Thursday, April 30, 2015

it's gonna be may

April 30 and you have no idea what I've done this month besides make fake Coachella lineups! What a travesty!

April has been a super exciting, fun, happy month for me. On the 17th Preston and I flew to Phoenix where we parted ways, he to go camping with Kev in the Grand Canyon and me to Scottsdale to celebrate Jenny's soon-to-be-ending bachelorette status. We stayed at a gorgeous Marriott resort and laid by the pool and chatted with almost 30 (?) other girls from all over the country who were connected to Jenny in some way. It was a fun, hot, relaxing time. I'm stoked for Jenny and Tim and know their wedding will be one of the grandest and most beautiful of the summer.
Before we left, Kylie and I wanted to find real, giant cacti to have a photoshoot. Granted, we didn't need to look very far cuz we were in the desert, but it was worth the drive to the middle of nowhere to pose with these majestic beauties. I love the desert!
This past weekend my childhood BFF Maren came to visit Dallas with her boyfriend Ryan. We had a blissful Saturday brunching, biking and BBQing. We also laid by the pool and did not actually BBQ, but ate BBQ, but these details did not go with the B alliteration. Between Preston and me, we have 3 bikes and were luckily able to find a bike rental stand right by our apartment so we could fulfill all of Maren's cycling dreams.
So blessed to have this beauty in my life and spend a fun weekend with her and Ryan. Also fun to reminisce on our childhood and teenage years with our significant others to laugh at us.
On Monday we went to a Texas Rangers game. My second MLB experience was almost rained out, but after a late start, the game went as planned, though much chillier than anticipated. Here's a pic of the stadium and the pretty rainbow that formed just in time for the first inning. Rangers played the Mariners and I am a Mariners fan by marriage and we won! Woo hoo!
Preston tried to surprise me with these tickets but somehow managed to get the confirmation email sent to my gmail so I knew about it weeks before but we still had a lovely time seeing Iron & Wine at the Granada Theater. Iron & Wine is one of our favorite bands and we have both seen them multiple times, but agreed that we had the best spots and time at this show. Sam did his own set but opened it up to the crowd to yell requests. It was obnoxious but cool.
I've cried at two other concerts in my life before this one. He played "16 Maybe Less" and I silently wept because of how beautiful it sounded. Honestly, as cheesy and hippie as it sounds, I live for those moments when you're so overcome with beauty and appreciation for your situation and surroundings that it brings you to tears.

I don't have a picture for it but probably the most exciting part of April was getting a new job!! I will be working as a speech therapist assistant for the Early Childhood Intervention program in Dallas. I'll be working with children aged 0-3 and helping provide speech therapy and evaluating their need for more speech before they enter preschool. I am so, so, so excited to start this job because it's actually what I got my degree in and something I am so passionate about. I start next week!!! 

I'm feeling super blessed and excited for the upcoming months and feeling ready to conquer another blazing Dallas summer I think...!!!

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