Thursday, August 25, 2016

ancient athens and dreamy santorini

Me being dumb at the Acropolis.

We flew from Vancouver to Toronto to Rome to Athens and spent a day marveling at the ancient wonders around every corner. We climbed the Acropolis and sweated it out with a bunch of tourists. In sixth grade I made a model of the Parthenon for a social studies project. We drew numbers and I remember I got first pick and out of all the famous buildings and structures in Europe, I picked the Parthenon. It is truly amazing to think of these thousand years old structures in their heyday and then to marvel at what is impressively still standing. If you don't want to pay for a guided tour we downloaded a bunch of Rick Steves audio tours and played them on our phones. The Acropolis one was pretty good.

After Athens we took a ferry to SANTORINI!!! This was my absolute favorite part of our trip for many reasons and one of the top reasons is my dream of going to Santorini after seeing Alexis Bledel play Lena Kaligaris in the underrated cinematic masterpiece, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. 
Oia at sunset.

We heard all about the legendary Santorini sunsets and especially the hype around seeing the sunset at Oia. Santorini tip #1: The sunset is beautiful from all the cities in Santorini!! It gets super crowded in Oia as you can see from the pic and people literally perch on the roof and stairs to get good view but I think it's even more enjoyable from the less crowded spots.

Our first two nights we stayed in a gorgeous little cottage in Imerovigli. We took buses between Imerovigli, Fira and Oia. Imerovigli was the least crowded but didn't have as many shops and restaurants or the iconic blue domes. Fira is where the night life is and probably the most crowded. Oia is home to the blue domes and is definitely more touristy, but my favorite of the three cities.

One day we hiked to Ammoudi Bay which is a great little fishing town and you can jump off the rocks and swim. It was the perfect end to a dusty and sweaty hike. We also had an amazing freshly caught seafood lunch here.

I never got sick of the blue and white. 

There are a lot of great restaurants in Santorini but honestly my favorite meals were the 4 euro gyros. So cheap and so delicious. I highly recommend grabbing a few and finding some roof or stairs and taking in the perfect views. My favorite gyro was at Lucky's Souvlaki if you're ever in the area ;)

Oh beautiful Santorini. I love you and I will be back for your white houses and blue roofs someday.

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