Friday, May 9, 2014

words words words

It's May and it's already uncomfortably hot here in Dallas :( Stay tuned for my post about how modest is literally the hottest. Last month we did some things like celebrated Easter. It's a Padilla tradition to get matching Easter dresses and despite living in 3 different states, we still rocked our matching dresses this year. I made Preston pose for my Easter bunnies pic after church and he is very embarrassed. Not pictured are the homemade peanut butter eggs I made :-O
We bought tickets for Austin City Limits! I reeeeally wanted to go to Coachella this year but since all our friends are getting married this summer, we had to save the flights for their nuptials. It's ok though because in October we'll be seeing most of the people on that poster^ I am very very psyched for LORDE. She came to Dallas a few months ago and I wanted to go so badly but didn't so I made sure we got the weekend 2 tickets to see her.
I'm having a baby! Just kidding. But J.Crew made this onesie which matches my t-shirt so I had to buy it. I can't help but giggle every time I see it. Which is more often than you would think. Preston thinks I'm ridiculous, but I'm looking forward to the matching t-shirt photo shoot with me and future baby someday.
On Wednesday Preston's YMCA team won the men's championship! Sometimes I tease Preston about how he never won me a BYU intramural t-shirt but now he has won a shirt of sorts in and with the least likely place and people. Super proud of his bball skills.

Have a good weekend! Here is >>the song<< that inspired my post title

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  1. love this so much. you are hilarious & I wish we lived closer. come to DC :) or PA :)