Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I did this when I first got a blog. So here it is again- 100 things about me:

1) I read and type very fast. 110 WPM, if you were curious. I'm unsure of my reading speed, but it's pretty fast.

2) I have a diverse taste in music, but my favorite kind is folk-ish. Like, not too eclectic but I seem to really dig bearded artists, and all their stuff is very folk-y acoustic. I could listen to Iron & Wine all day.

3) My parents speak Tagalog at home but I can only understand it. I'm planning on taking some classes at school because I want to be able to speak it to my kids.

4) I don't know how to put make-up on or do my hair. For dance we would always have to wear intense stage make-up and I was always the only teenager backstage that still had her mom doing her make-up and hair. I don't wear make-up or do anything to my hair. I think my lack of effort in my physical appearance is made up by my clothing obsession.

5) I know how to knit. I've made scarves for people as gifts, except my scarves tend to roll around the edges so they look like a tube sometimes. But they're still pretty cute.

6) I love the smell of indoor swimming pools, clean laundry and coffee.

7) It bothers me when people wear those fake, obnoxiously big, plastic glasses. Like, you're not any more hipster because you're wearing fake glasses. I have a pair of prescription glasses that are similar to those trendy ones and I would just like to say that I had them before it was cool. I am also aware that that statement sounds just as pretentious indie hipster as the people that wear them claim to be.

8) I collect headbands. I try to wear them regularly but I usually forget and most headbands don't stay in my hair very well.

9) I think J.K. Rowling is a genius and the Harry Potter series will become classics when we're old. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is one of my favorite books of all time. I could easily get into a heated discussion over these books that could go on for hours.

10) I'm obsessed with babies. I love babysitting and then seeing the kids at church or in public and they remember you. I think that's just a taste of how awesome it is being a mom. I'm in no rush to get married, but I'm so excited to have my own babies to play with.

11) I'm very particular about my iPod/iTunes. For example, it makes my skin crawl when I go through someone else's iPod and this appears: The Beatles, The Beetles, Beatles. Absolutely no repeats or spelling errors and album artwork makes my listening experience so much more enjoyable. It even bugs me when I have album artwork, but it differs between songs in one album.

12) I'm flexible. I used to be a lot more flexible when I danced, but I can still do a split and other odd contortions. However, I don't consider myself grossly flexible.

13) My favorite color is pink and I love pairing it with green.

14) My favorite food is mochi and I recently discovered why. Mochi is ice cream wrapped in a rice-cake-y thing and the texture of it is kind of gummy. Ice cream and gummy candy are two of my favorite things in the world and mochi is the exact mixture of those things. Green tea is my favorite flavor, followed by mango.

15) I hate wearing pants to bed. Even in the dead of winter or with a broken heater, I just sleep with a t-shirt on.

16) 8 is my favorite number.

17) I'm a very good speller. I won the 8th grade spelling bee and even went to the county one where I misspelled ethology. All the participants got a gift basket though, and I got $25 in cash, which at the time felt like a fortune. Still kinda does...

18) I think quick wit is sexy. If a guy can banter wittily or just be able to make witty comments and jokes, I will have at least a mini crush on him. If a girl can, I will probably have a mini crush too.

19) I have girl crushes. Not in a weird way, just in a I-want-to-be-best-friends-and-go-shopping-together-with-you kind of way.

20) I always make my bed. I've made myself late to places because I have to make my bed. And if I've slept in it all day or it's messed up and I'm about to go to bed, I still re-make it before I go to bed.

21) I love gummy candy. Gummy bears, worms, sharks, spiders, octopus, Swedish fish etc. I would take a box of gummies over chocolate any day.

22) I've lived in the Philippines, Chicago, Tennessee and Maryland before my family moved to Lancaster, where I've grown up and consider home.

23) I'm definitely a beach person. I would pick a beach house over any kind of house.

24) I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I always see people wearing really pretty necklaces or bracelets and it makes me want to buy more jewelry, but I never do. I have trouble spending money on things other than clothes.

25) I get annoyed with people easily and it's probably one of my biggest flaws. It definitely contributes to my inability to make friends easily.

26) I love yoga.

27) I have a huge appetite and I'm always hungry. I think it's because I eat very fast.

28) I hate losing chapstick and having to start a new one when I know I haven't finished the one I lost.

29) I'm a very light sleeper.

30) Summer is my favorite season. I hate snow.

31) I'd take a skinny guy over muscle-y any day.

32) Soccer is my favorite sport to watch and I'm jealous of people that can play it well. I'm sad the World Cup is over, but before I die, I plan on attending one.

33) I'm very much in love with fashion. I am so fascinated by the history of the industry, design houses and the influences behind designers. If I could, I would spend all my money on clothes, bags and shoes. Christopher Bailey is my favorite designer because I think everything he has done for Burberry is genius and I love how classic his clothes are. My dream job is to work as a fashion editor. Along with attending the World Cup, I want to attend a Fashion Week.

34) I can only drink milk with sweet foods. If I'm eating a big breakfast with pancakes, eggs, and bacon, I have to have a bite of pancake before I can take a sip of milk.

35) Math has always been my worst subject since the beginning of my schooling. I remember in first grade we had plastic bears we would use to help us with addition. We were learning to add double digit numbers and I remember sitting and counting out 32 plastic bears and adding 12 plastic bears and then re-counting all the plastic bears. Everyone would always finish before me and I felt so stupid. I've hated math ever since.

36) I like the Jonas Brothers a lot.

37) I like Apple products the best of all tech-y products. Mostly because I think they're the prettiest. I guess they run pretty well too, or something.

