Sunday, May 8, 2011

daddy's smart and you're the prettiest lady in the whole wide world

Today is the first Mother's Day I've ever spent away from my mommy. I miss her terribly. My mother is not my best friend. I know. Way to put a downer on things. But it's true. I don't tell her my secrets and it took me the longest time to admit in front of her when I thought a boy was cute. Many of my friends can attest to this, but my mother is kind of scary sometimes. Not in a crazy way. She's very intimidating. I wasn't allowed to do a lot of things growing up. I attribute it to the Asian parenting. This resulted in me making idiotic choices, particularly my senior year of high school. As I've been away at school, it becomes more and more apparent each day how wonderful my mother is and why she did the things she did. Moms are always right, and my mom is no exception. She's right about everything and will eventually know everything. It's scary and eerie, but it's the truth. She has infinite wisdom and to my luck, infinite love. My mother is patient and kind. She loves her job as a mother and professionally as a physical therapist. I see her patience and love through both jobs and I can see why patients are always requesting her. My mother has taught me everything I know, from the deepest and most spiritual, to the most frivolous. She is the most stylish woman I know and I only seek her approval when dressing myself. My mother is an angel and I miss her so much. I usually Skype my family once a week, and don't call my mom that often. Sometimes I think of something completely trivial and call her about it, just so I can talk to her. I love her, and if I can someday be half as wonderful as she is, I will be satisfied. I love my mommy with all my heart. Happy Mother's Day!

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