Sunday, March 4, 2012

parallel to the dark

 This weekend I went to Vegas for the West Coast Conference with Preston and Grady. See?^ It was a good time despite the pain of last night's loss. This weekend made me nostalgic for last year's Vegas weekend for the Mountain West Conference. I miss the MWC. Even though we would be eaten alive if we were still in it this year, it was fun playing at the Thomas & Mack with all the big schools that I've actually heard of. It was cool to go back to the Orleans Arena to cheer on BYU though. (I went over Thanksgiving with Kylie's family to watch the Rebels and got to see the UNC/UNLV upset. Fun timezzz) Vegas is such an interesting city to me. Like, it's all hotels and casinos. That make up a city. A fully-functioning metropolitan area that attracts millions of people. So much money flowing in and out. So many lights. #musings

Um mostly we watched basketball and shopped and walked. So much walking. My knees hurt. Am I 75? Probably. Guess what? I didn't buy a single thing! Isn't that weird? I was shocked. However I did find the shoes pictured below at a random store and almost bought them but they didn't have my size. I am seriously still fantasizing about these loafers. I remember seeing them on Tumblr last week and thinking, "Those rule. I bet they're $450." And then BAM. There they were at a mall in Vegas for $45. They will be mine.
I am exhausted. I would really love to take a week off school and just sleep, eat Greek yogurt + granola, read books and run in 60 degree weather. You think I'm joking, but that's exactly what I would do if I had a week off school. I'm not sure how I would procure the 60 degree weather in Provo, but this is my fantasy, so whatever. I find myself daydreaming about spring/summer more than I ever have. I just want warm weather. Seriously, I think it would improve all aspects of my life. Today it was 71 in Vegas and all I wanted to do was lie in the grass.
I'm really annoyed because I've been wanting to blog about fashion week, but is doing this weird thing where half of their images are in jpg format and half are in gif and only one format will save as an image on my computer. So there goes 75% of my favorite looks from a show that I want to talk about. (Like Rodarte!^ I LOVED RODARTE AND JUST WANNA TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVED IT. Is that so much to ask?) It's probably a good thing though because I really shouldn't be looking at fashion week and should actually study for my exams. My motivation left me around December 16 and I have yet to get it back.

Coachella's in 46 days. Which also means 46 days til the end of this semester. 46 days to get my %^$& together.