Monday, August 15, 2011

sound of your breath in the cold

Last Saturday I went to Boston for five days to see the love of my life, Jadyn Cherry. I fell in love with the city and have now added it to my "places I want to live" list. The weather was great for the majority of our trip, except for my first night. I semi-successfully navigated the subway system my first night. If you know me at all, this is miraculous. I have no sense of direction and never pay attention when I use public transportation. Above is a picture of my on the USS Constitution. Yay America! Actually it was very cool to see all the historical sites and Hahvahd. <--- Just wanted to type that. And I think we walked Newbury Street every day... Oh one day we walked 10 miles.
THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO LIVE. While we were walking down these streets I looked up and saw a sign for a speech pathology clinic. I am obviously supposed to live there.
On my last day we visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. So so cool. This woman had pieces of art from every inch of the world. My favorite part was the courtyard that was located in the center of the museum (pictured above). You weren't supposed to take pictures, so this was my best attempt at capturing its prettiness.

I forgot my real camera, so I apologize for all the Instagram shots. I'm just sOoO trendy.

Summer's almost over and I'm relieved. I've been so bored. But have been reading a ton, as you know. Right now I'm in the middle of The Help, which is just as good as everyone has been saying. Can't wait to finish and see the movie.


  1. I love this post because I LOVE
    a. The Help (movie and book)
    b. Boston
    c. YOU!!!

    let's live there together with our chubby babies?

  2. yes to boston + chubby babies!!