Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ynna's summer 2014 essentials

This Saturday is the official start of summer 2014, although it's felt like summer for a while now here in Dallas. I've never lived anywhere hotter than Dallas and sometimes I genuinely want to shed tears because it's so SO hot all day, every day. Here are some essentials I've gathered to prepare myself for another scorching summer. Click the numbered links at the bottom to view and buy :)

1. Dresses. Gone are the days when I could wear Daisy Dukes and a tshirt and call it a day. My goal when buying summer clothes is as little clothing as possible while still remaining modest and mostly cute. Dresses achieve this goal perfectly because you look put together but they're easy to throw on and the best part is one layer of clothing. My blue one is Madewell and my favorite dress I own.
2. Tshirts. Preston is the king of tshirts and is always telling me all you need is a good tshirt and good jeans. This PLAY by Commes des Garcon tee is simple with a touch of fun.
3. More dresses. I've been diagnosed with buy-any-dress-with-sleeves syndrome. It's so hard to find summer dresses that have sleeves so when I do it's mine within a week.
4. Lightweight drawstring pants. These are a wonderful discovery because they feel like pajamas but are cool and chic. Cool in the temperature and fashion sense. I'm obsessed with my J.Crew geo print ones and wear them constantly. They also make fabulous airport pants.
5. Leather tote. Favorite bag I've ever owned. I love it more than my Marc Jacobs and that's a big statement. This is the J.Crew Downing tote in English Saddle. It holds everything and I take it everywhere.
6. Leather sandals. I used to buy $10 sandals from H&M at the beginning of the summer and wear them to shreds and toss them by September. This summer I decided to spend a little a more and get a sturdy pair of leather sandals that go with everything.
7. Cute swimsuit. Because the only outdoor activity I'll be doing come July is laying by the pool.

1 // 2 // 3** // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 

**this dress isn't up on the website yet but it's available in J.Crew stores in navy/white and black :)

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