Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3.1 phillip lim, alexander wang, tory burch, marc jacobs ss13

GUUUUYYYSSS. When was the last time I reviewed clothes??? I remember trying to in February and none of the images I wanted to use were working, but I think Style fixed it and all I've been doing at work today is Fashion Week-ing. UGH. I love clothes. I LOVE THEM. Sorry for image overload. 

Looks 1-3: 3.1 Phillip Lim- This collection? DIE. It's awesome. Reminded me of 90's grunge rock and Nirvana with the graphic tees and baggy jeans. The magenta suede motorcycle jacket? Insane. That ivory parka + her glasses? Fall. Me. Let it her be me. And that mint green frock? So dainty. I'm telling you. These Asian designers are IT.

Looks 4-5: Alexander Wang- You can't review NYFW without talking about Alexander Wang. I am not obsessed with Alexander Wang, but I do think he's impossibly cool and he IS New York fashion right now. I also put his shows in my top 10 because I feel like they're so visually stimulating. This season all I could think of was Avatar and aliens. I think it's that headpiece. There's nothing cooler than model off-duty shots and they still have the show makeup and accessories on. It's like, "You just did the Wang show didn't you?" And they're probably like, "Yeah I'm going to Marc now" and then you fall over dead. The white jacket. I want a giant parka so bad. For the 4 times a year it rains in Utah, you know? But this one would be perf. 5th look I had to include because UM THEY'RE GLOWING IN THE DARK. Bye.

Looks 6-9: Tory Burch- This show was probably the most "me" of all of the ones I'm reviewing. I would have worn everything I think. The models looked like chic pioneers that just got done frolicking through a meadow of daisies. It's that fishtail braid. I really love the polo dress silhouette that she used multiple times in that yellow look and the blue tie-dye. So simple and preppy and totes Morm-friendly! That was another thing I loved about this collection. Everything was very tasteful and lady-like. And that mustard yellow color is one of my favorite colors to wear, any time of the year.

Looks 10-14: Marc Jacobs- Stripes on stripes on stripes. 60's. Mod. Edie Sedgwick. Ruby Jean is the spitting image. I included the first look because she's not wearing pants and it looks so chic. What I've been trying to tell people all these years! All the stripes and ruffles at Marc reminded me of circus tents and clowns. This was a stark contrast from last season's garish hats and... all I can remember are the hats. Lots of crop top dress shirts, which is cool. Wish I could pull one off. Cheetah print coat. I've wanted one since sophomore year. DEM RUFFLES. This was my favorite of the ruffle looks he sent down. And then that last look is an optical illusion and I just thought that Mackenzie Drazan looked/is stunning.
 Let's get the 7 most chic people in the industry together for a cute candid pic! 
 Taylor Tomasi Hill, you are a dream. That vest trench thing? Gimme. Also dem legz. 
 I just want this t-shirt but it's probably Wang and $455. Whatever.
I like that no one actually wears jackets or blazers at Fashion Week, they just sit on their shoulders post-prom style. 

I have been suppressing the fashion bug in me for too long. I JUST LOVE CLOTHES GUYS. Like going through these spring shows makes me giddy. I'm just like INCLUDE ME IN UR WORLD PLZ FASHUN PPL. So who wants to be my photographer and document my outfits so I can break into the blog industry?? I'm not serious but I kind of am. 

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