Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 holiday gift guide

Last year I decided to do a holiday gift guide and I had so much fun putting it together, I decided to do a 2013 edition. I asked for Preston's help with the guys' list again and this year he agreed to do the writing too. I apologize for his weirdness. So here are our gift ideas this year for your parents, siblings and significant others:

2013 girls holiday gift guide

1. J.Crew Jeweled Fair Isle Sweater Sorry that a lot of my girls' items are from J.Crew but after 25-30 hours folding, putting away and restocking these things, you learn to love or hate them. And you also see just how cute they are in person. This sweater is a fun twist on the traditional fair isle print. Christmastime is one of the few times you can rock these crazy prints, but I think this sweater transitions nicely into other cold weather months.
2. Kate Spade Mini Bow Ring Jewelry is my favorite present to receive and pretty much every piece I wear everyday was a gift. I love staple pieces because you wear them all the time and are always reminded of the person who gave it to you. I would wear this Kate Spade ring all the time and it comes in gold, silver and rose gold so everyone's happy.
3. PLAY by Commes des Garcon High Tops Obsessed with CDG's PLAY line and these high tops are fun, super chic and sure to please the fashionista in your life. Also a girl can never have too many shoes.
4. Boulangerie Pear & Whipped Cream Candle A girl can also never have too many candles. Since moving into our new home, we have acquired an obscene amount of candles, and it's always growing when we discover new smells. One day while I was scouring Anthro's sale section, Preston came across this delicious jar. It's sweet and smells good enough to eat and if you think about it, how tasty would pears be with whipped cream? I have Volcano and an espresso candle from Anthropologie and both burn very nicely and fill the whole room with their aroma. This candle is next on my list to add to our collection.
5. J.Crew Leather Travel Wallet This is so cool and I gotta have it. It has a slot for your passport, boarding pass, IDs and currency, and all the slots are labeled. One of those things that no one actually needs, but once you have it you can't go back. Comes in black/white and red/sand.
6. West Elm Cast Metal Jewelry Tree Fun variation on the traditional jewelry box. Love this cuz you could hang necklaces, bracelets or rings off the branches. And it's a cool decorative piece by itself.
7. D&G 3 L'Imperatrice Perfume I have 5 or 6 favorite scents of all time and I think this is in my top 3. It's very fruity and has melon, grapefruit, kiwi and floral tones. I love anything sweet, fruity or smells like candy and this is all 3 of those things. This is also the top-selling scent from the D&G line.
8. J.Crew Thanks Tee I have the Kiss tee and we recently got the Hello, Thanks and Cheers tees and I need them all. It says "Thank You" in a bunch of languages! These shirts are also super soft and great to layer or wear alone when it's warm again. Plus the Kiss tee was featured in the fall style guide, so you know that thing sold out. Get one of these before they do.
9. Alexa Chung's "It" Book Because who doesn't want stories and pics from the queen of cool? This a combination of a coffee table book and style guide which everyone needs in their life.

2. Penfield for J.Crew Irondale Gym Bag Being a busy professional man, I have to squeeze in my workouts whenever I can. With this bag, I can bring my gym clothes in style. I hope no one is taking my descriptions of these things too seriously.
3. Kiwi Shoe Shine Care Kit One of my favorite tactics for escaping the third hour of continuous snuggling with Ynna is to shine my shoes. Hopefully every guy reading this has at least one pair of shoes that need to be shined- and a lady that likes to snuggle- so he can do this too.
4. Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle Imagine yourself, wrapped in a blanket, lying on a bear skin rug in front of a ragin fire in a cedar log cabin. Oh wait, you're not actually in a cabin you're in Nordstrom, smelling this dang expensive candle and wishing you could afford it.
5. J.Crew Fisherman's Cable Knit Sweater I feel like a fisherman, getting off my "skiff" on a breezy Maine morning when I put this on.
6. J.Crew Pajama Set Ynna said "enter sandman" when I came out of the closet in my pajama set the other night. Now I just need to find one of those little caps. Oh, and by the way, those PJs didn't stay on for very long, if you know what I mean.
7. Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket Ducks sure got this one right. I think down is nature's best insulator- it keeps you warm when you need it, but doesn't smother you in heat as soon as you walk into a heated building.
8. Topman Fair Isle Toque I labeled this item in honor of my native land. My dad had one just like this.
9. S. by JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst This book was near the top of my wish list from the moment I heard about it. While we were in Austin over Thanksgiving break, we visited this popular bookstore, where S. was in the main display. After browsing the store, we were on our way out when Doug Dorst himself came around the corner! So I quickly bought a copy and asked him to sign it! I'm saving this book for Christmas break so I can really get into it. Read the synopsis, it sounds like a really unique reading experience.

Hope y'all are enjoying this beautiful time of the year. Happy giving!

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