Tuesday, August 23, 2016

tofino and vancouver, b.c.

My first time surfing. Tofino had great beginner beaches. Nobody ever talks about how heavy surfboards are!! Or maybe I'm just a pipsqueak. I dream of being an effortlessly cool surf chick that gets featured on Madewell's Instagram but judging from my first two surfing experiences and my poor swimming skills, it might just remain a dream.
Beach hikes that were much less strenuous than our Banff and Yoho hikes. Ynna Hiking Scale 1/10 difficulty, 6/10 reward.

One of two lovely Tofino sunsets. 
We came back to Burnaby to enjoy one more week of Preston's hometown. I could not get over the perfect summer weather especially after recently escaping the beginnings of what looks like another awful Dallas summer.

One of two local hikes. This is the top of Dog Mountain.
Another evening we went to Theater Under the Stars and saw Beauty and the Beast! Before the show we biked around Stanley Park.

Canada was great and another summer trip was just what I needed to soften my heart towards our neighbors up north hehe. Preston is always trying to convince me we should live in Canada and I always have the same reasons why I don't want to live in Vancouver and the #1 reason is the dreary weather 90% of the year. Every time we go back his family and friends are super honest with me and straight up say that it always rains. Meanwhile Preston felt the need to point out the lovely 75 degree and sunny weather the one week we visited every chance he got. Vancouver is a great city and everyone should visit :)

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