Tuesday, April 8, 2014

huskies, wildcats and cougars oh my!

Preston and I had a great weekend. First, it was General Conference (post to follow!) which meant breakfast in bed and listening to great talks in pajamas. This weekend was also the Final Four and our sweet city hosted most of the festivities. 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday there was a March Madness music festival held in Union Park, a couple of blocks from our apartment. We went all three days and saw a plethora of artists from Jason Aldean (Friday. LOL) to Bruce Springsteen (Sunday. RULES) and rode the ferris wheel twice. It was like a itty bitty baby Coachella, for free! Friday night was mostly ferris wheeling and wandering around the back of the Jason Aldean crowd. After conference on Saturday we walked over for The Killers. I gotta be honest, I didn't know many songs from any of the artists we saw, but I could sing along to all of the Hot Fuss singles. Brandon Flowers is a hot dad and put on a fun show. On Sunday we waited in the rain for Fun. and Bruce Springsteen. Again, didn't know many songs from either artist, but Fun. was high energy and, well, fun. Nate Ruess reminded me of a 5 year old boy. We ended the night with Bruce Springsteen and he was my favorite show of the weekend. The E Street Band is HUGE and such a spectacle. Bruce is an incredible performer and so interactive. He crowd surfed (we touched him!), brought people onstage and sang to random girls in the audience. I had a lot of fun despite the rain, cold and bladder almost exploding. The pics above from L-R are The Killers, Fun. and Bruce crowd surfing.
Last night we went to Arlington to watch the championship game between the UConn Huskies and Kentucky Wildcats. AT&T stadium embodies everything about Texas and America. It is a monstrosity and such sight to see. Basketball is my favorite sport to watch and I have always wanted to attend the Final Four. I had a great time cheering for the Huskies (cuz only a small fraction of the crowd were UConn fans and Preston explained to me UConn was the real underdog despite their higher seed than Kentucky). I also talked Preston into getting the ultimate nachos which are not pictured but deserve their own mention.
All we really wanted was a good, close game and we got it. Both teams were fun to watch and it was just a treat in itself to be in attendance at such a huge sporting event. After UConn won I couldn't help but vocalize to Preston how happy I was for UConn to which Preston made fun of me and said, "You're always so proud of them (them being any winning team)." But come on, they worked so hard and beat so many teams! Plus, who had UConn taking it all on their bracket? I think they were out in the Sweet 16 on mine. I just get really happy and emotional for the winning athletes in big sporting events that I care about.
The energy was so high at AT&T Stadium and I can only imagine how much more excited I would be if BYU ever made it and I was in attendance. Speaking of the cougars, look who we ran into! They had a little advertisement about BYU winning the 6th fan competition and we let out what we thought were the only cheers in the stadium, but before the game started we saw Coach Rose himself a few rows away from us. At the end of the game we went over and said hi and got a pic. We luv BYU. 

 I don't know when we'll get the chance to see another Final Four game so I'm really glad we took the opportunity this year. So ends another fun weekend in sweet Dallas, TX. 

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