Thursday, August 30, 2012

blow away with this new sun

 My life has been a flurry of activity since I've last updated. Last week I was lucky enough to get to spend 3 days with my mommy and sister. Alyanna is now a freshman at BYU and my mom came out to drop her off and move her (me too) in. It was such a treat to see my mom because I was really bummed about not being able to go home one more time before school starts. I enjoyed showing her around Provo, running errands, COSTCO/TARGET RUNS and especially having her meet my friends and Preston. The first picture was taken after Preston Intro Dinner. (By the way, Communal is as good as everyone says it is! I thought everything tasted so great and fresh. And I am the last person to care about how "fresh/organic/free range" anything is. I ruv McDonald's, remember?) One of the many wonderful things about dating Preston is I never have to worry about him meeting new people. Meeting my mom was no exception. Preston has a really good first impression. If anything, he's a little quiet, but always polite and friendly. Probably to impress my mom, but also because he is the sweetest, Preston helped us move into my new apartment, which was good bonding time. Afterwards, my mom only had nice things to say about him, my favorite being "I can tell he really loves you." :) :) :)
On Sunday we were invited to have dinner at our friend's cabin in Alta as an end-of-summer hurrah. Alta was beautiful and kind of chilly, which was refreshing after the 95+ degree weather in Provo. It rained while we were there, but it was fun to be cozied up in a cabin with friends, food and Bob Dylan.

Another thing I forgot to talk about is seeing Iron & Wine at the Twilight Concert Series 2 weeks ago. Preston and I share a great love for Sam Beam and were both very much looking forward to seeing him for $5. The show was exceptional. My only complaint would be the audience. Too many high schoolers who wanted an excuse to get out of the house being loud, taking Myspace pics and getting in my way. Other than that, such a lovely set. Indie til I die.
School has started. I have embarked on my final fall semester at Brigham Young University. This week I registered to take the GRE and applied for graduation. I'm not sure whether to cry or dance. Probably both at the same time. You know how when you were a senior in high school and starting school you were kind of like "I run this place?" I feel that way. It's weird and elitist of me. Especially being in Provo all summer and getting used to campus being a dead zone and within 3 days experiencing a population explosion I'm all "Y U HERE???" I'm gonna meet with an advisor today to make sure I'm ACTUALLY graduating in April.

Finally, I'd like someone to explain to me the phenomenon that is "I'm-wearing-winter/fall-clothes-in-95-degree-weather." This first week of school all I have seen is layers on layers on layers on boots. LIKE AREN'T YOU HOT AS HELL??? BECAUSE I AM SWEATING OVER HERE IN MY SUNDRESS. Cute outfit, but I can promise you it will be cold for 8 months and your chambray+sweater+cords+boots combo will totes be relevant and practical.

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