Saturday, February 18, 2012

can't stop cuz we're so high

 This has been one of the best weeks in a long time.
1) Alyanna got accepted into BYU!! And she also turned 18 on Tuesday. I was so excited to hear the news yesterday. I actually was thinking about how much I wanted her to come to BYU when I woke up that morning because we are the same person and like all the same things and wear all the same clothes and are just lil' twinsies. I'm seriously so excited to have her out here. I've always been jealous of my friends who have siblings out here, but now I can finally join them next fall. I am so proud of her :)
2) Valentine's WEEK 2k12. 20 years of never having a Valentine were made up with a whole week of V-day treats. I am the luckiest girl.
3) Chris Brown won best R&B artist at the Grammys. And did you see that performance? As if that wasn't enough to send me into cardiac arrest, please look at his new video Liiike HONESTLY?! I stand by my statement that Chris Brown is currently the BEST hip hop dancer in the world. Remember when I saw him at the Staples Center? *sigh*
4) That new Nicki Minaj song. Starships. Repeat all day.
5) In addition to Alyanna's birthday on Tuesday, it was also my sweet baby girl Jadyn's birthday. I never see Jadyn this semester but I got to celebrate with her and some old/new friends on Monday.
6) Hanging out with BLYTHE BEECROFT. Blythe got back the first of this month (?) and I have seen her twice now and let me tell you, they have been the happiest times. Especially our first reunion which is pictured below. We all met at EFY in 2007 and have remained best friends ever since. I am in love with these three and I kind of wanted to cry tears of joy when we were all together again. Some of my favorite things about Blythe are her ability to make you feel so loved always, good listening and advice and her soft doughy hands that I like to hold occasionally.
7) It's New York Fashion Week. Duh. Stay tuned for Ynna-coverage.
I am so blessed and have so much to look forward to these next few months.

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