Monday, April 7, 2014

undwindulaxing part 2: provo, ut

After spending a few days in Palm Springs with the Kutneys, I flew to Utah to spend a week with my friends and attend the wedding of Jadyn and Sean McGrath on March 30. Most of my time in Utah was spent eating which is one of my favorite activities, so I had an excellent time.

I flew into Salt Lake on the afternoon of the 25th and was picked up by Kylie. We met up with Jenny and had a life conference aka dinner in Salt Lake. I love those glam ladies. Then I drove back to Provo with Jenny and lived with her until Friday. Wednesday I went to campus to give Terrance a package from his mom and it was very weird being on campus. No one knew that I don't actually go to BYU anymore. I had lunch at Cubby's which is just as good as I remembered with Blythe, Kaile and Alyanna (pictured above). That night I had Slab with my soon-to-be newlyweds Grady and Molly (below). I also third-wheeled with them to Cafe Rio because TEXAS DOESN'T HAVE ONE. 
Another fun thing I got to do besides eat was attend Xtend Barre with Molly. She works and will soon be teaching class there and if you like pilates + ballet + cardio, you need to try Xtend Barre. I have been forever saying how much I want to take a dance class but a) can't find any b) am too self conscious. Xtend Barre was great because it combined ballet technique with pilates moves plus cardio. I got an awesome workout and broke a sweat. I'm going to try and find a close by class I can go to here in Dallas. Xtend Barre/Barre Method/Pure Barre is very popular among the SMU sorority chicks out here.

I am sooo excited for Grolly 2014. We have already bought our tickets to Nashville and now I just need to find the perfect outfit for June 6!
I tried Sodalicious because I've seen it on Instagram so many times and Emilee is a loyal customer. Above is us rolling in the grass after my first Sodalicious experience. I had to say goodbye to Blythe who was heading to New York for the week. 
Friday night to Saturday morning was all wedding activities and I have a whole post dedicated to that lovely day. I spent Sunday with my sister and Monday I bought an entire Slab pizza. This is something  have always wanted to do. I brought back a slab for Preston because I am the nicest wife and there it is in my carry-on.
Utah was great and I sure do miss living 5-45 mins away from all my best friends, but I was glad to come back to Dallas but wish I could bring Slab with me.

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  1. Did Xtend Barre and now do Barre Method. Loyal customer, totally addicted to it. You gotta let me know how you like it when you find a studio to go to!