Monday, May 25, 2015

memorial day weekend 2015

Started off Memorial Day weekend with a dance party aka Purity Ring show in Deep Ellum. It was at a new venue called The Bomb Factory which was very spacious, dark and smelled new. I liked it. Purity Ring was great and sounded just like the babies of their recordings.
Saturday afternoon we left for Jefferson, Texas which is a small town 3 hours east of Dallas. The main attraction of Jefferson was this swamp-y wonderland called Caddo Lake. We rented a canoe and paddled around ooh-ing and aah-ing at the cypress trees and Spanish moss billowing in the wind.

Swamp Boy!
Eerily pretty amirite?
 Here's where we had dinner on Saturday night.
Jefferson is super charming and historical and any small country town that is both charming and historical I equate to Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Jefferson was definitely another Stars Hollow of the south. Here is my enjoying an old fashioned ice cream soda at the general store.
Here's the general store where in addition to my ice cream soda we purchased raspberry licorice, blueberry soda and minty soap.

Here's a pink wall I insisted taking a picture with while we were waiting for Riverport BBQ to open at 11 am Sunday morning. The BBQ was delicious and I was reminded of my favorite aspect of Southern living/culture- Southern cooking/BBQ/french fries as the only vegetable.

Jefferson was fun and Caddo Lake was unlike anywhere I've ever been. I was reminded of my fourth year Girls' Camp canoe trip in which I earned the Pocahontas award. The Spanish moss of the cyprus trees were very Grandmother Willow-y.
Today we slept in and I ran some errands. This afternoon we saw Mad Max which was pretty gnarly but very good. I recommend it if you like action movies. When we got home I made a Memorial Day dinner. It rained all day and we weren't invited to any BBQs or pool parties anyway, but I still wanted to eat Memorial Day picnic food. Above is my homemade barbecue sriracha cheeseburgers with sauteed onions, lettuce, tomato and a fried egg to make it fancy + sweet potato fries and my blueberry soda from Jefferson :)

Cheers to my first three day weekend not confined to the mall!! Hope everyone had a happy and safe Memorial Day.

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