38) My mom is the best cook I know. I've grown up eating Filipino food and having rice with everything and I love it and appreciate it so much more after finishing my first year of college.

39) Mango is my favorite fruit and I'll usually pick mango-flavored over any other flavor.

40) I started dancing when I was 8 years old and took lessons and danced with a company up until my senior year of high school. My favorite part was performing onstage and being a completely different person depending on the dance you were doing.

41) I double space papers at the end and it makes me feel even more accomplished.

42) I wish I practiced piano more.

43) It bugs me when you're on Facebook and you write on someone's wall that you haven't written on in a while and you expect a wall post back, but instead they just comment on your post. I mean, I comment on my posts but usually because my response would be frivolous, like "yeah" and it would be a waste of a wall post anyway.

44) I love wearing dresses. I would wear one every day of the year if I could.

45) I prefer to have all of my clothes ironed. I grew up with my mom ironing all of my clothes- even pajamas and t-shirts. Now I can't stand not having a crease in my bermuda shorts or khakis.

46) I love giving presents. My favorite is giving someone something they mentioned wanting, but never bought for themselves and then seeing their reaction when you remembered that particular thing.

47) I think the best compliments on appearance are "pretty" or "adorable."

48) I tend to use a lot of napkins when I eat. Usually 6 or more.

49) I think drinks taste the best when you're at the very end. Like with a milkshake, the part that makes a slurpy noise when you drink it is the best part to me. Same with soda cans. Doesn't apply to water bottles though.

50) I really like airports.

51) When I was younger, my parents would take all of us to Ikea on Saturdays and we would spend the day playing on the furniture and then would eat at the cafeteria thing. We all got Swedish meatballs every time. Afterwards we would go to the Filipino market and stock up. I think that's why I have a soft spot for Ikea and adored the part in 500 Days of Summer when they went on a date to Ikea.

52) I don't like when people use "lol" online or in texts. Like, really, you're laughing out loud? It's usually used when something's not even that funny.

53) I never had to wear braces.

54) I use the word "cute" too much.

55) I love ruffles.

56) Breakfast at Tiffany's is my favorite movie. I fell in love with Audrey Hepburn in 7th grade when I decided to do a report and presentation about her life. I'm still so fascinated by all things Audrey.

57) I'm emotionally attached to Grey's Anatomy.

58) Of all the countries I someday want to visit, I want to visit Greece the most.

59) J. Crew if my favorite store ever. Closely followed by Anthropologie.

60) I really enjoy public speaking. One of my favorite memories from high school was speaking at graduation. I had my speech memorized, but I had a copy of it just in case. I gave it to my advisor to put on the stand so I didn't have to carry it while I walked. When I got up to the podium my speech wasn't there, so I had to do it entirely from memory. It was fun though.

61) I don't know why I have a Twitter.

62) I like the noise keyboards make when you're typing a lot.

63) I'm very bad at saving money and very good at spending it.

64) "Vegetable Car" by Joshua Radin is my favorite song.

65) I love sushi. Especially the Las Vegas roll at Happy Sumo.

66) I am the worst singer. When I sing the hymns at church, my voice is completely monotone. It's really unfortunate.

67) I don't like animals.

68) I like a lot of ice in my soda.

69) My favorite computer font is Georgia Ref.

70) I think Uggs are ugly but I still wear them sometimes.

71) I like nice calves.

72) My mom's opinion is the only one I care about when I buy clothes or put together outfits.

73) I hate getting my hair cut. To me, 3 inches always looks like 8.

74) I'm very good at memorizing things.

75) Very few guys can pull off a headband, but the few that can get so many hotness points in my book. Sooo many.

76) I've always wanted to learn how to play the harp. How many people do you ever hear say, "Oh yeah, I play the harp"? Yeah, none.

77) I had my first kiss when I was 13.

78) I always set my alarms for odd times. Like 7:32, 6:01, 5:58.

79) I really like my handwriting.

80) I was a cheerleader for one year in high school and my favorite part was flying. But I was really bad at it.

81) I am deathly afraid of all rodents.

82) I love buying and using new school supplies.

83) I'm mildly obsessed with the Top 25 Most Played songs on my iTunes. All of the songs on that playlist have to be good songs, or I'm embarrassed to have them on my most played list, so I'll put songs on repeat to move up the list and get rid of the stupid ones.

84) I love it when people play with my hair.

85) I like spicy foods. I always have hot sauce with eggs, unless they're dippy.

86) I have the worst sense of direction of all time. I still don't know how to completely get around Lancaster, and I've lived there my whole life.

87) I sort my gummies by flavor when I eat them. From first eaten to last: orange, yellow, green (unless they're apple, then switch with red), red, white.

88) I hate having e-mails in my inbox. I delete them as soon as I've responded or taken care of whatever they say.

89) I hate wearing socks. My favorite shoes are Rainbows and Sperrys.

90) My little sister is the same person as me, except she's smarter.

91) I'm a terrible swimmer.

92) Crosswalks stress me out.

93) Nick Jonas and James Franco are my two celebrity crushes.

94) East Coast > anywhere else in the U.S.

95) I can only use mechanical pencils. Specifically those twisty ones that are the same color as normal pencils.

96) When I go to potluck dinners, I never eat what I brought or what my mom brought.

97) I'm young for my grade.

98) I started playing the flute in 4th grade and I quit before I started high school. I was awful. I alternated between second to last and last chair.

99) I was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States when I was 2 years old.

100) I wear a heart-shaped ring every day and lose it once a week.