

break me like a promise

Last Friday night was Goth Prom y'all. How #dark are we??? Goth Prom was great. It was fun to use copious amounts of black eyeliner and lipstick. The DJ there was excellent; one of the best dance parties I've attended in Provo. It's funny because last year after GP pics started surfacing on Facebook was when Preston and I were supposed to go on our first date. I remember getting a text from him (first one!) asking me not to judge him based on his most recently tagged pics, but obviously I was into it. GP got me really excited for Halloween. I can't wait for my costume this year hehehe.
Here are some clothes I wore recently. I call this montage "50 Shades of Blue." From left to right: J.Crew chambray shirt, Crewcuts chambray skirt, J.Crew belt, Cole Haan loafers. Soel polka dot chambray shirt, Zara khakis, J.Crew belt, Cole Haan loafers. Land's End striped shirt, Zara jeans, Cole Haan loafers. J.Crew cardigan, Crewcuts shirt, Crewcuts chambray skirt, J.Crew belt, Cole Haan loafers, Francesca necklace. I swear I spaced out the chambray skirt outfits.

Lately I just want polka dot everything. I got an Anthropologie gift card for Christmas and I still haven't spent it completely because I really haven't found anything that I've been obsessed with, which is odd. Yesterday I was browsing and came across this blazer and I must have it.

I've been getting a cold which sucks. School is the same. There are a lot of things that are stressing me out that are out of my control at this point. I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving break and even more so to Christmas break. I miss my family a lot lately, but it's nice to hang out with Alyanna occasionally.

Oh guysss. How bout the new T.Swifty? I think it's fun. There are the obligatory dumb songs that I wonder how on earth she conjured, but I like it obviously. To me, nothing will be as good as Fearless. I really really really want to see her in concert and will pay A LOT of money to see her. She's in my top 5. I read a Thought Catalog recently that was criticizing her artificial naivete (idk how to get the accents/umlauts) but here's my take on it. Girl is SMART. People love how sweet and innocent she is. And yeah, it gets old after the 450th time to see her gasp whenever she wins an award like a little kid finding out Santa isn't real, but it sells records, and to me, that is genius. Why not play up the deer-in-the-headlights act? You're making millions, girls look up to you, parents will let their kids go see you and... you're making millions. Despite how annoying and stupid she looks/is, she's doing it right.

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