Wednesday, September 19, 2012

catch my eye i'll register a smile

This is what I wore to stake conference on Sunday. The dress is my sister's and Modcloth. The shoes are Calvin Klein. The bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs. (<--Was that annoying??? I just wanna be a fashion blogger y'all.) I love that dress because it's an unexpected color with a traditional dress. Plus dem pleats! (Get this, you don't even have to iron out the pleats. It just looks that good out of the wash. Magic right?)
This is me skateboarding after church on Sunday. This picture is deceiving because it looks like I actually moved. False. I would say I skidded around a foot. I'm not sure if I tell you what I'm wearing in this picture or not. Lying in the park that Sunday afternoon I made the firm decision that I don't want it to get cold. Yeah yeah yeah I know you're like, "BUT TIGHTS N BOOTS?!?" OVER IT. I mean my fall wardrobe is bomb and I love tights n boots too, but I'm over it in a week. Like gimme 7 days of crisp fall weather in which I am required to wear layers including a coat and then I'm done. I want summer all year long. I think I'll probably move somewhere warm.

School is fine. Classes are ok. I'm still weirded out by the fact that I'm graduating college in April. I'm taking a practice GRE this weekend. I'm quitting my job at Awful Waffle because I can't handle the hours + school + other job + fake social life. But honestly, it's a fun place to work. Oh you GUYYYS. Go try the Pumpkin Pie waffle/crepe. It's divine. That is one thing I love about fall. PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING. 
On Monday I partook in 2 of my favorite things. 1) Free yoga class at 3B Yoga with Preston. I sure do miss going to yoga class. I think because I'm surrounded by impressive yogi (hehe) I put forth more effort than if I was just doing it on my own. The only reason it was free is because we have a bunch of these passes that we haven't used. The 3B yoga studio is pritt-ay. And smells like Anthropologie. And makes me want to spend $500 at Lululemon. 2) Boba smoothie after!! There's this place. Green Panda Cafe on the way to Riverwoods. I've never tried the food but I've had 3 bobas from there and just love them. This time the man informed me you can MIX flavors. So coconut milk + mango. I want a boba smoothie all the time. Preston said I should add it to my sidebar under the "I like..." I'm definitely not going to tell you what I'm wearing in the above picture except for I did tie-dye the shirt myself.

Oh last weekend was so fun. Friday night Preston and I went to Cubby's. I could eat their tri-tip steak salad every day and be ok with it. It is better than the pork salad at Cafe Rio. THERE I SAID IT. Everyone go to Cubby's. (Also they are expanding it. Isn't that exciting?) Then Preston and I volunteered at the MTC where the missionaries practice teaching lessons. I think it's called the TRC but I have no idea what that stands for. Let me tell you. I have no connection to the MTC except for I date someone who works there. Never really had a yearning to go except for I've always been curious about where Preston works and what it looks like inside. Now I know y'all. Let me tell you it warmed my heart to walk through the halls and see all the little missionaries. These men and women are taking 1.5-2 years of their life to serve the Lord. Some of them are going to obscure countries and learning even more obscure languages. They're far from home and are just constantly learning and teaching all day long. My parents are converts and joined the church when sister missionaries knocked on my door, so missionary work is very near and dear to me. I was so touched by the pair of sisters and elders that taught us lessons. If you ever get a chance, go volunteer. It's fun and rewarding.  Then there was a great IDP that night. Then on Saturday Preston and I hung out with Alyanna and that football game happened. (BO-RING.) Then Sunday we got to hear from Elder Oaks at stake conference and play in the park and I had dinner with Jadyn and watched Freaks and Geeks at night. The end.

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