Thursday, April 28, 2011

i don't need anyone with me right now, monday tuesday is my weekend

I'm almost certain that I've posted this picture on every form of social media I have. Despite its redundancy, this was single-handedly the best moment of my week. We got done with the conference on Saturday and after going to the Manhattan ward on Sunday, we all picnicked in Central Park and took naps. After a week of stress, writing papers, arguing, voting procedure, more arguing and rain, lying in the grass in 72 degree weather, completely done with finals, winter semester and the conference was the most relaxing and happiest moment of my trip.
BYU represented Republic of Korea and Tonga at the National Model United Nations Conference 2011 and was the only university to have both delegations named 'Outstanding.' And it was the 7th year in a row. What up.
My partner Tom and me outside the UN after closing ceremonies.

We were on one of the biggest committees (General Assembly 3rd) and I was so overwhelmed and nervous when I walked into the session. However, the week ended up going well and I found amazing people to work with and my resolution was passed. Also, I got to give a speech in front of 300+ delegates from around the world. It was another favorite moment of the week.
Giggling in the United Nations General Assembly hall. This was actually terrible. Don't get me wrong, it was way cool being in the UN. But we had be up by 8 AM and took cabs to the UN only to wait in the cold pouring rain to sit in the GA hall and listen to summaries of every single session that took place that week. It was mind numbingly boring.

After the plenary voting, the closing ceremonies began, which was actually pretty great. BYU's own Drew Ludlow will be serving as next year's Secretary General! And being named 'outstanding' among all the other amazing schools from around the world was completely rewarding. I was so proud of us :)
One night, Ashley and I decided to climb the Empire State Building. So worth it. Seriously, it was beautiful up there. This picture doesn't do justice to how pretty and peaceful the city looked. It made me fall in love with New York all over again.
A group of us in Chinatown. Chinatown was an adventure. Highlights:
1) Eating lunch with the only 4 white people in an entire restaurant of Asians. It was delicious by the way.
2) Haggling for counterfeit purses. Tay and I followed a suspicious Asian lady around the streets where she led us to various locations and sold us knockoff purses. Tay is a master diplomat and got the price down 75% or something.

So there's no way I can summarize the week without boring you to tears. Basically it was so much fun. Incredibly stressful and exhausting, but an amazing experience.
Kylie Cox wore these to closing ceremony. I'm obsessed with them and have a crush on her <3

And let's talk about the shopping. So every time I walked into Zara I bought something. I wish I was joking. I did not adhere to my list completely, however I feel like all of my purchases were reasonable. I got the pink blazer (obsessed). I got the sandals (for $13 at H&M). I didn't get the Bromley blouse. In fact, I didn't even step into a Madewell or J. Crew. I know. Moment of silence. But I did score amazing skinnies and the striped blouse in my first pic from Zara. Here's the thing with Zara. Their website has been taunting me for months now. Click on a product, but no, you can't buy it. You can't buy anything. So naturally all of my purchases were rationalized because I would never have the opportunity to buy them ever again. Ever. (Apparently there's one in D.C. though. Who knew?)
Outstanding delegates in the UN.

Shopping was incredible. I don't think I could ever get bored of it. And the next best thing after shopping is eating. Which was my second pastime of the week. Seriously ate my way through New York. Highlights(no particular order):
1) Magnolia Bakery- Don't let the cute name and equally cute pastries fool you. This establishment was run by thugs. Very nice thugs though. Confession: I didn't even get a cupcake. I got their famous banana bread pudding which trumps all cupcakes. Yeah I said it.
2) Daniela Trattoria- I don't even know if this was the actual name, but it was right around the corner of our hotel. Tom and I discovered it when going to breakfast. It's this quaint little Italian place that serves legitimate Italian food complete with angry Italian waiters and upstairs seating for Mafia members. Everything was delicious, especially their penne alla vodka.
3) S'Mac- East Village? It's all mac and cheese but different flavors of it. Sounds boring? Wrong. Delicious. And simple. I tried buffalo chicken, but really liked the Cajun the best.
4) Q2 Thai- This place delivers! And the pad thai is amazing! That's all.
5) Another Italian place close to the temple. Can't think of the name. All I remember is the lobster mac and cheese. TDF.
6) Cheesecake at Carnegie Deli- So this place was really talked up by our instructors. I heard the sandwiches weren't that great. But the cheesecake really is that great. It's also brick-like. Like it weighs a few pounds. All delicious.

I didn't really go to that many more different places, but those are the ones that I fantasize about.

Ok, I promise this is almost done. Basically New York was fantastic. The conference was great. I would recommend MUN to anyone who enjoys discussing world affairs and arguing. No seriously. It's such great preparation for so many things- whether you are in International Relations or not (NOT. I'm the only speech pathology major) it will help you in your life. You develop negotiation skills, diplomacy and basic people skills you can use in job interviews and almost any job setting. I'm so glad I did it. And BYUMUN is bomb. The end.

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