Thursday, August 2, 2012

ballerina trapped between the walls of her own home

Never have song lyrics been more applicable. Except for I'm retired. The 3 people I hang out with daily are leaving/left this week. But it's not so bad. I've been keeping busy and actually productive. I study for the GRE, pack up my apartment, go to the gym first thing in the morning and of course watch and love the Olympics. I got really emotional the other night watching team USA win gold in women's gymnastics. They just worked so hard you know? Except the time delay is killing me. I always forget about it and since work is so boring, I'm glued to social media and always get the results first thing in the morning.
So cute right? I am the little girl. Right? Like almost?

Another not so bad aspect about being foreveralone/sosingle this week is the fact that my apartment now smells like a mix of coffee beans, volcano candle and new carpet so I can just bask in that delicious aroma while cheering on the United States in my underwear. No shame y'all. Oh yeah. My management thought it would be clever to tear out the old carpet and replace it for 5 hours 2 weeks before they kick me out. Here's my thing- if you're going to make your tenants homeless for a week in the summer, don't make major changes/start crazy projects (aka replace carpet and re-pave the parking lots) before homeless period. Like, it's not hard.
Earlier this week Emilee and I went to a bridal shower during our shifts. Honestly, working in the Marriott School is one of the best gigs on campus. Above is just us on a typical day at work :) Not pictured are the delicious Yogurtland creations we now live by. Mine: almond midnight mocha yogurt + raspberries + white chocolate chips + mochi. Em's: s'mores yogurt + strawberries + vanilla wafers + mochi. Try them, you'll die. Gonna miss that QT when she leaves for the better coast tomorrow morning.

I finally started How to Win Friends and Influence People. Scale of 1-10, how dumb do I look reading that book? But let's be honest, I need all the help I can get when it comes to making friends. Also I am enjoying the new Passion Pit album and am genuinely disappointed they backed out of Twilight even though I heard they suck live. Will probably use more lyrics as post titles. Not sorry.

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