Saturday, February 20, 2016

nyfw fall/winter 2016 favorites

Sometimes I grapple between loving fashion, stalking the shows, caring about the industry and thinking it's silly, frivolous, a waste of time and only beneficial to a select few, to which I respond with the following quote from Sofia Coppola which I'm pretty sure at one point in time was on my Myspace page: "You're considered superficial and silly if you're interested in fashion, but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity." So there you go. Yes, fashion is a frivolous endeavor on the whole, but it is something that truly brings me joy and interests me and with that, these were my favorites from this February's New York Fashion Week.
Rather than selecting 6 or 7 shows and picking my favorites, I picked my absolute loves from a handful of shows. I found that I didn't really fall in love with a complete collection (except probably Marc Jacobs), but rather was obsessed with certain pieces from certain shows. Left to right:

1) The Ralph Lauren finale. I have loved turtlenecks ever since I was little and my mom would wear them and told me they were cool. This look solidified my beliefs. Although it's hard for a turtleneck not to look awesome paired with such an insane skirt. 2) A.P.C. x Outdoor Voices?!? I lost my mind when I saw this because I have become so obsessed with Outdoor Voices ever since purchasing my first pair of leggings and top. I still consider myself a member of the cult of Lulu, but there is something so much more chic about OV's muted color palettes and simple silhouettes. The fabrics are lighter and more breathable, but still have the flattering and performance quality of a Lululemon pair of leggings/tank. I feel so confident in my OV outfit and want to wear it everywhere. This jumpsuit was my favorite of their collab collection. 3) Alexander Wang was naughty. The beanies kind of felt like Supreme knockoffs, but of course looked 10x cooler. This was my favorite look because of the fur collar and the cute baby pink of the beanie juxtaposed with the imposing 'tender' font.
4) This mint green skirt at Carolina Herrera looks like cotton candy and I want it in every shade but the mint is perfect on its own. 5) My absolute favorite piece from J.Crew. This jacket should be called "Ynna" because it's everything I love in a garment in one piece. 6) This pretty silvery Jenny Packham number. I would love to see one of my celeb crushes in this on some red carpet, although I do think it's a little casual for the Oscars.
7) Marc freaking Jacobs. What a show. The boots. The Gaga. The eyeliner. It was super goth and wacky and I loved every minute of it. If I could have one piece from NYFW, it would be this leather motorcycle fur feathered contraption. Ob-sessed. 8) This demented bridal look from Rodarte. 9) This to-die-for leather coat at The Row. My dream girls used the most luxurious fabrics in their collection this season and this was by far the most luxe.
10) Victoria Beckham's outfit after her own show. 11) Ribbed Proenza Schouler dress #1. 12) Ribbed Proenza Schouler dress #2. You should check out @tommyton's Instagram shots of this collection, they are absolutely gorgeous and make it look 1000x better than these pics.
13) Marchesa fairy tale magic. The entire show was real life princess attire and this red tulle masterpiece actually made me audibly gasp. 14) Every two or three months I see a dress that I want re-made in ivory as another wedding gown. This is this month's.

Hurray for beautiful clothes and the incredible talent of American designers!!

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