Thursday, August 25, 2011

please your pride telling lies that you're on your own

So long sweet summer. I am definitely listening to that right now HAHAHA. I literally hate Dashboard Confessional so much, but 'Age Six Racer' holds so many memories for me, namely my 8th grade boyfriend's ability to play it on the guitar and make all the girls swoon including me. Shoutout to Andrew. You had great hair.

Summer is over. Pretty much. I am embarking on my final hours in Lancaster until Christmas. Now that I'm typing it, I'm getting a little bit sad. But really, I am so excited to go back to Provo! No seriously, I am. As I've said in my last 14 posts, home has been boring. Yesterday I worked (third time all summer. kill me.) and it became evident to me that my social skills have dwindled, if not disappeared completely being home. The combination of never working and being with my family 24/7 has resulted in a new, super-awkward and almost-stuttering Ynna. It's frightening. I am looking forward to interacting with people my own age again especially my franzzzz and boyfrannn. <3 <3 <3 :) loljknosrsly. I so excited.
All I want for Christmas/my birthday/future wedding anniversary is a Cartier love bracelet. THAT'S ALL NBD.

I am so into jewelry lately namely bracelets and bangles. I just love the look of a mess of gold and silver with random friendship bracelets and leather bands.
Lancaster, you will always have my heart. Provo, I hate you, but I really adore some of your inhabitants. Summer 2k11, it's been real.

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