Thursday, November 21, 2013

reunited and it feels so good

Above is this year's Christmas card. Just kidding, but can you believe we found 6 matching gingham shirts for $3?

What a fun weekend it was in Dallas, Texas. Callan was working at The Color Run this past weekend and Kev, Molly and Grady managed to find some cheap flights to join him and we had little reunion. It was such a treat to spend a couple days with these people. We miss them so much and are always reminiscing on how nice it was to be 5 minutes away from (or living with) all our best friends in Provo. It was great showing them our little home and city.
 This was taken Friday night at the Crow Collection of Asian Art ^_^ This was pretty cool cuz there was an Ai Weiwei which we pretty much stumbled upon and the Dallas Museum of Art is huge and always enjoyable to walk through. Kev is an art history major and I always like seeing and hearing about his favorite pieces. Besides sharing Dallas' art scene, we ate a lot of delicious foods including the best BBQ I've ever had and discovering a new donut place. If you've never been, Dallas is predominantly eating and shopping, so we tried to show our friends the best of it. We also shared our favorite little shops in the Bishop Arts District, which I talked about in my last entry and the craziest antique/thrift/vintage store we've found, which I talked about a few months ago. Also it is mandatory to at least visit the JFK memorial and Dealey Plaza if you are in Dallas. The 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination is tomorrow and it is so surreal to live a few miles away from the site of such a historic event.
Here's the main reason we got to see our friends last weekend. Callan works for The Color Run, the Happiest 5K on the Planet! It was pretty happy and I got a free tutu. It felt good to get some exercise and since hurting my foot last winter, I was proud of myself for running all 3 miles. Above is Callan leading the party and dancing with him.
The Neiman Marcus flagship store is right in downtown, only a few blocks from our apartment building. For most of November the windows were veiled and said their holiday displays would be revealed on the 16. Ta-da! The Neiman Marcus Crawl. This is literally a mini maze through the store windows of Neiman's. You had to sign a waiver and the average age of participants was 6. When Molly and I got in line they looked at us to sign and then looked around us to see where the children we were supervising were. Oops, we're doing it. Earlier that night Molly and I walked through and cried over Louboutins and I have to say the Crawl was 100% more satisfying.

Sunday was 85 degrees and our little Utah eskimos got to go swimming and sunbathe with us. The days with our friends were too short but we were so thankful to spend the time with them and miss them already. So now you should visit Dallas and we'll show you a good time.

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  1. there is a chance that i may get to go to dallas while alex and i are in texas at some point. his brother and sister-in-law live there. this post just convinced me that i will probably need to make that a reality. and that crawl thing should maybe stay up so that i can also crawl through it with no children. half the reason i hang out with my nieces and nephews are to justify doing the things i actually want to do. this is a long comment.