Friday, November 19, 2010

you are so sweet dancing to that beat

Last night I sat outside on the cold sidewalk with my 3 roommates anxiously awaiting the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. I alternated between knitting and re-reading the DH (I finished it a minute before the movie started!!) I thought it was absolutely fantastic. I've been so disappointed in the last 4 movies, so my expectations were very low for this one, but I think they did a fantastic job. I'm just wondering where all this cinematic brilliance was when Prisoner of Azkaban came out and the 3 disasters that followed? But on to the purpose of this post. Let's talk about my longtime girl crush, the beautiful and witty, Emma Watson. Look how fabulous she is, even with no hair. You know someone is truly pretty if they can rock a pixie cut and still look as feminine and perfect as she does. And that dress?? I'm obsessed. Spanish designer Rafael Lopez, if you were curious.
Came across this interview amidst my stalking. (Headband! So darling). Basically I want to be best friends with her, exchange witty banter and hang out with Christopher Bailey. (Did you notice the part where she says what a great person he is? *sigh*). She is a gem among gems.
Of course after hearing about her collaboration with Alberta, I had to check out her FW10 line. Definitely don't regret it. I could see Emma wearing all of it. I got a flapper, 1920's feel, especially all of the evening gowns with the beaded accents towards the end. I love the look of a peacoat and fur trim, because I'm not brave enough to rock entire fur. First look was perfect. Obsessed with the black toile coat. I'm so excited to see the organic creations Emma and her are devising.

Ok, just one more of that Rafael Lopez masterpiece. Oh, she is just darling!

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