Tuesday, November 9, 2010

don't cool off, i like your warmth

Been so busy lately, I forgot about this thing. It's November! And it's cold as anything. Our room is seriously 20 degrees. I can feel the wind blowing through the closed window. School is running me down. I took a midterm this morning an hour before it closed and then spent 5.5 hours writing a paper about Djibouti's position on combatting transnational crime and preserving human rights in the wake of natural disaster. Worst paper ever written. I don't even feel like I had midterms because I seem to have huge tests every week. This is the first night in a while I'm not in the library. This post will be very sporadic, by the way.
Halloween happened! Saturday night I was Snow White. Found that costume for $5 in the kid's section at DI. We are all so unrelated, it's comical. Doesn't Jadyn look amazing?? I was so jealous of her costume. The cans actually stayed the whole night.
For our ward party, everyone was a pedophile and I was a banana.
Today was the coldest it's been since I've been here. I need a new peacoat. Hers is a nice color. I used to have an orange toggle coat when I was in middle school that I didn't really appreciate at the time, but now I'm missing it. It's funny how when you're younger, the clothes you hated were usually the cute ones and the ones you loved were not so cute. I'm so tired I don't know what I'm saying anymore. New Kid Cudi today! Amidst my Tuesday from hell, I nearly forgot all about it. Sadly I'm too poor to buy it, so I've been listening to the 30 second iTunes clips. I like it so far.

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