Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy November, month of giving thanks, turkey, shopping and my birth. October was a busy, busy month, hence my lack of blog updates. In summary, this was October with the Kutneys.

At the beginning of the month we went to the State Fair of Texas which was quite a spectacle. Texas has the biggest state fair in the country and it lasts almost a month. The beginning of October was still hot, hot, hot but we braved the heat to enjoy the farm animals (yeah right), weird exhibits, butter sculptures and of course the fried food. Visiting the fair took me back to my senior year of high school and pretending to be the queen of the sweet Lampeter Fair. Another story for another time my dears. The best of the fried food was the fried Reese's cups and fried PB&J. 
 We also discovered a new favorite neighborhood in Dallas called Bishop Arts District. Preston read some reviews for the Spiral Diner & Bakery, a completely vegan restaurant and bakery. Obviously I was skeptical because I LOVE CHICKEN and like vegan what? But it was so delicious and the whole time I kept saying "No meat?!" Right nearby was this little neighborhood of trendy shops. Above is a picture from my new favorite store in Dallas called Society. It's an interiors shop but mainly sells delicious smelling candles. If Tumblr were a store, it would be Society. We also discovered a pie shop that sells pie by the slice called Emporium Pies and the sweetest little store called We Are 1976  that sells all things Asian and cute. It was almost annoying how adorable everything was. Also I am concerned why I have been suppressing the all matching kitty stationary, pencils and pencil pouch side of me. I bought a little notebook adorned with bows to help revive my Asian schoolgirl side.
Another fun part of this month was visits from friends!! Come visit us you guys, we are actually kind of fun!! AJ Swartwood came a couple weeks ago for the Texas A&M vs. Auburn game and was staying in Dallas so we hung out with him and went to the Dallas Museum of Art's "Late Night at the Museum" night and introduced him to the best cupcakes in the world. The same weekend Nate and Zoe Bleak were in town and we spent a few hours with them looking at the JFK sites. The following weekend Spencer Montgomery was in town for an interview and we had dinner with him. It was so fun to see friends from school and hear about the cool jams in Provo. So if you miss us, come visit and we'll show you a good time. We probably miss you too :)
Last weekend was our Halloween. We dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Fox from The Fantastic Mr. Fox NOT that terrible music video "What Does the Fox Say." Honestly 24 people asked us if that's what we were and we both had no idea what they were talking about. I thought it was only a song because my spin teacher would play it during class, but I never knew it was accompanied by such a weird and stupid Youtube video. No guys. Mr. and Mrs. Fox. Much, much later that night we went to a Daft Punk tribute. What better group to see play a tribute than one where you don't know what they actually look like and it's all electronic music? This was really fun and probably the latest we've ever stayed up in our lives.
And now for the grand finale of October which literally happened yesterday. I went to get a shot at the doctor yesterday morning. After receiving the shot, I felt lightheaded, passed out and hit my head. I woke up on the ground, cried a lot, called Preston and we went to the ER. I was diagnosed with a concussion and was told I had undergone a vasovagal syncope due to the shot. I've gotten lightheaded giving blood before but never passed out. I got the same shot a few months before and walked right out of the doctor's office feeling 100% normal so it was unusual I had such a different reaction yesterday. Above is my only proof I was in the hospital minus the paperwork they gave me which I probably shouldn't post on the internet. Preston probably has an embarrassing picture of me in the ER but the world has yet to see that gem. 
It feels so weird that only Preston and my managers at my jobs know about my accident. I guess that's what it's like when you're alone in a city. I think that's why I cried a lot. I don't mean for this to be a depressing post. I'm really happy in Dallas, honestly. It's like a big new adventure. But I do miss my best friends and having more than one person know about the comings and goings of my life. 
The weather is considerably cooler and this month is full of things to look forward to. Hope everyone else had a great October. Happy November!


  1. Hi I'm here to sympathize with you :) At least we can call our husbands to take us to the ER instead of having to go by ourselves though, right??

  2. So cute! And so funny, my sister had the same costume and the exact same experience with the youtube video.