Friday, August 19, 2011

dvf fw11

I watched this ad and realized how hungry I am for fall clothes. Not fall the season, although I really do love it. Fall clothes. Sweaters and tights, skirts and boots and coats, coats, coats. I thought this ad was eerily pretty and I fell in love with the polka dot cowl neck in the first scene as well as the back of the sequin red gown in the very last scene, so I decided to check the rest of this show out. Worth it. Diane von Furstenberg FW11 reminded me of the wild west with her flat brimmed black hats and also Moschino FW10 (actual cowboy hats. not cute.) Color palette was gorgeous, so rich and bold.
The polka dot thing is a cowl neck sweater, right? Whatever it is, I'm obsessed with it. And that red coat. Look at it. It's perfect.
Love these colors. Reminds me of berries. Coats in this collection are to-die-for. This and the red one above are my favorites. Next look I love for the metallic. I am always at least a little bit into anything with sparkle, and the metallic-y brocade of the neckline and pants are no exception. The pants remind me of my mom because she has a collection of crazy printed capri pants that she wears in the summer. I like DVF's use of cropped pants for colder seasons.
I would wear both of these in an instant. I am always so impressed when celebrities choose more conservative eveningwear. Maybe it's the Mormon in me that gets excited when I find a dress that already has sleeves, but I think it's incredibly chic when super-sexy women decide to cover up occasionally and opt for sleeves and longer hemlines. I was obsessed when Brooklyn Decker wore the hot pink Michael Kors at the Met Gala this year. Granted, the slit on that one was pretty high, but still it's one of my favorite dresses from an American designer. Isn't it interesting how a floor-length long sleeve gown can have as much sex appeal as thigh high cocktail dress? I think it can. Especially the red sequin gown, which was the second to last look of the show. So gorgeous and the back was beautiful as well.

And unrelated, I have 1 more book to read and I will have completed my summer reading list! That is if I don't visit Border's between now and Saturday. Which is highly unlikely.

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