Wednesday, December 31, 2014

christmas in canada

Happy New Year's Eve! This year we spent the holidays in Preston's hometown of Burnaby, British Columbia. 

We left on December 19 and flew into Seattle, Washington. We stayed overnight and spent the 20th in Seattle. Our first stop was the Seattle Public Library, a real architectural dream. The inside reminded me of Ikea because of all the escalators and giant block fonts. 
I have finally experienced Pike's Place and during the bustling holiday hours no less. This place is great and we had lunch at Piroshky Piroshky, a delicious Russian bakery that was highly reviewed on Yelp.

Obviously we had to go to the Gum Wall. I have never seen a more unique and disgusting work of art.
I went to Preston's home ward for the first time on Sunday, so you know it's really serious.
We tried to pack in as much nature as possible this trip and our first stop was the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge. I first learned about this spot on Lululemon's Instagram when they were launching their #OURVANCOUVER campaign, although Preston was not down to wear head to toe Lulu and pretend to run across the bridge like the original Instagram post. This was the one outdoor activity I was adamant on and it did not disappoint! My only other experience in BC was last summer and let me tell you, it was just as beautiful this time around despite the cold and rain.
Our first hike was to Dog Mountain. This was supposed to be a snowshoe trail but unfortunately/fortunately it was unseasonably warm in Vancouver this winter so there was not enough snow to do our anticipated winter activities.
This is the top of Dog Mountain. So beautiful right?
Our second hike was Quarry Rock which was along the North Shore. Just as beautiful. I should also note that we bought some salmon jerky in Seattle and I wanted to eat some on the train from Seattle to Vancouver but Preston said he wanted to wait and eat it on top of a mountain, so we did.
On Tuesday we braved the rain (Preston was brave, I was grumpy) and went to Lighthouse Park which was very East Coast to me, but Preston said it was quintessential British Columbia. 
After Lighthouse Park we went to another suspension bridge. The Capilano Suspension Bridge was like a magic treehouse kingdom-- there were treetop bridges and walkways everywhere. However, I would suggest if you want to go to a suspension bridge, Lynn Valley was just as cool, less crowded and free! (Capilano cost $30).
On Christmas Eve we went downtown and skated at Robson Square. I always underestimate how terrible I am at ice skating until I step onto the ice and instantly fear for my life. Preston was confused that I didn't take ice skating lessons when I was younger to which I explained that in America, only children interested in pursuing ice skating or hockey did ice skating lessons and it wasn't a thing everyone did like swimming lessons.
Christmas morning! Matching pajamas! This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip because it encapsulates my joy for the holidays and Preston's indifference. (Preston likes Christmas too but was never as excited as I was during the month of December).
Best part of Christmas day was a family Skype session with my favorite missionary. Elder Padilla is currently awaiting his Visa in Rochester, Indiana. He's doing very well and loves serving the people of Indiana. A direct quote from him: "I'm ok with rejection from people probably 'cause I worked in sales." Word.
On Boxing Day we took a long walk around Stanley Park, one of my favorite spots we visited last summer. I also participated in some Boxing Day sales while Preston played basketball. After 5 minutes in the mall I instantly regretted my decision. 
Bubble tea is to Vancouver as frozen yogurt is to Provo. I was in heaven last week and had 8 bubble teas in 7 days. One of the main things I miss about Vancouver are the bubble tea cafes and the plethora of flavors. 

We had such a great time and the 29th came much too fast for either of our liking. I hope everyone had an equally as enjoyable Christmas and I wish you the happiest New Year and a 2015 filled with joy.


  1. Looks like so much fun!!! I really want to do that tree walk!

  2. Vancouver is in my top 5 favorite cities. Loved this post:)