Friday, January 2, 2015

my top 20 songs of 2014

It's that time of year. Here's the first of several end-of-the year lists on this blog:

20. Kingdom (feat. Simon Le Bon)- Charli XCX Featured on the Mockingjay soundtrack, this Charli XCX track is different than anything she's ever done and has a great whimsical quality to it.

19. Heaven Knows- First Aid Kit These Swedish chicks are the real deal. I'm a little late jumping on the First Aid Kit train, but I thoroughly enjoyed their 2014 album, Stay Gold and this super folk-y song was my favorite track from it.

18. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel Cover)- Buffetlibre feat. Dragonette I'm a sucker for covers, especially covers of all-time favorite songs. This is a gorgeous rendition of Neutral Milk Hotel's original and if this song came out pre June 2013 and we didn't already have special memories to "First Day of My Life," this would've been our first dance song.

17. Words (Glastrophobie Remix)- Anna Graceman Fun piano infused pop.

16. Riptide (Vance Joy Cover)- Gossling This song is 10x better than the original in my opinion and when I first discovered it, had it on repeat for hours. It sounds like Joanna Newsom covering Vance Joy.

15. Ignition Remix (Viceroy Jet Life Remix)- R. Kelly Oops, last cover I swear. I love R.Kelly's "Ignition Remix" and I've loved the Viceroy Jet Life remixes of other popular hip hop songs. This one is a fun, hyper version of R.Kelly's smooth original.

14. New Bitch- Iggy Azalea Iggy was one of my favorite acts at ACL last year and this is my favorite song from New Classic.

13. I'm Not the Only One- Sam Smith How could you not include this guy in a top 2014 list? He has the voice of an angel and I had a hard time choosing a favorite from his debut album, but this was it.

12. Classic (The Knocks Remix)- RAC RAC always puts me in a good mood and makes me wanna dance. This is a great summer jam to listen to with the windows rolled down.

11. Sail- Noosa Another favorite from summer. So happy and carefree.

10. Push Pull- Purity Ring Hopefully the release of this track means a new album is coming out in 2015. I love Purity Ring and their little baby voices.

9. Empress- Morningsiders Such a random find, but honestly easily another one of my most played. This kind of reminds me of music I liked in high school like Hellogoodbye, and definitely has a juvenile vibe to it, but I love the chorus.

8. Uma- Panama Wedding Preston said I like this song so much because it sounds like Vampire Weekend and that's 100% accurate.

7. Circles- Vanic x Machineheart Another happy-go-lucky female pop number. I can never get enough.

6. Head Underwater- Jenny Lewis Oh Jenny. Voyager was tied with 1989 for most played album of 2014. Jenny was my favorite act at ACL and after seeing her live I developed a newfound love and respect for her. She's an incredibly gifted musician and just is too cool for school, but nice enough to want to be friends with her.

5. I Will Never Let You Down- Rita Ora Great vocals, bubblegum pop lyrics. Another excessively played jam during my summer.

4. Often (Kygo Remix)- The Weeknd Best remix on this list. I love anything The Weeknd does and this had the perfect amount of sexy and funk.

3. Shake It Off- Taylor Swift I had a dilemma choosing which Taylor song I was going to put on this list. 2014 was the year of T.Swift. My very favorite song from 1989 is actually "How You Get the Girl" but I think "Shake It Off" was such a perfect single to release to get us excited for 1989. It's also one of the most unique tracks off the album and has spawned so many great remixes. I always turn this one up when it comes on. All hail baby T.

2. OctaHate- Ryn Weaver What an incredible debut single from Ryn Weaver. She has amazingly powerful vocals and this song has such an addictive beat that makes me wanna move.

1. Completely Not Me- Jenny Lewis This song was featured on GIRLS which makes me love/hate it more, but I'm obsessed with this quintessentially Jenny Lewis folk pop track. Everything from the instrumentals to the quirky lyrics makes me smile whenever I hear it. I'm such a fangirl for J and this was my favorite song of the year.

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