Thursday, September 27, 2012

she like to keep her nose runny and her waist skinny

Left to right: J.Crew t-shirt, Zara jeans, Sperrys, Michael Kors watch, Herschel backpack. Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, Zara khakis, Sperrys, MK watch, Herschel. Lost boy and girl. Dolce Vita metal cap loafers, Banana Republic jeans.

It's starting to get cold in Provo. I'm not ready. But I do like not sweating on the walk to campus. That is nice.

Last weekend was a blur. I had to work Friday night until 2 AM. Then I took a practice GRE at 9 AM, didn't take a nap, did homework and ran errands and put together my lost girl costume and partied in Sundance. My roommates threw a bomb birthday party at our friend Kate's cabin on Saturday night. The theme was Peter Pan, The Great Gatsby, Star Wars or The Wizard of Oz. People sure know how to dress up for these things. I was excited because I got to wear my fur vest (J.Crew).

I've officially quit The Awful Waffle and just in time. Midterms are approaching and the real GRE is in October. I really did like working there, but quitting has been such a relief.

I went on a mini-online shopping spree recently and am excited about my new purchases. They will be making appearances soon! (Ugh). The metal cap loafers were an impulse buy, but I'm pleased with them. I was deciding between tasseled velvet loafers and sparkly studded ones and feel like the metal caps were a good compromise. I will be content when I have a trench coat and a Peter Pan collar blouse.

Have you guys listened to the new Mumford & Sons album? It's great. My favorite song is "Ghosts That We Knew." On a less indie and more embarrassing note, I am so into G-Eazy. Lolfest. I know. He's like. Not that new. And he's a white rapper. OK I GET IT. But I listen to "Waspy" and "Mad" 10+ times a day. I just love the songs he samples and I'm a sucker for stupid raps.

Looking forward to my more chic fall wardrobe (Summer turned me into this super casual boring chick so I'm excited to remind everyone that I like clothes), cute fall dates (I don't know what this means but pumpkin spice makes anything cute) and General Conference next week!

On a final note, one of my best friends Jadyn Cherry got engaged to another dear friend, Sean McGrath last week. I'm super excited for them, especially because I feel like I played a part in Jadyn and Sean finally admitting to each other that they like each other. And by that I mean, I literally texted both of them and said, "Um can you both admit to each other that you like each other and start dating? Cool bye!" I'm so thrilled to have these special two engaged to each other and can't wait for their wedding :) :)


  1. i look at the clothes you wear and wonder how you even associate with someone like myself who wears clothes like i do. i love ya. and fall and mumford and your fur vest.

  2. you are the sweetest! I love you.