Saturday, January 9, 2016

christmas break 2015

This year we went to Palm Springs with Preston's family for Christmas. We left on the 20th and stayed until the 30th. I've been to Palm Springs two other times and both times it was hot hot hot but this year was probably the coldest I've ever been. We spent our days working out, playing tennis, reading by the pool and enjoying the hikes that the area had to offer.

On the 20th we got into Ontario pretty early and drove to Idyllwild where we fell in love with the quaint ski town. We hiked Tahquitz Peak and marveled at the fact that it actually felt like winter in some parts of the United States. (70 degrees when we left Dallas bleh). I froze my little toes off and complained about it, but was happy to have experienced such a picturesque hike on our first day.

On Christmas Eve we did another wintery hike in the San Jacinto Wilderness with the rest of the family. This one had incredible views at the end and we braved the big rocks to experience the whole view. 
On Boxing Day we went to Joshua Tree National Park. I was most looking forward to this day because I had seen so many incredible pictures of Joshua Tree on Instagram and blogs. It was so windy and cold at Joshua Tree it hurt but we managed to keep warm by scampering up and down the rocks. 
Like I said, in between our nature hikes we lived the country club life so don't think that we were super tough explorers the whole time. Christmas Day we got to talk to Nic which was a highlight. That kid is a hoot and hasn't changed, but has also changed a lot if that makes sense. For example he still asked about Kendrick Lamar's newest album, but he has also grown so much in the gospel and shared a lot of cool stories about investigators and his area. 
We had a fun (not fun) adventure leaving Palm Springs. Our flight was delayed an hour and on the way to the airport we got a notification that it was no longer delayed. IS THAT ALLOWED? So we missed our flight to Dallas on the 29th, rebooked a flight from LAX the next morning and finally made it home the night of the 30th.

I spent New Year's Eve reading one of my new favorite books of all time (A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, separate review in the works!!) until 2 AM. New Year's came and went and now we're back to work. 2016 has some big changes in store and I can't wait for it! Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year's. Happy 2016!

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