Thursday, October 2, 2014

chanel, valentino and louis vuitton ss15

Chanel is always one of the most anticipated shows of the season. Karl Lagerfeld exhibits twice as many clothes as any designer and always creates extravagant sets for his shows. This season the set was Boulevard Chanel. The show started with psychedelic prints which I felt was a nod to the 60s "Make Love Not War" sentiment. Because there's such a vast variety of clothes, it's hard to pinpoint a single theme for Chanel. However, the show did end with the models "protesting" and holding posters proclaiming women's and gay rights.
This pink and white dress was my favorite look of the show. I also loved the next two black and white dresses with the sheer shoulder detail. Somehow Karl manages to make a tacky idea (rhinestone logo belt) into something cool and coveted.
Like I said, no real theme with Chanel, except that it was all pieced from the past. Karl cited his mother, a feminist, as an inspiration. Despite the wide array of looks, Chanel's signature tweedy prints and suits were rampant and started the show and were scattered throughout.
Valentino was really beautiful, and one of my favorites from Paris. The theme was "The Grand Tour" and touched on Italian architecture and interiors. I really loved the rich colors in this first dress. There were a lot of beautiful pieces using the white doily fabric, but this maxi dress was my absolute favorite.
What I loved about Valentino was how feminine and delicate it was. Here's that doily fabric again but in color. Towards the end of the show, a seaside theme took over with coral, man-of-war and starfish prints against luxe silks. This dress is probably my favorite from the collection. You can't take your eyes off that red and the coral print is equally striking. I hope to see this at the Golden Globes or Cannes. The show closed with the starfish wedding dress or at least I thought it looked like a wedding dress. Really gorgeous, light and dreamy.
Louis Vuitton was another highly anticipated show, with Nicholas Ghesquière at the head. The show
was held at Frank Gehry's newest creation, The Fondation Louis Vuitton, a space-age glass masterpiece amidst the woods. However, despite the futuristic setting, the clothes were very familiar to this day and age. I thought this collection was very strong and full of functional, wearable and beautiful pieces. It started with the Victorian collars shown in the first look and continued with structured dresses and skirts. I loved the fabric in the second look; Ghesquière did a pair of pants in it as well. 
You know I was all over the fur in this next look. I loved the pieced together fabrics in the red dress and the second to last look was this fabulous leather (?) mini dress.

Well that's it folks. Fashion week is officially over. Thanks for hanging around.

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